Summary and Analysis of the Dover Beach by Matthew Arnold

Updated June 17, 2022 Mathew Arnold, the noted Victorian Era poet, critic and essayist, is known for his social criticism and didactic writing style. In the poem “Dover Beach”, Arnold’s characteristics as a writer are well reflected. The poem “Dover Beach” was published in 1867 by the Matthew Arnold. It is written in free verse … Read more

Literary Characteristics of The Age of Pope aka Augustan Age within Neo-Classical

Updated February 25, 2023 The Reason, rationality, satire, nature and heroic couplet characterizes the Age of Pope (1700-1750) and names after Alexander Pope, the prolific poet of the time. It is a fact that literature reflects society of the age and 18th century is no exception in that sense. Precisely, the political & social changes … Read more

The Periodical Essay and Journal of The 18th Century

Updated August 7, 2022 Could you guess as why periodical essay came into being as special genre of prose writing? If not, let me overstate that these essays were an elegant piece of writing to appeal middle class of England in 18th Century. These periodical articles for journals aimed changes in social conduct and reformation … Read more

Predominance of The Prose in 18th Century Literature & The Background Responsible

Updated June 27, 2022 Arguably, the evolution of English literature started much before but, you can find Prose dominance in 18th Century. And, there were many factors responsible including socio- economic & political conditions of the society of the time. Precisely, these are the very factors that impact writing of any age and that literature … Read more