BSc Environmental Science Course- Eligibility, Syllabus, Subjects, Colleges, Scope, Jobs and Salary

BSc Environmental Science Course

BSc Environmental Science is a three-year undergraduate program that integrates physical, chemical, and biological sciences with a social, political, and economic understanding. The program aims to impart in-depth knowledge on various facets of environmental science like environmental policies, sustainable development, ecological sustainability, environmental health, environmental planning, environmental management, ecological system, pollution & controlling its effect … Read more

Is NET Compulsory for PhD as per Latest UGC Regulations, 2022?

Is NET Compulsory for PhD Under NEP

The University Grants Commission holds National Eligibility Test (UGC-NET) every year at various centers across the Country. The moment UGC-NET (2022) results will be out, the number of students in India who aspire to pursue higher education will start to apply for a Ph.D. admission. But before applying to the Ph.D. program, the students must … Read more

Career as a Biochemist, Job Profiles, Skills, Salary & How to Become?

Career as a Biochemist, Job Profiles, Skills, Salary & How to Become?

Biochemists examine the nature of living organisms at a molecular level to comprehend the mechanisms that occur. Biochemists specialise in the study of how pharmaceutical medications and food affect an organism’s biology. Studying diverse applications in medicine, agriculture, and the environment to enhance our quality of life is required for biochemist education. A biochemist’s work … Read more

How to Become an Astronomer in India- Job Role, Criteria, Salary, and Step-by-Step Guidance


An astronomer, observe, investigate, and interpret celestial and astronomical occurrences to broaden our understanding and use that knowledge to solve problems in real life. In developed countries like the USA and India, astronomy is one of the most lucrative job. These countries have a significant requirement for astronomers to handle, maintain, and keep vital data. … Read more

MSc Geology Course- Admission, Eligibility, Syllabus, Top Colleges, Entrance Exams, Fees, Scope, Jobs and Salary

MSc Geology Course

MSc Geology or Master of Science in Geology is a postgraduate degree course of two-year duration, spreads over four semesters of study. The program focuses on studying the Earth’s structure on & under its surfaces and the processes involved in that occurrence. Additionally, it explores methods & resources for figuring out the absolute & relative … Read more

Career as a Web Administrator, Job Profiles, Skills, Salary & How to Become?

A Career as a Web Administrator

A technical specialist who maintains websites is referred to as a website administrator. Website administrators typically have in-depth knowledge of front-end development, which improves a website’s appearance and usability, as well as web maintenance and development, which support a website’s functionality. People who choose to work as web administrators configure the webserver to ensure that … Read more

The Career of Aquacultural Manager in India- Job Role, Skills, Criteria, Salary and Procedure to Become.

Aquacultural Manager

An Aquacultural Manager manages and coordinates the activities of workers involved in the production of fish hatcheries for companies, cooperatives, or other owners through subordinate supervisory personnel. What Does an Aquacultural Manager Do? (i) Manage and teach support staff for fish hatcheries and aquaculture.(ii) Account for and disburse funds.(iii) Utilize and maintain harvesting and cultivation … Read more

BSc Geology Course- Admission, Eligibility, Syllabus, College, Subjects, Exams, Scope, Jobs & Salary

BSc Geology Course

Updated November 28, 2022 BSc Geology or Bachelor of Science in Geology is an undergraduate course in natural science that spans three years and spreads over six semesters of study. The program comprises subjects related to solid surfaces such as solid earth, the rocks it is composed of, minerals, and other natural solid substances, including … Read more

MPhil in Psychology Course- Admission, Eligibility, Top Colleges, Syllabus, Scope, Jobs & Salary

MPhil in Psychology Course

Updated November 26, 2022 MPhil in Psychology or Master of Philosophy in Psychology is a two-year postgraduate course. The program mainly focuses on the thorough study of clinical psychology, covering the topics such as Social Influences, Human Behavior & Mental Development, Child Development, Dream Interpretation, Diagnosis of Mental Health, Addictions, Personality Disorders, and so on. … Read more

How to Become an Electronic Drafter- Job Roles, Skills, and Salary

Electronic Drafter

An electronic drafter is basically a designer who creates the schematics, layout drawings, wire diagrams, and circuit board assembly drawings needed for the installation, maintenance, and repair of electronic equipment. Engineers’ and architects’ designs are transformed into technical drawings by drafters using the software. Technical drawings are used to design everything from microchips to skyscrapers … Read more