Career as a Video Jockey- Eligibility, Skills Required, Salary & How to Become

A Video Jockey is a professional person who presents music-related television on television where they inform audiences about new music videos, interview celebrities, engage with a live audience or over the phone, and answer fan mail and requests live on air things.

A career as a video jockey responsibility involves presenting television programs, discussing music and entertainment, and showing that you have a solid knowledge of the genre. A famous video jockey has a good understanding of the content, including music, videos, and interviews that he discusses and performs as a trendsetter among television viewers. 

“Video Jockey” was coined to describe those who record live video clips or music videos. Initially, the word “disc jockey” (DJ) was used to refer to professionals who play music. However, a VJ performs live in front of the viewers while in front of the camera.

What Does a Video Jockey Do?

A video jockey’s primary responsibility is to present television shows. Most of these programs focus on music, although as television entertainment expands, the VJ is often seen hosting talk shows, travel shows, game shows, and interviews.

The video jockey is responsible for designing the show and determining the subject and layout of the show. The skill of famous video jockeys to control the show’s thematic flow is essential for them to establish and maintain their distinctive style.

Video jockey is not a career where you can rest on your laurels since show business is fascinating and competitive. In order to ensure the popularity of the show, the VJ must constantly be alert. For this, the VJ must develop new ideas, experiment, and attempt new things to maintain the show’s popularity with its audiences. 

How to Become a Video Jockey?

A video jockey can be fine with a specific college degree if they have some excellent skills, including communication skills and presence of mind, and should be able to manage a crowd. However, many have degrees in arts, graphic design, or cinema studies.

But, having a professional qualification degree along with abilities will help you boost your profession as a VJ. Here, we have mentioned some well-known programs or courses in this field. 

Video Jockey Courses

Numerous reputable institutions have started courses to educate aspiring VJs. Applicants can pursue these courses just after completing their intermediate or graduation. 

  • BA with Journalism
  • Course in TV Reporting, Presentation and Production
  • Diploma in Communication and Media Development
  • MA in Mass Communication
  • Postgraduate Diploma in Journalism/ Mass Communication

Required Skills to Become a Successful Video Jockey

Entertaining skills: An exciting individual with a sense of humour and clarity of thought should be the VJ. They are the program star, and the spotlight is always on them. Consequently, a video jockey needs to provide solid, long-lasting entertainment value.

Communication skills: A VJ needs to be a great communicator. The job of a video jockey has evolved, and the present-day needs constant social engagement. Video jockeys must interact with celebrities, fans, audiences and even strangers during the show; therefore, good communication skills are essential.

Subject matter expertise: The VJ needs to be aware of the most recent changes in music and entertainment. They should be knowledgeable about music and entertainment because being able to speak impromptu on any subject related to these fields is crucial. Successful video jockeys and hosts are famous for having a piece of in-depth musical knowledge. 

Language skills: Although a TV show’s script is typically written in advance, the video jockey must have strong command over the language used to host the show. They should be skilled at using the correct phrases in the script and when unscripted speaking situations arise.

Public speaking skills: Talking is one of the main courses of a video jockey’s task. Therefore, they must feel comfortable doing so in front of the camera or deception of a live audience. Any inhibition on their part could negatively impact the show’s audience.

Attractive personality: If the VJ is friendly and has a lovely voice, it will enhance the show’s popularity. While voice may be the most critical factor for radio jockeys and looks may be less necessary, in the case of video jockeys, a combination of excellent looks plus a terrific voice can steal the show.

Salary of a Video Jockey

The wages of a Video Jockey can vary depending on working experience and quality of delivery. A fresh VJ can expect to make 20,000-25,000 per month. But, with experience, it can go above 60,000 to 100,000 monthly.

A famous VJ gets paid up to 20,000-50,000 every day. A well-established VJ gets paid as per appearances and not monthly basis. The limit is unrestricted. A VJ can make the most significant money by performing their job well. Additionally, if they perform poorly, they will receive severely minimal pay.

Frequently Asked Questions on VJ

Q. What does a Video Jockey do?

Ans: A VJ is a professional person who presents music-related television on television where they inform audiences about new music videos and interview celebrities.

Q. What is the salary of a Video Jockey?

Ans: The average salary for a VJ in India is 3.1 Lakhs per year.

Q. What is a VJ vs DJ?

Ans: VJ stands for video jockey, which presents video shows, and DJ is known as disk jock, which hosts audio programs.

Q. What is the qualification for VJ?

Ans: There is no specific academic qualification required to pursue a career as a VJ.

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