MCh Urology Course Details, Eligibility, Admission Process, & Career

Studying any master of Chirurgiae (Surgery) specialization has its own advantage, and so has with MCh in Urology Course. The students pursuing such an extremely advanced post-doctoral programme embrace themselves with technical knowledge, forward-thinking, research acumen, and several others.

The M.Ch. in Urology is the most selective and sought-after career option among the students. It could be pursued after completing the Master of Surgery in Urology medicine. Also, it is a must for candidates to clear the qualifying entrance exam, the institute specifies.

Moreover, the course being a pinnacle in surgical science provides a gateway to earning the most lucrative and promising career opportunities. The graduates can hold the position of surgeons, consultants, urologists, and urology technicians and can even make their journey toward research activities. 

What is MCh Urology Full Form?

The full form of MCh Urology is Master of Chirurgiae in Urology. It is a Post-doctoral course that deals with treating conditions related to male and female urinary tract systems along with male reproductive organs. More so, the course is a super speciality branch of surgical science in urology, which is significantly valuable in the healthcare system. 

What M.Ch in Urology Course is All About?

M.Ch in Urology, also known as Magister of Chirurgiae in Urology, is the highest post-doctoral course in the field of surgery, directing its valuable prominence in treating the medical diseases related to the genitourinary system. This urology is an ever-evolving field that has made surgical treatment more efficient, simple and easy with the advancement of equipment and technologies. in Urology, which is spread over three years, doesn’t only increase the professional knowledge and skills of the candidates but also helps to gain a prestigious position in this revered society.

Moreover, M Ch. in Urology provides a platform to the candidates for further advancement of their scientific knowledge, innovative and forward-thinking, career progression and others. After the degree, the successful graduates can engage in surgical assignments at specialized medical centres, emergency care, govt. hospital, etc., and even have the option to go for research activities. The students can opt for any promising job role like Urology consultant, Urologist, Researcher, Urology Technician, and others.

Who can Study the M.Ch. Urology Course- Eligibility?

The Master of Chirurgiae in Urology is a post-doctoral level degree pursued after MS (Urology). Since the course is the pinnacle of the surgical field in Urology, it requires crucial standard qualifications from the applicants. Even it is mandatory for the students to crack the qualifying entrance exams (NEET-SS) to obtain a seat in reputed public institutions. To have a complete picture, let’s delve deeper into the eligibility criteria for the M Ch Urology program:

(a) It is a must for the students to have an MS/DNB degree (Urology) to proceed further for admission into the Master of Chirurgiae in Urology course.

(b) The students must have completed their degree of MS/DNB (Urology) from a recognized institute. It means the institute that provided you with the degree must be recognized by the Medical Council of India.

(c) It is also important to note that candidates must have secured at least 55% marks in MS/DNB Urology degree.

(d) Minimum experience of 24 months in General Surgery is a necessary requirement for a candidate to be eligible for the course as experiential learning.

These are the specific qualifications a student must possess before taking your stride into the journey of the Master of Chirurgiae in Urology course.

Entrance Exams for the Master of Chirurgiae in Urology Course

Getting a seat in the public institution will not only save your fee cost but also provide you better education ambient, infrastructure for training, placement opportunities and several others. Therefore, to get admission to the reputed public institute, it is a must for you to pass the NEET-SS entrance exam. However, several private institutes conduct their own entrance exams or rely on the national and state level entrance exams to offer admission to the M Ch (Urology) Program. Here is the list of some entrance exams conducted to study the programme in India and abroad.

(a) NEET-SS- Most of institutes in India let students study the course on the basis of NEET-SS entrance test, which is conducted all over India.


(c) AIMMS- 


How to Apply for Master of Chirurgiae (Urology) Program?

Master of Chirurgiae in Urology, being at the top of the surgical degree, can only be pursued on the basis of an entrance exam. Several national-level entrance exams are available for the students to get admission into the MCh in Urology Course. However, some private universities conduct their own entrance test to plate the M.Ch (Urology) program. It is imperative for the applicants to score good marks on the entrance test to get into a good college/university. Besides, one of the vital points to be kept in mind is that you, as an Indian citizen, will need to be registered with the Medical Council of India. However, students outside the country are exempted from it.

Here are the general Steps to Join the MCh Urology Course

(a) Your first step is to check the documents demanded by the institute. It is a must for you to possess the requisite crucial documents.

(b) After that, you can proceed for the entrance exams, which the institute specifies. You can either take National-cum-Entrance-Test or AIMMS & JIPMER to get entry into the super-speciality program.

(c) The seat of the applicants is determined by the rank they hold in the entrance test. Therefore, students must give arduous effort in the test to get into a recognized college.

 (c) After securing an excellent score in the respective entrance examinations, you will be called for a round of personal interviews.

(d) You will complete the significant milestone when you perform well in the entrance test & PI and make your name on the merit list. 

(e) After that, you are needed to submit the essential documents requested by the institute.

What are the Subjects & Syllabus of M Ch Programme?

M.Ch. in Urology, known as the Magister Chirurgiae in Urology, is tailor-made to suit the candidates having desire to advance their skills and expertise in their respective surgical areas. The course equips students with the theoretical and complex technical procedures used in genitourinary surgery. The course being highly specialized, covers numerous seminars, practical learning, theoretical-based education, first-hand experience, better training settings, and others to make the participants proficient in the field of Chirurgiae. 

Moreover, the field is constantly evolving with vital technologies making complex surgeries simple and easy. Traditionally, the surgeries were complicated, and even surgeons made large incisions into the body to treat the diseases, but now, very small or micro-incision are being done to treat the diseases. Pursuing the M.Ch in Urology course, they get expertise in such surgery. Let’s delve deeper into the syllabus and subjects of the urology program:

Particulars of the MCh in Urology Curriculum

S. No.Subjects to be Studied
1Genito-urinary trauma
2Urodynamics and Neurology
3Reconstructive Urology
4Obstructive Uropathy
5Gynaecological urology
7Neonatal problems in Urology
8Laparoscopic Urologic Surgery
9Medical aspects of kidney diseases
10Operative Urology-open & endoscopic
11Behavioural and social aspects of urology
12Retroperitoneal Diseases & Management
13Electrocoagulation, lasers, fibre optics, instruments, catheters, endoscopes etc.
14Newer developments in the urology
15Renovascular Hypertension
16Renal transplantation (including transplant immunology medical & surgical aspects).
17Urinary tract infections and sexually transmitted diseases
18Urolithiasis-Medical, Biochemical & Surgical aspects
19Sexual dysfunction- investigations and management
20Paediatric Urology-congenital malformations and acquired diseases
21Uro-oncology-Adult & Paediatric
22Perioperative care, management of urological complications and care of the critically ill patients
23Male Infertility, Andrology and Urological endocrinology
24Anatomy and Embryology of GU tracts, adrenal & retroperitoneum
25Investigative urology & Genito-urinary radiology and imaging including nuclear medicine.
26Applied physiology and biochemistry pertaining to Urology, Nephrology, renal transplantation and renovascular hypertension

How Much Would Cost to Pursue MCh Urology Program?

It is the most obvious question among the students how much a student would bear the cost to pursue such a highly advanced course in surgical science. So, if you wondering to know the fees of the course charged by the various institutions, I can tell you that the colleges/universities charge different costs for the program. Actually, it depends upon several factors like the governing authority, geographical location, infrastructure, and several others. However, the average fees of the course can be around 2lacs to 10lacs. It is just an indicative figure, which could go up or down, depending on the institute.  

What are the Job Profiles for M.Ch. Urology Graduates?

Getting a desirable job in the concerning area is everyone’s ambition, but reaching that position is not a child’s play. It requires arduous effort and sleepless nights from the candidates to accomplish the target. And getting a rewarding and lucrative job after the MCh Urology course is no exception. This course is the toughest and highest medicine in surgical science, which demands a lot of determination, effort, skills and expertise from the candidates to get a promising and decent job role.

The MCh Degree in Urology opens opportunities in numerous settings like medical clinics, surgical consultants, government jobs & private jobs in hospitals as surgeons, research institutes, and several others. Let’s have a look at some of the popular job opportunities for M.Ch Urology Graduates:

(a) Urology Consultant  

(b) Urologist

(c) Researcher

(d) Urology Technician

(e) Associate Professor & Lecturer

Career Scopes of After MCh in Urology Program

The urologists also have options to work closely with other practitioners of medicine, including endocrinology, andrology, oncology, gynaecology, pediatric surgery, nephrology, colorectal surgery, and gastroenterology. They collaboratively work to treat multiple acute and chronic conditions. They can be expertise in numerous sub-speciality of urological medicine, which include the following:

(a) Neurourology
(b) Transplant Urology-
It concerns with the transplantation of organs such as Ureters, Kidneys, Bladder Tissue, and Penises
(c) Androurology and Sexual medicine
(d) Urogynecology and Urogynecologic Surgery
(e) Minimally-invasive Urologic Surgery
(f) Reconstructive Urologic Surgery
(g) Endourology and Endourologic Surgery
(h) Pediatric Urology and Pediatric Urologic surgery
(i) Urologic Oncology and urologic Oncological surgery

Top Colleges for Master of Chirurgiae in Urology Course

Elucidated below is the list of popular colleges in India that offer Master of Chirurgiae in Urology:

CMC, Vellore

KMC, Manipal

BHU, Varanasi

MAHE, Manipal

RMC, Bangalore

AIIMS, New Delhi

KGMU, Lucknow

JIPMER, Pondicherry

SRM IST, Kanchipuram

Saveetha Medical College, Chennai

Questions Mostly Asked About Master of Chirurgiae in Urology

Q. What is MCh Degree in Urology?

Ans- MCh in Urology, a post-doctoral degree, is a branch of medicine that focuses on treating medical diseases related to male and female genitourinary systems.

Q. How many M Ch Urology seats in India?

Ans- MCh Urology is one of the fastest-growing speciality medicines in India that offers at least 280 seats annually.

Q. What is the Qualification of a Urologist?

Ans- The Urologist could have MBBS, MS (Urology), and even the highest degree in MCh (Master of Chirurgiae) Urology.

Q. What is DNB urology?

Ans- DNB Urology full form is a Diplomate of National Board in Urology. It is a post-graduate master’s degree in Urology medicine that focuses on producing proficient manpower in the Urology field.

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