What is a cyber dome project and how it can be useful in controlling internet crimes in India?-Elaborated

Updated December 20, 2022

This is the era of digitalization where almost every part of the world is moving towards it. So, it has become one of the most challenging areas for Law Enforcement Agencies (LEAs) to investigate cybercrimes and ensure cybersecurity for citizens in such a rapidly growing and changing digital world. And in such circumstances, an initiative like a cyber dome project becomes necessary to be taken for.

Use of the most modern and intricate technologies, as well as anonymousness over the internet in today’s cyber-crimes, has created extreme difficulty for the police, to investigate such sorts of crimes. In cyberspace, there are no boundaries for cybercriminals now they are working in a borderless environment. Things are getting worse as cybercrime has been evolving at an astonishing rate. And unfortunately, the police system is not so well equipped to take a pivotal role in cybercrime investigations and prevention of cybercrimes.

An increasing number of cybercrimes has created new challenges in Cyber Security. To fight against newer complex cyber threats on the Internet where individuals are targeted, the expertise of Information technology professionals are needed in Law and Enforcement agencies. Every day technology gets updated and newer sophisticated technologies are getting introduced in the cyber world, which made cybercriminals easier to create threats on the internet. So, Law enforcement agencies also require training by the IT sector to tackle such challenges.

Keeping in view the broader impact of cybercrimes and complex challenges in cyberspace, the Cyber Dome Project has been initiated by Kerala Police at the Technopark Campus, Trivandrum, Kerala to establish a Hi-tech Centre for Cyber Security and Innovations.

What is Cyber Dome Project?

To establish a cyber center of excellence in cybersecurity, as well as technology enhancement for effective policing. Kerala Police Department has started a Technological research and development center that is Cyber dome.

It is a combinatorial crew of ethical hackers, expert coders, youth prodigies skilled in software, law enforcers, and civilian volunteers who huddle behind flickering computer terminals at the office, with most of them offering their services for free.

Basically, It is an initiative which aims to meet the objective of combating against emerging cyber threats in the digital battleground of the modern world, by viaduct the gap between the latest changes and sophisticated innovations in the cyberworld and the skill set development of Kerala Police. It is envisaged as a collaboration Centre for both the public and private fraternity to converge and share information, as well as resources, that will escalate the safety of our cyberspace.

In short, they are the first line of defense of State law enforcement, against a range of online threats.

Aims and Objectives of Cyber Dome Project

To prevent cybercrimes and ensuring that cyber resources of the public are secured is the primary objective of Cyber dome.

It aims to create a cyber threat flexible ecosystem in the state to prevent cybercrimes, by synergizing with other departments and major agencies of the state.

It aims to ensure a secure cyber world for every citizen in the state, by establishing collective coordination among the Government’s departments and agencies, teaching institution, research groups, non-profitable organizations, individual experts from the community, ethical hackers, private organizations, and other law enforcement agencies in the country.

How Cyber Dome Project can control internet crimes in India?

Cyber Dome Project is started to meet the objective of tackling the long-term security challenges in the digital battleground of the modern world by viaduct the gap between the latest & sophisticated innovations in cyberspace and the skill set of Kerala Police. Under the Cyber Dome Project, various activities are to be performed which will play an important in controlling crimes in India. Some of them are listed below.

Performing Online monitoring

Internet platforms including social media will be kept on regular monitoring under this project to look out for possible crimes. And this will help in preventing the reprobates from devolving in crimes on the internet due to fear of getting caught.

Involving Dedicated expertise

The best part of this project is the involvement of technical experts in execution. When it’s a matter of cybercrimes, the police force is very less efficient compares to technical experts in resolving the cases and identifying the culprits. Since the cyber field is not a niche of police forces, so it’s obvious that, in comparison to police force, technical experts like network security providers, ethical hackers, and internet influencers can play a great role in identifying and preventing internet crimes.

Creating Better coordination

To cope up with the complex challenges being created on the internet, better coordination is needed between different intelligence agencies. The Cyber Dome project is speculated to be a huge umbrella network of various intelligence agencies and the coming together of agencies will result in better inter-agency coordination and support. This will prove to be very helpful in fighting against the cybercrime practiced in the state.

Making Teaching Institution a Part Of It

Before one works in Cyberspace, one should know about it. Therefore, Various academic and teaching institutions are also made a part of the extended project where academia will be trained to teach basic internet customs to students. In addition to basic internet ethics, they will also be taught how to report any monkey tricks on the internet.

So, it is observed from the above statement that the Cyber Dome project can be termed an unrepeatable exercise in our current administrative system. Its implementation will decide its scope of success. So far, this project is quite successful, and by seeing this, there are great chances to expand this project to include other parts of our governance system too.

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