Updated November 30, 2021

A career in blogging is rewarding and one of the best ways to generate a sustainable revenue stream. In India, jobs in the Govt. Sector has been cut down, and people cannot see the best alternative of earning a good sum of money. But, if you have decided to put your hand in this field, you are now on the right track. Here, I will help you why a career in blogging is best. You might have certain doubts, including how to earn money, start my website, etc. You do not need to worry about it. The one who is an expert in this field was not born as a professional blogger. They, too, had to face the challenges when they thought out of the box. They faced the same challenge as you are facing right now.

Well, there was a time when very few people were aware of blogging. But, now people are started to know about blogging. Now, it has become one of the most opted online careers globally. There are currently over 600 million active blogs worldwide. And, now it too will be tough because, on average, 1000 blogs are registered every day. If you do not start it right now, you will not stand out from the competitor.

Reason to Choose Blogging as a Career

With the boom of technology, jobs have been started to decrease at an incredible pace. People are now facing the challenge of getting employment. To earn bread, they should have some source of income. So, one of the best ways to make passive income or revenue is blogging. But you have to stick with these important things-

(i) You have to be consistent

(ii) You have to dedicate time in it.

(iii) Must have creative writing skills

(iv) You must have strong desire for it

(v) Patience-

To date, there are at least 600 million active bloggers who are writing in different niches and earning a hefty sum of amount. Even small children 13 to 15 years old are writing blogs and making their pocket money. So, anyone can jump into this bandwagon; there is no restriction of age. You will have to be passionate about the topic to help you convey your ideas, opinions, and other experiences. It can be done full-time or part-time, according to your convenience. Even, it does not require a massive investment in setting and managing your website.  If you still feel stuck up, get a glimpse of the list, which I have narrowed down.

Some popular blogs are- 

Personal blogs- A personal blog is all about writing about yourself, including your experience, ideas, interest, and personal development. It is not a big deal to write such blog posts; there is a chance that you might already have your journal but in your diary. You can start writing your journal in the online space by creating a website. When your website starts to get enough traffic and your readership grows, monetize your website and earn good revenue.

Food blogs- If you are a foodie and enjoy cooking food, you can choose food blogs. Food blogs come in several flavors. On the one hand, you can be food critics who commute from one restaurant table to the next, tasting different dishes and narrating their experiences. On the other, if you are a cooking enthusiast, you can share the recipes’ videos, photos, and documents, from ingredients being used in meals to the step you follow.

Travel blogs- If you enjoy traveling to famous places and countries, travel blogs are one of the options you can choose. You can share your experiences with your communities through documentation, photos, and videos. People want to know about the region’s culture, environment, and atmosphere before they trip to the area.

Health and fitness blogs- The way corona has hampered the world and the people’s health has made the people resolve to be healthy and fit. In 2021, everyone wants to be healthy and well, and they want a perfect guide who can help them. So, you can write your blog on this topic; if you have a depth of knowledge and is expertise in this niche and start it right now.

Fashion blogs-

Fashion is to present ourselves. If you have lots of stuff to share with your audience, you can work on it because it is one of the most popular blogs in the world. There are thousands of fashion blogs sharing on fashion, about luxury, streetwear and recycled textiles. They all provide outfit inspiration along with fashion news and insider tips.

There are many benefits to fashion blogging. Beauty and clothing items are usually given free in exchange for promotions. Although fashion blogs require lots of work, they also reward invitations to exclusive fashion shows and events. If these benefits have piqued your interest, you can begin by creating an attractive outfit, taking photos of it, and then writing about the way you’ve decided to put the items and colours. People might want to copy and purchase your outfit.

Lifestyle blogs-

Like Fashion blogs, lifestyle blogs are too popular in the world. If you are interested in this blog, you can go with it. Blogs about lifestyle offer various subjects from wellness to productivity, fitness, food, nutrition, and many other aspects that contribute to living a healthier life. Alongside the fashion industry, lifestyle blogs are also well-known because people require continuous guidance on the most effective practical, efficient ways to live a luxurious life. Lifestyle blogs are now the new magazines, people scrolling the pages to find inspirational subjects. Bloggers of lifestyle often collaborate with brands to become micro-influencer.

There are many other blogging niches on which you can write and can make career in blogging like Photography blogs, DIY craft blogs, News blogs, Affiliate/ reviews blogs etc.

How to Start your Career in Blogging?    

Find your Niche –

Choosing a niche is the very first thing you have to do. You sit peacefully and contemplate on which topic you want to write about. It could be anything like a personal diary, marketing, traveling, cooking, parenting, gossip, jokes, criticism, fashion, finance, product development, software language, or anything you feel connected to. You must be passionate about the topic on which you will write. A significant number of bloggers are earning millions of money just through it. It is the best known online career till now and one of the most incredible ways to pass information to different people in one go. Many bloggers earn their full-time income from it.

Choose your Domain Name- The very next step is your domain name. You can choose your domain name as it can be on your name, can be your creative thought name, and can be your business-related domain. After that, just go to Bluehost and register your domain name there.

Creative Writing skills that will attract your audience- Before you start writing your article, you have to set and apply many plugins to beautify the website and attract your target audience. After doing all that, you can continue writing your article. You should have enough knowledge about your niche or domain. Even each paragraph of your content that will you write must be connected one after the other. It will help you to attract more audience, and they will spend more time in your article.