Updated November 30, 2021

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While the information due to advent of internet has got democratized, overwhelms of information and inaccuracy looms large. Accordingly, Career101.in has set some major goals to achieve viz. providing standard information on Career Opportunities, Courses, Colleges, General Awareness, Job postings and Inspirations in Career making. Originally, this career blog/website was limited to spreading the news on employment alone.

The blog site envisages becoming user friendly along side providing quality values that you deserve. As a recent development, the govt. regimes are buying the idea of “more governance and less government” which implies many subtle things including to trim the staff strength and democratize the functioning of government through increasing public participation. What it means is that employment scope in private and unorganized sectors is going to rise but staffing in the govt. machinery would witness a decline.

As part of evolving govt. policy, staff intake in few departments such as Law and Order, Defense etc. could see the rise marginally but in others, the strength is expected be brought down drastically. Competition to get through exams for the govt jobs will only rise. With this in this backdrop, only focus for Govt. jobs may not be judicious approach and other professional options should also be planned out maybe as plan B. The Career101 aims to serve all kinds of aspirants, courses and other resources concerned.

Major Career Options Covered

Career avenues are vast and diversified and trying to cover everything would be an injustice to the quality delivery. Having said that the blog aims covering some of the most popular streams of career options.

Ideation & Contributor

The idea of founding career101.in took place in the head of mentor of the contributing team who is highly placed in govt. and inspires people for not becoming just a job seeker rather a job creator. Contributors include: Kavitha, Satyendra and Amarendra majorly apart from outsourced ones. Kavitha is a seasoned content writer & blogger while other two are law students.


Information on the site are procured from various  sites of govt. & judiciary,  newspapers, and the sites of Employer’s organizations. We are not associated with any organization of job opening posted on Career101.in. We in fact  go through many different news sources, reconciliate with govt sources, do the corrections wherever required and then publish the information. Logos and emblems used within posts of career101.in are not all our trademark, instead the trademark of organizations concerned. Pictures used are only representational in nature to enhance user experience.

The contributors of the information shared are not liable for inadvertent mistakes prompting you to take an action and suffer any harm. Although due diligence are undertaken before publishing any information, it is advisable to verify the truth, accuracy and veracity of the information with the official sites from your end too. Contributors shall be in no way responsible for loss or harm out of actions inspired by the information available here, sole responsibility will be of the viewer.


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