MCh in Plastic Surgery Course Details, Eligibility, Admission Process & Career Prospects

Master of Chirurgiae or MCh in Plastic Surgery is a 3-years super-speciality course pursued after completing MS in Plastic Surgery. The aspirants studying this course learn many surgeries techniques and imbibe skills and practical experiences in order to become competent plastic surgeons.  

This speciality has a lot of significance around the world as several celebrities change their overall appearance by undergoing facial and body surgeries. Upon completing your M.Ch in plastic surgery program, you can be the one who performs such surgeries. If you want to know all about MCh plastic surgery, keep reading the blog.

What Do you Understand by Plastic Surgery?

Plastic surgery does not mean using artificial or plastic in the procedures of surgery. The basic understanding of plastic surgery is reshaping or remodelling the appearance of a person by making specific alterations in malleable flesh.

For the unversed, plastic surgery has been widely performed around the world, primarily to improve the appearance of a person. According to official USA data, around 15.6 million individuals had undergone cosmetic or aesthetic plastic surgery since 2020. Needless to say, the procedures of plastic surgeries are increasing by a significant number every year.

What is MCh in Plastic Surgery?

The specialists who perform reconstructive and aesthetic plastic surgeries are well experienced and qualified. They possess qualifications like MBBS, Master of Surgery, a super-speciality degree in plastic surgery (MCh surgery), and various certifications courses.

Talking Master of Chirurgiae in Plastic surgery is one of the highly specialized degrees usually obtained by professionals who desire to build significant experiences and skills. Under the course, the professional study every ins & outs of reconstructive and cosmetic plastic surgery. For the unversed, it could be joined after qualifying for the NEET-SS examination and having a master of surgery degree in plastic surgery.

Key Highlights of MCh Plastic Surgery

Listed below are some of the important aspects of Master of Chirurgiae in Plastic Surgery:

Course NameM.Ch. in Plastic Surgery
Duration3 Years
EligibilityMS from a recognized institute
AdmissionEntrance & Direct
Course1-5 Lakhs
Employment SettingsPrivate clinics, Research Institutes, Government Hospitals, Healthcare Centers, Medical Institutes, and Nursing homes
Average SalaryINR 18 Lakhs

What are the Benefits of Studying M.Ch in Surgery?

Being a super speciality course has its own advantages, so have with MCh in Plastic surgery. The individuals who are in the medical field and studying Master of Chirurgiae in Plastic Surgery can be benefitted from several dimensions. Here are some of the advantages one can avail of after completing an M.Ch in plastic surgery:

(a) This super-specialized program in plastic surgery is studied by the graduates in order to take their skills and experiences to a far greater level.

(b) Upon completing M.Ch. in Plastic surgery, the individuals become proficient in dealing with several complex issues related to surgery on any part of the anatomy except the central nervous system.

(c) You will be reasonably competent enough to improve a person’s appearance and reconstruct facial & body tissue defects caused by illness, trauma, or birth disorders.

(d) The field is even appealing and promising that offers many opportunities to plastic surgeons after completing of M.Ch in Plastic surgery.

(e) After being qualified with this super-specialized plastic surgery degree, you will have several employment settings options. Among these, you can choose any of them as per suit suitability. For instance, you can pursue a career in government as well as the private sector, such as schools, hospitals, healthcare centres, research institutes and so forth.

(f) The course is quite affordable as compared to other courses; the course fees for M.Ch in plastic surgery range from INR 1 to 5 Lakhs per annum

(g) Additionally, with an M.Ch degree, you can expect a salary of between INR 10 lakhs to INR 15 lakhs per annum.

Who Should Study MCh Plastic Surgery?

Any individuals can study the MCh Plastic Surgery curriculum, but after meeting all the standard requirements for the course. Apart from qualifications, students should also have the aptitude and earnestness to embrace more challenging skills, surgical experiences, and technical knowledge. 

The aspirants are also required to have diligence, sympathetic value and responsibility to care for the patients. However, you will learn various other essential elements along the curriculum, which ultimately make you quintessential proficient surgeons.  

Eligibility Criteria for MCh Plastic Surgery

You must be aware of the position of M.Ch. Plastic Surgery basically it is a super-speciality program. Since it is the highest degree in the medical field, it’s evident that the course will expect some standard qualifications from the aspirants. Below elucidated points are some of the requisite requirements for a Master of Chirurgiae in Plastic Surgery:

(a) The essential requirement for this specialized plastic surgery course is having a good knowledge of Tracheotomy, Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation, Application of Splints for Fractures, and so.

(b) The candidates should have an MBBS degree with a minimum of 55% of aggregate scores from an accredited institute.

(c) The individuals must also have obtained an MS degree or equivalent degree within the stipulated date with at least 55% of marks from a recognized university.

(d) It is mandatory for Indian students to have an SMC/MCI Registration document.

(e) The foreign applicants are exempted from SMC/MCI early registration. They will get temporary MCI registration after paying the prescribed registration fee.

(f) Candidates will have to crack the qualifying entrance examination specified by that particular institute. However, some universities also offer admission on the basis of merit.

Admission Process for MCh Plastic Surgery

M Ch in Plastic surgery is the highest level of qualifications in the medical field, which only reputed institutes are allowed to offer admission for study. So, the level of degree expects you to qualify for the entrance exam, as per the guidelines of institutes. Here are the following steps through which you can join and study the program:

 (a) The first step is to select the reputed institutes in which you are interested in studying the plastic surgery program.
(b) Take a complete overview of the requirements demanded by that particular institute. In the step, you must check about the entrance examination, if needed.

(c) The following step is to fill out the application form of the same, which the institute has specified.
(c) After the date of registration gets over, the regulating authority usually takes time at 2-3 weeks to upload the hall ticket for the test.

(d) In the qualifying test, you must secure an excellent score because you will be offered to pursue the on the basis of ranks or marks you have obtained in the test.
(e) The next phase is GI/PI round. But, you will be called for this round only when you are able to make your name on the merit list or clear the cut-off prescribed by that university.

(f) The final merit list of the participants is prepared based on the PI & entrance exam; therefore, you will have to perform well in both phases.
(g) If you make your name on this merit list, then you will get your dream and be eligible to study M.Ch. Plastic Surgery course.
(h) Finally, you only have to submit your crucial documents directed by that particular college/university.

What are the Syllabus & Subjects of M Ch in Plastic Surgery?

The syllabus of the MCh Plastic Surgery is to train participants to deal with the several complex challenges that are part of the field. The candidates will acquire essential skills, practical learning, technical knowledge and experiences throughout M Ch in Plastic Surgery.

Additionally, pursuing a degree with this level of excellence and specialisation will enable you to master the essential concepts, aptitude, and core abilities in the field. The course also focuses on the research ability of the participants; therefore, you, as an applicant, will undertake various research projects related to the concerning speciality. Let’s delve deeper into the syllabus and subjects of the course to know all about it:

Particulars of M Ch in Plastic Surgery Curriculum

Craniosynostosis, hypertelorism, craniofacial microsomia.Local skin flaps
Anatomy and functions of the skinUnstable scar and scar contracture
Growth and development changes in the face, anatomy of the facial skeleton.Regional anatomy of head and neck
Embryology of head and neck ( excluding central nervous system ).Velopharyngeal incompetence.
History of Plastic Surgery and its broad scope at the present timeTemporomandibular joint dysfunctions
Leprosy deformities of the facePedicled skin flaps and tubes
Split skin grafts and full-thickness skin grafts, their take and subsequent behaviourCleft lip and palate, alveolar clefts.
Cleft Lip and Palate and Craniofacial AnomaliesFractures – nose, maxilla, mandible, zygoma, orbit – early management and treatment of sequelae.
Corrective RhinoplastyDecubitus ulcer
Reconstruction of the external earCancer of upper Aerodigestive system
Facial paralysisThermal burns
Congenital deformities of the face and jaw bone.Chemical burns.
Orthodontics, speech therapy in cleft lip and palate.Electrical burns.
Rare craniofacial clefts, Tessier clefts.Jaw tumours
Care of wounds, dressing, techniques and splints.Reconstruction of full-thickness defects of the abdomen and thorax
Principles of craniofacial surgery.Breast reconstruction
————————————-Malignant and benign tumours of head and neck
————————————–Vasoformative lesions of the skin and adnexa
Radiation burnTumours of Head and Neck and Skin
Tumour of skinPrinciples of prosthetic replacement of Jaw defects
Chemical peeling and dermabrasion.Laser therapy
AbdominoplastyNerve compression syndromes.
Reconstruction of maxillaTumours of Head and Neck and Skin
Reconstruction of burn hand and upper extremityDupuytren’s disease.
BlepharoplastySurgery for spastic and tetraplegic hand
Aesthetic Surgery and Facelift.—————————————-
Reconstruction of the mandible.————————————–
Vasospastic disorders of hands———————————————-

Note: Visit the official website of an institute that provides the program. You will get a better insight into the syllabus and subjects there.

Fee Structure for M Ch Plastic Surgery 

The fees for MCh plastic surgery could be different in different institutes. It could be attributed to several factors like regulating authority, infrastructure, campus, location and several others.

However, the average fees incurred by students for this course can be around 2lacs to 5lacs. It is just an indicative average charge, which could go up or down, depending on the institute.

Career Prospect After Completing M Ch Plastic Surgery

Upon completing a Master of Chirurgiae in Plastic surgery, the graduates can become proficient and competent plastic surgeons. They can perform several surgeries such as Aesthetic surgery, Burn Surgery, Ethnic plastic surgery, Microsurgery, and Pediatric plastic surgery, amongst others. 

The influential people generally undergo different aesthetic surgeries to change their appearance, which include Nose Reshaping, Eyelid surgery, Facelift, Liposuction, and breast augmentation. With requisite skills and experiences, you can be the one who deals with the famous figure, celebrities and icons.

Where to Study M Ch Plastic Surgery Course?

 It is really important for the aspirants to select suitable institutes for studying master of Chirurgiae in plastic surgery. It will not only enable you to get valuable knowledge and skills for your job, but it will also provide you with a suitable learning environment and, of course, opportunities to learn several techniques, technical knowledge and experiences required to perform surgeries.

Here are some of the top-ranked Colleges/Universities for Master of Chiriurgiae in Plastic Surgery course:

(I) Harvard University, the United States
(II) Stanford University, the United States
(III) University of Toronto, Canada
(IV) Dr DY Patil University

(V) Christian Medical College – [CMC]
(VI) All India Institute of Medical Sciences
(VII) University of Amsterdam, Netherland
(VIII) Armed Forces Medical College (AFMC)

Questions Mostly Asked About M Ch Plastic Surgery

Q. What is the highest degree in plastic surgery?

Ans- Master of Chirurgiae or MCh is the highest degree in Plastic Surgery. Though, you can pursue various other sub-specialities courses to enhance your skills and experiences in that particular niche.

Q. What Does MCh Mean in Medical degree?

Ans- MCh stands for Magister Chirurgiae. It is a Latin terminology which means master of surgery or Master of Chirurgiae.

Q. What is the Salary of Plastic Surgeons in India?

Ans- The annual salary of a plastic surgeon can go up to 37 lakhs or above, depending upon the skills and employment settings. However, the average annual salary of a plastic surgeon in India is around INR 18 lakhs.

Q. What does cosmetic surgery mean?

Ans- Cosmetic surgery refers to those surgeries which are performed to change or make a person’s overall appearance more aesthetic. Nose Reshaping, Eyelid surgery, Facelift, Liposuction, breast augmentation, etc., are common cosmetic surgeries.

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