What Significance Simon Bolivar Hospital aka Hospital Simón Bolivar Assumes for Colombia?

Updated August 4, 2022

Simón Bolívar Hospital is a prominent Medical care centre in Bogota (Colombia) founded in the remembrance of great Simon Bolivar. It was, Simon Bolvar and Antonio José de Sucre, who led the wars for independence of Latin America and eventually overthrew Spain.

The Bolívar Hospital is located north of Bogotá, in the town of Usaqué, Colombia. Julio Cesar Turbay Ayala, the former president of Colombia and the then Mayor of Bogotá, Hernando Durán Dussán played a key role in establishing this famous hospital.

It is interesting to note that Simon Bolivar was not only liberator of Bolivia, as usually mistaken. He was the tallest political leader and military stalwart who led Colombia, Venezuela, Ecuador, Peru, and Bolivia to independence from the Spanish Rule. The very popular and common name of Simon is ‘El Libertador’ [the Liberator of America].

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Origin & Significance of Simon Bolivar Hospital

The Simon Bolivar Hospital is a part of earlier development framework of northeastern zone of Bogota. The city is 3rd largest of South America and capital of Colombia.

The framework programmes for eastern and north-eastern Bogota included raising infrastructure of the area and the original proposal was to build a hotel for the National Police. However, the visionary leaders went on gaining consensus for a hospital. Which in any case, proved decisive when it comes healthcare infrastructure of the capital city today.

Construction of the Hospital Simon Bolivar took place between 1972 and 1982. The Construction in 1973 however, got interrupted due to flooding from quarries nearby. The Official inauguration of the hospital took place on July 24, 1982, the birthday of Simón Bolívar.

In the beginning the hospital undertook the outpatient and emergency consultation of the Simón Bolívar Regional Unit. And, hospitalization of seriously ill patients started in December 1982. Medical care of the hospital in those early days was in collaboration with other prominent medical institutions. Colombian School of Medicine, the Medical Foundation of the Andes and the associates to Health Service of Santa Fe de Bogota are some of them

Formal hospitalization in Simon Bolivar hospital started in July 1983, with ten beds. However, the Hospital shortly gained II Level in 1987 and, in 1991 it rose to category of III Level. This was the year when it gained a fame for advanced technology and rendering complex pathologies.

In the later years, the Bolivar hospital became integral to State Social Enterprise through December 1997 Agreement of the City Council. The hospital is into providing highly complex services in a range of specialties. It also works as referral centre for the category I & II level of medical care institutions in the Capital District of Bogotá. Not limited to capital district, it also receives patients referred from the other district networks and subnets.

Concluding Words on Simon Bolivar Hospital

Today Simon Bolivar Hospital in Bogota is the face of Medical Care in the city and exemplifies excellence in healthcare. A humble beginning to serve people has grown into multispecialty referral and consulting hub now.

The management of the hospital is in the hands of capable healthcare professionals. And, that’s why it’s expanding across the country with New Simón Bolívar hospital projects on Public-private partnership (PPP model).

The new building of Bolivar coming up in Bogota itself is almost double the existing facility of Old Hospital. It works out to be 65,000 and would be easily accessible from all sides of the city. Currently, the Simon Bolivar Hospital is the biggest Public hospital in Bogota and among Top 5 of the Country.

Latin American countries have named a number of their public Institutions, Parks, Roads and hospitals etc. after Simon Bolivar. Simon was originally a Venezuelan military leader who led Latin American to Independence. High regards for him in Latin America reflect in a number of Monuments and ‘Bolivar Plazas’. Bolivia of today was originally, ‘Repuplic of Bolivar’ which was about honoring Simon Bolivar in the Independence of Bolivia.

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