BTech Marine Engineering Course- Eligibility, Admission Process, and Career Prospects

Updated February 6, 2022

Bachelor of Technology in Marine Engineering or popularly Btech Marine Engineering course is a 4-year undergraduate degree. B.Tech. Marine Engineering course offers skills and practical experiences to the students dealing with various heavy machinery, control, systems, and other equipment of ships, harbors, and seagoing docks. It is one of the popular marine courses among engineering aspirants because it provides exciting career opportunities with rewarding salary packages. The course also ensures the privilege to work in India as well as abroad. The interested aspirants can pursue this marine engineering course after completing the intermediate examination with atleast 60% aggregate marks. More so, they must have obtained class XIIth certificate with Physics, Chemistry, and Maths as compulsory subjects.

Students of the Btech marine engineering program study various vital subjects, including applied thermodynamics, Seamanship, Elementary Navigation & Survival at Sea, Control Engineering and Automation, Marine Electrical Technology, to name a few. They are also given dynamic skills and hands-on experiences to the students. The average course fees range between INR 50K to 14lakh for the entire course.

B tech Marine Engineering Course Details-

Btech marine Engineering is a four-year undergraduate course for students who want to become marine engineers on merchant navy ships. This course has been designed to build professional marine engineers who could efficiently improve, maintain, design, and construct heavy machinery and other mechanical machines of ships, harbors, and seagoing docks. The students pursuing a B.Tech Marine Engineering programme are provided several necessary skills and hands-on experiences so that they can evolve into specialized marine engineers. Btech Marine Engineering Course entails basic Physics, maths, and other fundamental mechanical engineering subjects, including applied thermodynamics, naval architecture, control system, and circuit design.

The course provides a solid foundation in marine engineering principles and prepares aspirants for career prospects. Moreover, it also offers additional training in practical skills required to be a seaman. The course teaches students multidimensional thinking and how to solve engineering-based problems in aquatic systems. This course offers specialized training in seamanship and navy skills.

Short Details of Btech Marine Engineering Programme

Full Form- Bachelor of Technology in Marine Engineering

Degree- Undergraduate (UG)

B Tech Marine Engineering Duration- It is 4-year bachelor degree.

Popular Entrance Exams- JEE Main, JEE Advanced, WBJEE, BITSAT, and more.

Fee Structure for the Course- The average Fee Structure of the Course is

Average Salary Offered- INR 11 Lakh p.a. (approximately)

BTech Marine Engineering Eligibility Criteria

B.Tech. in Marine Engineering is one of the popular courses to make a career in the merchant navy. The course teaches students various fundamental marine engineering subjects in the course frame and also provides hands-on experiences. It is most suitable for the aspirants that have completed their class 12th and are interested in making their career in marine engineering. It is a 4-year bachelor program that requires some specific eligibility criteria from the aspirants. Among them are listed below-

(a) For Btech Marine Engineering Course- the aspirants are required to have obtained a class XIIth certificate from a recognized institute with a science stream.

(b) The candidates are also required to complete their intermediate grade with physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics as compulsory subjects. It is mandatory for the Bachelor of Technology in Marine Engineering Course.

(c) Also, the interested candidates must have gained atleast 60 percent in their intermediate examination to get entry into the course.

(d) The minimum age requirement for this merchant navy course is between 17 to 25 years.

Basic Skills Requirement for Btech Marine Engineering

Although this bachelor’s degree will take you to grab a glamorous and rewarding career opportunity, it requires some vital skills and qualities to be built into a professional. I have listed some necessary attributes and skills that genuinely help the students enter the course and make them unique.

(a) Quick Decision-makers- It is one of the crucial qualities that students should possess.

(b) Calmnesses- The aspirants must have calm qualities because it helps professionals think appropriately and act according to the need of situations.

(c) Leadership Skills- The professionals involved in this field also sometimes encounter a challenging situation, and there they require a leader to handle all this. Also, to work effectively with their colleagues, they must possess teamwork skills and the ability to motivate, lead, and inspire confidence in others.

(d) Command over Communication Skills- The candidates are required to possess written and verbal communication skills.

(e) The interested aspirants are required to possess the qualities of fundamental mathematical-solving ability.

(f) They should also hold basic knowledge of mechanical and electrical systems.

(h) The aspirants should be resourcefulness, adaptability, and flexibility

(i) Aspirants who have decided to advance their steps into the Btech Marine Engineering programme should have confidence, enthusiasm, and self-reliance.

The students wishing to apply for technical courses in the reputed colleges/universities to make a career in the merchant navy need to pass the entrance exams of the respective universities/colleges. There are numerous popular entrance exams in India that can be taken to get admission to Btech in the Marine engineering course. Some of them are listed down-

(JEE Main) Joint Entrance Examination- Main: JEE Main examination is one of the popular tests through which students are admitted into Engineering colleges. It is being conducted by National Testing Agency every year through online mode to allocate seats in the B.E/ institutes and universities.

Joint Entrance Examination- Advanced: JEE Advanced is nothing else but a level ahead following JEE main examination. Earlier, it was known as IIT JEE. The exam is a computer-based paper covering (PCM) Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics. The duration of the exam is 180 minutes.

Birla Institute of Technology and Science Admission Test (BITSAT): BITSAT is an entrance exam conducted every year to allocate seats into the Bachelor of Engineering, B. Pharm., and MSc programs. The application form for the various undergraduate programs will be released in February 2022. If the pandemic could not be contained, then it might be delayed.

West Bengal Joint Entrance Examination (WBJEE)- WBJEEB is also a gateway to admission into several undergraduate courses. Through this entrance exam, students are granted admission into B.E./, Architecture, and Pharmacy courses offered by West Bengal colleges.

Kerala Engineering Architecture Medical (KEAM): KEAM is an entrance exam for aspirants who want to take admission into several bachelor courses, including engineering, arts, dentistry, and medicine programs. It is conducted by the Commissioner of Entrance Examinations (CEE), and it covers questions from Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics.

VITEEE- Vellore Institute of Technology Engineering Entrance Examination is the common entrance test to provide admission into various Vellore Institute Technology courses, including VIT Chennai, VIT Bhopal, VIT Vellore, and VIT Andhra Pradesh. The exam paper is created based on intermediate syllabus from Physics, Maths, Chemistry, English, and Aptitude for B.Tech courses. The questions asked in entrance exams are mostly based on the NCERT textbooks.

SRM Joint Entrance Examination (SRMJEEE): The SRM joint Entrance Exam is a common entrance test conducted to offer seats to colleges/universities. If students qualify for this entrance exam, it will be their first step to making their career in marine engineering.

Several other universities/colleges conduct entrance exams to offer admission into Btech marine engineering courses including, UPSEE, MHT CET, and many more.

B.Tech. Marine Engineering Admission Process

The students can take admission into the Btech Marine Engineering programme either on the basis of higher secondary examination or valid entrance exam score. Several colleges/universities offer access to the course based on the students’ rank or score in the entrance exam. However, to get entry into the renowned colleges/universities to study the program, the aspirants need to gain valid rank or score in popular entrance exams. Some popular entrance exams are JEE Main, JEE Advanced, BITSAT, VITEEE, KEAM, and several others.

Lateral Entry (LE) into 2nd year of Marine Engineering

By lateral entry, candidates could also be admitted to the Btech Marine Engineering courses. Direct admission can be obtained into the second year of marine engineering programs when the Directorate General of Shipping approves it. Two ways to secure LE seats in Marine Engineering programs are available.

(a) Students who have completed their 1st year in engineering from an electrical or mechanical branch with a minimum of 60% can apply for lateral entry.

(b) Also, the aspirants pursuing a diploma in mechanical, electrical, marine, or ship-building engineering and at least 60% of the aggregate can also be admitted.

Btech Marine Engineering Course Structure or Syllabus

It is a 4-year undergraduate course that provides a gateway to obtain a handsome job in the merchant navy areas. So, in order to make a path for their better prospects, the colleges and universities brought Btech in marine Engineering courses and included many important subjects that could help the students to grab the exciting job. Since it is a four-year course, it has been divided into eight semesters to properly let the students imbibe the essential aspects of marine engineering. Some of the important topics and subjects that will be taught in the course frame are listed down:

Semester- 01SEMESTER- 02
Basic ThermodynamicsApplied Thermodynamics – I
Engineering Mathematics – IEngineering Mathematics – II
Basic Electrical & Electronics EngineeringEngineering & Machine Drawing
Geometrical DrawingStrength of Materials – I
Engineering Mechanics – IFundamentals of Computer Science
Emphasize on professional communicationEngineering Mechanics – II
Workshop ProjectSeamanship, Elementary Navigation &


Survival at Sea

Applied Thermodynamics – IIMarine Boilers
Analog Electronics & CommunicationDigital Electronics & PLC
Heat & Chemical LaboratoryMechanics of Machines-II
Strength of Materials – IIFluids Mechanics
Marine Engineering DrawingElectrical Machines – II
Electrical Machines – IComputer Microprocessor & PLC Laboratory
Mechanics of Machines – IWorkshop Practical
Ship Structure & ConstructionMarine Internal Combustion Engine II
Fluid MechanicsMarine Steam Engineering
Marine Internal Combustion Engine – INaval Architecture-II
Naval Architecture – IMarine Electrical Technology
Marine Auxiliary Machines – IShip Fire Prevention & Control
Elementary Design & DrawingMarine Auxiliary Machines – II
Computer ScienceFire Control & Life Saving Appliances Laboratory
Advanced Marine Control Engineering & AutomationON BOARD TRAINING & ASSESSMENT
Ship Operation & ManagementProject on Environment & its Project
Marine Heat Engines and Air ConditioningViva-Voce
Advanced Marine TechnologyVoyage / Training Report
Marine Machinery & System DesignElective paper
Gas Turbine———————

B.Tech – Marine Engineering Jobs and Career Prospects

Several jobs are available for the students who have graduated with a Bachelor of Technology in Marine engineering. More so, the demand for proficient marine engineers is increasing every year because either large or small consignments are now mainly done via the Sea or Ocean route. It has opened the door to go in both private and government enterprises such as Shipyards, Shipping Companies, Indian Navy, Design firms, Engine Production Firms, Research Institutions, to name a few. During graduation with Btech marine engineering course, they will be equipped with the necessary skills to deal with systems and machinery of ships and marine structures and vessels. Moreover, the participants will be responsible for several roles in the construction and maintenance of harbors, ports, oil platforms, shipyards, and nautical structures. Some of the following jobs for Marine engineering graduates are as follows-

(a) Logistics Executive

(b) Marine Surveyor

(c) Coastal Marine Engineer

(d) Logistics Manager

(e) Structural Engineer

(f) Marine Engineering Officer

(g) Marine Engineer

(h) Nautical Engineer

(i) Navigation Engineer

(j) Marine Sales Manager

(k) Transport and Distribution Manager

Higher Education after Pursuing BTech Marine Engineering Degree

The students who completed their Btech marine engineering course can advance their steps towards jobs or can go for higher studies. There are plenty of options available for the graduates who are interested in pursuing higher education, starting from short-term courses to post-graduation. Graduates can pursue master’s degrees in advanced marine technology, navigation engineering, business management, naval architecture, and many more. Some of higher studies courses to pursue are:

(a) Master of Technology (M.Tech.) in Marine Engineering

(b) Masters of Business Management

(c) Master of Science (M.Sc.) in Marine Engineering

(d) Post-Graduate Diploma in Management (PGDM)

(e) Master of Technology ( in Ocean Engineering and Naval Architecture

(f) M. Tech in Marine Engineering Management

(g) PGD in International Transportation and Logistics

B. Tech. Marine Engineering Salary

The life of a marine engineer is an exciting one if students are enthralled by traveling into the sea and Ocean. Although marine engineers have to be away from their parents and children for long periods, the chance to explore the beautiful Ocean & world and earn money can’t be denied. After obtaining a Btech Marine Engineering Degree, options to work for domestic enterprises, as well as international companies, will be opened. The participants will get handsome salary packages. It is to be noted that the pay structures will not be the same for every job profile. It varies from company to company, country to country, and skills. Moreover, the pay structure also depends on Seniority, import and export requirements, and many more. Though, the average starting salary of a Btech Marine Engineer graduate is Rs. 11lakh per annum. The experience of the participants is more valued in the shipping industry. They could earn salaries up to INR Rs. 30lakh p.a. if they have 5-10 years of experience in the field.

B Tech Marine Engineering Colleges in India

Coimbatore Marine College

Tolani Maritime Institute- TMI

IMU – IMU Kolkata Indian Maritime University

Samundra Institute of Maritime Studies

Indian Maritime University, Chennai

International Maritime Institute

Questions Mostly asked about B.Tech. Marine Engineering

Q. What is B Tech in marine engineering?

Ans- B Tech in Marine Engineering is an undergraduate course of four-year that teaches students about construction, design, and structures of seagoing equipment, docks, crafts and harbour installations.

Q. What is the salary of a BTech marine engineer?

Ans- Btech in Marine Engineering graduates will earn up to INR 11 lakh per annum. In this industry, the participants having experience are given more value. Means their average salaries go up if they have 5-10 years of experience.

Q. What should I do after BTech in marine engineering?

Ans- The students who graduated with BTech in Marine Engineering can either opt for higher studies or advance their jobs.

Q. What is the fee for marine engineering?

Ans- The average fee for the Btech in Marine Engineering programme is about 50k to 14 lakh for the entire course.

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