How to Become an Audiologist- Job Role, Scope, Skills Required and Salary

Updated December 8, 2022

It is really uncomfortable if we or a loved one has any hearing issues because hearing is such an essential element of life. Treatment for hearing loss and abnormalities of speech is known as audiology. An Audiologist is a type of technician who assesses and treats persons with hearing and related disorders.

Audiologists can recommend hearing aids and provide instructions for their use. If you are an aspiring Audiologist then read this blog for complete guidance.

What are the Roles of an Audiologist?

i) Examine and clean the ear canals of the patients.
ii) Teach and guide medical staff and students in audiology.
iii) Create and manage hearing screening programs.

iv) Provide guidance and instruction to patients and their families regarding hearing-related communication and hearing-improving strategies.
v) Assess hearing and balance issues to identify diagnosis and potential treatment options.

vi) Configure and maintain cochlear implants to meet patients’ needs.
vii) Attend conferences or training sessions to keep up to date on new technology or ways of treating hearing or balance disorders.

viii) Conduct or supervise research on hearing or balance-related topics, and report findings to aid in the creation of procedures, tools, or remedies.

ix) Create and carry out treatment programs for patients who have balance or hearing issues, and when required works with doctors, psychologists, educators, nurses, speech-language pathologists, and other medical professionals.

x) Use specialized instruments and technological equipment to perform hearing tests, examine patients, and gather data on the kind and level of impairment.
xi) Take part in promotional activities for private practices, such as creating marketing strategies.

xii) Make recommendations for assistive technology based on the requirements or kind of disabilities of the patient.
xiii) Fitting, dispensing, and repairing assistive equipment like hearing aids.

xv) Provide guidance on hearing and balance issues to educators or other medical personnel.

What are the Skills Required to Become an Audiologist?

As an Audiologist, you must have good communication skills, reading comprehension, and writing. These are the most basic skills that are not only required in this field but also in almost every other field.  

Having good speaking skills will definitely help you to communicate with others easily, but that is not enough, sometimes you’ll require only to listen to others’ things attentively. So, active listening is also something you must focus on to improve. Good speaking skill with active listening is like “ice on the cake”.

Apart from these basic skills, Monitoring/Assessing performance of yourself, Complex Problem Solving, Time Management, Instructing, Coordination, Judgment, and Decision Making are the other skills that you’ll require during work.

How to Become an Audiologist in India?

There are plenty of courses available to pursue Audiology as a career ranging from diploma courses to bachelor’s and master’s courses.

To be called an audiologist, the aspirant must at least have a bachelor’s degree, but a master’s degree is necessary to practice and become a professional audiologist. A doctorate (a Ph.D. or an AUD) is additionally required to obtain national certification. These degrees are highly respected internationally.

Science and Mathematics are prerequisites for entry to the bachelor’s programme in 10+2. The candidate must then pass the entrance exam given by the university, the All India Medical Entrance Test center, or the state that administers the entrance exam.

The Career Opportunities in Audiology:

(i) Audiologist
(ii) Audiology Doctor (AUD)
(iii) Clinical Audiologist

(iv) Audiology Director
(v) Dispensing Audiologist
(vi) Clinical Director
(vii) Doctor of Audiology

(viii) Educational Audiologist
(ix) Certificate of Clinical Competence in Audiology Licensed Audiologist (CCC-A Licensed Audiologist)
(x) Pediatric Audiologist

Top College to Pursue a Career as an Audiologist

(i) AIIMS Delhi
(ii) B.J Medical College, Ahmedabad
(iii) CMC Vellore

(iv) Armed Forces Medical College, Pune
(v) Carreograph Institute of Management Studies, Kolkata
(vi) Post Graduate Institute of Medical Education and Research, Chandigarh

(vii) DY Patil University, Navi Mumbai
(viii) Central Drug Research Institute

What is the salary and demand for an Audiologist?

The Demand for Audiologists is High.

The Salary of an Audiologist varies according to one’s academic and professional background. The average Salary of a fresher is more than Rs 5 Lacs.

Job ProfileStarting Salary Per AnnumMid-Level Salary Per AnnumSenior Level Salary Per Annum
Audiologists3,20,000 rupees4,50,000 rupees8,00,000
Audiologist Assistants2,50,0004,00,000 rupees5,50,000
Speech-Language Pathologists3,00,000 rupees5,00,000 rupees7,00,000

Most Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Does Audiology Require NEET?

Ans: Yes, many top colleges require a NEET score to get admission.

Q. Is Audiologist a Doctor in India?

Ans: Treatment for hearing loss and abnormalities of speech is known as audiology. An Audiologist is a type of technician who assesses and treats persons with hearing and related disorders.

Q. Does Audiology have a Scope in India?

Ans: The scope of a B.Sc. in Audiology is wide in healthcare organizations and other research facilities.

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