Career as a Holiday Consultant- Eligibility, Skills, Course, Scope & Salary

Updated January 24, 2023

A travel enthusiast who works as a holiday consultant is responsible for providing all the information they need about their trip to a particular location. A holiday consultant organizes travel for their clients, books tickets, and delivers all other pertinent details that the client requests regarding the trip.

A growing number of travel businesses are opening up that employ Holiday consultants for their clients due to India’s booming tourist industry. Despite being fresh to the tourism sector, the idea of vacation consultants has already made waves. In fact, it has become a popular career choice in India’s tourist and hospitality sectors.

Travel firms started hiring young talented individuals with strong marketing and communication abilities who can perform as holiday consultants. Therefore, several travel and tourism-related educational institutions in India have developed courses in the industry to meet the demand of both public and private sector businesses for vacation consultants.

What Does a Holiday Consultant Do?

Holiday consultant jobs can vary depending on the different-different industries where they work. A holiday consultant’s primary job is to recognize the travellers’ needs and arrange the journey accordingly, booking tickets, transportation and accommodation for the travellers. 

They are also responsible for researching various travel options, travel prices, customs, weather conditions, food, optimal modes of transportation, etc., managing group finances, and customer relationship. 

A holiday consultant is in charge of providing details to the travellers, negotiating with service providers at various tourist destinations to obtain the best prices, knowing about the challenging places and preparing challenging places to deal with adverse conditions. 

Eligibility & Course Details

Although there is no minimum academic qualification requirement to pursue a career as a holiday consultant, an individual should, at the very least, have completed their senior year of high school. However, the higher the management’s qualifications, the more opportunities he will have to work in reputable government and commercial organizations.

Numerous institutions, specifically management schools in India, provide courses to prepare young hopefuls to work as vacation consultants. At the postgraduate degree and diploma levels, these courses are available. Regarding eligibility, one must earn a degree in a related discipline from any recognized college or university.

Top Colleges Offering UG/PG/Other Programs 

Numerous travel and tourism institutes, colleges and universities have begun providing programs in the field of vacation consulting. The following are a few of India’s well-known travel and tourism institutes: 

College of Hospitality and Tourism (Gurgaon), Heritage Institute of Hotel and Tourism (Agra), Awadesh Pratap Singh University (Madhya Pradesh), Department of Tourism – HNB Garhwal University, Banaras Hindu University, Kuoni Academy of Travel (KAT) and Indian Institute of Tourism & Travel Management (Madhya Pradesh).

Scope of a Holiday Consultant 

A few years ago, holiday consultant was not a well-recognized profession; instead, people considered them tour guides or travel agents. The career is complex and somewhat different, though. A career involves more than academic aptitude; it also calls for a love of the work and the job itself. The individual could be self-employed or work for a travel agency.

The demand for holiday consultants has increased over the last few years as more people have shown a deep interest in travelling to far-off, exotic destinations that were previously less visited. In addition, rather than just seeing a destination, people are increasingly seeking experiences, and adventure tourism has started gaining momentum.

Customers now want travel agencies to arrange their travel with someone with solid experience. Now, customer demands have risen and thus have an opportunity for travellers. Currently, in many countries, including India, a holiday consultant is hired by both public and private undertakings.

Required Skills to Become a Holiday Consultant 

Good in the world and domestic geographyPassion
Good Communication SkillMultitasking
Highly organisedConvincing Skills
Positive AttitudeReady to Learn Attitude

Salary of a Holiday Consultant 

The remuneration in the field of holiday consulting may appear poor at first, but it may rise after a few years of expertise. According to the standard Of the related organization, most holiday consultants can expect to earn between Rs. 1,00000 and 3,00000 annually.

Frequently Asked Questions on Holiday Consultants 

Q. What does a holiday Consultant do?

Ans: Holiday Consultant is also responsible for researching various travel options, travel prices, customs, weather conditions, food, optimal modes of transportation, etc.,

Q. How to become a holiday Consultant?

Ans: There is no minimum academic qualification requirement to pursue a career as a holiday consultant. After completing the 12th, you can get admission to a tourism course to become a traveller’s consultant.

Q. What qualifications does a travel consultant need?

Ans: There is no formal qualification required to become a travel consultant.

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