BAMS Course- Eligibility, Admission, Syllabus, Career Scope and Salary

Updated February 11, 2022

Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery, popularly known as the BAMS course, is a 5 and ½ years long undergraduate program that provides extensive knowledge of ayurvedic medicine and Ayurveda. The course trains students to effectively cure the patients’ ailments by using required herbs. Ayurveda has been widely accepted by the world as the treatment is based on the curative properties of the herbs without making any side effects. The BAMS course entails numerous essential subjects of Ayurveda, Medicine, and Surgery that helps students learn and understand concepts of the course. Students aspiring to pursue a Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine & Surgery course can apply right after clearing class XIIth standard with physics, chemistry, and biology from a recognized board. 

It is also necessary for the students to clear national-level or state-level entrance exams to study the course in renowned institutions. They will study Pharmacology, Ayurvedic Surgery, Toxicology, Pharmacy, Charaka, Pathology, Obstetrics, Gynaecology, Pediatrics, Panchkarma, General Medicine, to name a few. After graduating from the BAMS course, students will find several promising career opportunities along with rewarding salary packages annually.

What is BAMS Full Form?

The Full form of BAMS is Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery. It is an undergraduate course for students having a keen interest in studying ayurvedic medicine and its allied field. The program has been designed to provide Ayurveda concepts and later be used to treat patients’ ailments. The course encompasses every vital aspect of Ayurveda along with basic concepts of modern medicines. Being healthy has now become the priority of individuals, and they require cures for their ailments or diseases with no side effects. For this reason, Ayurveda treatment has become one of the effective medicines in providing healthcare to large populations.

Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine & Surgery Course Details

Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery is a five-and-a-half-year-long undergraduate program that trains students in ayurvedic medicine and Ayurveda. The course provides the necessary skills and knowledge to the students to operate the ayurvedic treatment. The programme has gained a lot of importance worldwide as it creates alternative medicine for curing patients’ ailments with natural elements. BAMS course incorporates numerous vital subjects, including Maulik Siddhant Avum Ashtang Hridaya, Padartha Vigyan and Ayurved Itihas, Charak Samhita, Rachana Sharir, Dravyaguna Vigyan, Rasashastra and also pharmacology, principles of medicine, human anatomy, toxicology, physiology, pathology & diagnostic procedures, forensic medicine, E.N.T. and many more.

After completing the BAMS course, students can avail themselves in the various exciting medical field in which they suit. Some of the promising areas they can make a career in are- start their own medical practice, can go into Research Field, Administration, and Management, can appear for UPSC and State P.C.S. examinations, Drug Manufacturing, to name a few. The students aspiring to pursue the BAMS course must have a 12th certificate from a recognized institute with Physics, Chemistry, and Biology as the compulsory subjects. It is also essential to qualify in the entrance exam and obtain a valid scorecard to enter reputed colleges or universities.

Short Details of BAMS Course-

Degree: Undergraduate (Medical Course)

BAMS Full Form: Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery

Eligibility Criteria: Students must have passed 12th with Science stream (PCB)

BAMS Course Duration: 5 and ½ Years 

Average Fees for BAMS Course: 2lacs to 15lacs for the entire course

Average Salary for BAMS Graduates– Rs 2lacs to 12lacs per annum

Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery Eligibility

Bachelor of Ayurveda, Medicine, and Surgery is a medical course that is provided to the students to be involved in treating ailments using natural herbs, yoga, and some other elements. Since it is a highly professional course, the students are required to meet essential qualifications and skills to pursue the program. The students aspiring to become ayurvedic practitioners must have a keen interest in the herbal elements. Some of the standard eligibility requirements for the students are-.

(a) Aspiring students must have completed their intermediate with physics, chemistry, and Biology as the compulsory subjects from a recognized institute. More so, they must have obtained atleast 60% aggregate marks in the 12th examination.

(b) Institutes make their own score bar to provide admission to the BAMS course. So, the required score in the intermediate examination can be different for different colleges in India according to their policy.

(c) Making in the entrance exam is also crucial for the students to pursue the course.

(d) The upper age limit for the general students appearing for the NEET exam is 20 years, while relaxation of 4 years is given to the reserved categories.

Admission Process of BAMS Course 

Admission to the BAMS course does not require lengthy eligibility criteria; students can get entry to the program after fulfilling basic qualifications and scoring a valid rank in the entrance exams. Students who are really interested in studying India’s ancient medical practice can access the course right after completing the intermediate examination with science stream. It is necessary for the students to take the NEET-UG entrance exam and gain the suitable rank demanded by the universities and institutions. NEET-UG is a central entrance exam conducted to select students to allocate seats in the various medical courses, including Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery. So, admission to the (BAMS) Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery is only possible after obtaining a valid score in the entrance exam. The general category students will pay INR 1500, and the SC/ST category will pay INR 800 for the application.

(BAMS) Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery Course Syllabus

The BAMS course encompasses several vital subjects and topics students would study in the course frame. Some of the subjects of Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery are as-

(1) Panchkarma

(2) Charaksamhita

(3) Rachanasharir

(4) Padartha Vigyan

(5) Sanskrit

(6) Stri Roga

(7) Dravyaguna Vigyan

(8) Ashtang Hridayam

(9) Kriyasharir

(10) Ayurveda Ithihas

(11) Rasa Shastra

(12) Roga Vigyan

(13) Vyavhar Ayurved

(14) Kayachikitsa

(15) Shalya

(16) Shalakya

(17) Prasuti Tantra

Career Prospects After Pursuing BAMS Course   

The scenario for the BAMS graduate has been changed now: Years ago, students after obtaining the BAMS degree could make a career in only one direction (start one’s own practice), but now extensive areas are available for the aspirants to go on. They can make a career in clinical practices, Academic field, Research, Management and Administration, Dug manufacturing, et al. While selecting their job in the field they want to go to, they must try to match his/her interest, essential qualities, and specific qualities. It is so because every area demands some unique skills and talents from the participants. Hence, students who graduate from the Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery (BAMS) course can successfully build their careers in numerous promising areas. I will discuss with you in detail the options you can land a job in.

Start Career as Physician (Clinical Practice)-

Under the course, students undergo several practical learning to gain relevant experiences required to successfully become a practitioner. They are also given proper knowledge about the modern medical sciences and interpretation of current diagnostic tests. These are equally important for the students to start as an ayurvedic medicine practitioner (physician). Besides, the graduate students should work under the senior ayurvedic practitioner to properly understand and imbibe the skills. Along with regular practice, students can add value to their practice by acquiring various traditional ayurvedic techniques, including Panchbhautik Chikitsa, Nadi Pariksha, Dhatu Chikitsa, to name a few. Suppose students want to make their career at the top; in that case, they can also opt for specialized practice after acquiring proper knowledge, e.g., spinal disorders, therapy of skin diseases, anorectal diseases, ophthalmologic conditions, and many more.

Career in Academics

Students can also go for further studies if they have a keen interest. After completing the BAMS course, students have a chance to pursue a post-graduation degree, including MD (Doctor of Medicine), post graduate diplomas in various subjects such as Panchakarma, Balaroga, and many more. In India, several institutions and universities provide helps to students to study postgraduate courses, including BHU, Gujarat Ayurved University (Jamnagar), National Institute of Ayurveda, Jaipur, Kerala and Karnataka University, etc. It is necessary for the students to appear in the entrance exam for securing a seat in the colleges/universities.

There is plenty of room in the private sector for the BAMS graduate students to pursue the teaching profession. Private tuition for BAMS students, providing tuitions to students preparing to take entrance examinations, and running workshops that teach particular techniques and skills, i.e., Kshrasutra, Agnikarma, Panchakarma, etc., are excellent options.

Career in Research

Students also have an opportunity to make a promising career. There are numerous courses in research that a participant can pursue, such as M.Sc. or Post-graduate Diploma in Clinical Research. These are concise duration courses, about 6 months to 2 years. After completing this course, individuals can get a job as a Clinical Research Associate in the research unit of pharmaceutical companies. Notwithstanding, M.Sc. in Biotechnology, Bioinformatics, and Health Sciences are also available for the BAMS students at several universities.

Junior Research Fellow is another promising opportunity for the BAMS graduate students. If they are thinking of a Junior Research fellow on research projects, they can even make their career in the same. They will be financially supported by ICMR, CSIR, CCRAS, DST, etc., and on gaining experience & producing the necessary thesis on the project, they will be promoted to Senior Research Fellow.

Career in Administration and Management Field

There is no dearth of career opportunities for the Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery graduates students. For a reason, if students have no interest in practicing ayurvedic medicine but want to have a career in the medical field, then they can pursue MHA (Masters in Health Administration), MPH (Masters in Public Health), and MBA (Hospital and Healthcare management). Apart from this, there are also other options for the individuals like Industrial Management, Sports Medicine, Masters in Personnel Management, Disaster Management, and Preventive and Promotive healthcare. More so, BAMS students are also eligible to appear for the UPSC examinations and state-level administration examinations.

Career in Drug Manufacturing Sector

The career opportunities in the field of medicine are increasing day by day. Besides academic management and research, manufacturing drugs is an essential aspect of the medical system. Highly skilled and qualified students are required in manufacturing the drugs. Also, students play a crucial role in the allied aspects of manufacturing, including cultivating medicinal plants, trading raw materials in the form of powder, extracts, oils, and many more.

These are also highly sought-after career options. Not just medicines, however, Ayurvedic foods and cosmetics are equally popular. The students must come forward to make a career in the field and utilize their knowledge and skills. Courses such as BPharm (Ayurved), MSc (Pharmaceutical Medicine), MBA (Medicinal Marketing, Diploma in Herbal Medicinal Manufacturing are available for the BAMS graduate students.

Jobs for Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery Graduates

Ayurvedic health care facilities are a booming sector these days. Significantly few options were available for the students in the past, but now numerous rewarding and exciting career opportunities are available for the BAMS graduate students. These fields require skilled and experienced professionals who can effectively work as physicians, researchers, lecturers, drug manufacturers, therapists, to mention a few. Students can land their careers in both government and private sectors, including the Education industry, Pharmaceutical industry, Medical Tourism industry, Life Science industry, and many more.

Moreover, they are recruited by various prominent companies, including Patanjali Ayurved Limited, Dabur, The Himalaya Drug Company, Zandu, Pharmaceuticals Works Limited, Surya Herbal Limited, Charak Pharma Private Limited, Emami Limited, and several others. Hence, this skilled-oriented program provides a proper understanding of the concepts of Ayurvedic and its allied aspects and helps you find outstanding job opportunities. Some of them are written below:

(a) Physician

(b) Teacher

(c) Manager

(d) Drug Manufacturer

(e) Medical Supervisor

(f) Clinical Research Associate 

(g) Health Supervisor/ Therapist

Salary for the BAMS Graduate Students

The professionals working in the ayurvedic and its corresponding field are compensated with rewarding salary packages. The students who are recently graduated with the Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery and are working in the same area are paid something about 2lacs to 6lacs per annum. And those who have gained some experience will be paid Rs 3lacs to 9lacs. Here I have listed down the salaries of some job profiles:

(a) Pharmacists- The average salary of the pharmacists is INR 2,26,000 per annum

(b) Ayurvedic Physicians- They could earn around INR 3,58,000 per annum.

(c) Ayurvedic Doctors- It is a highly professional job profile, so they could earn up to INR 13,70,000

(d) Lecturer- It is also a prominent career opportunity in the ayurvedic field. The average salary of the Lecturer is around INR 2,97,000 per annum

(e) Medical Officer- The individuals holding this position would earn around INR 4,98,000

(f) Sales Representatives- They get handsome salary packages of about INR 2,46,000.

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