World Tourism Day (September 27)-History, Importance, Quotes, and Celebration

Updated October 10, 2022

World Tourism Day is celebrated on September 27 every year. We celebrate this day to raise awareness of the need for accessible tourism all over the planet.

So, get ready your big cameras ready, unfold the map and confirm that your fanny pack still fits comfortably. Now, let’s start a beautiful journey that will be a long-lasting memory.

History of World Tourism Day

The World Tourism Organization (WTO), a specialized body of the UN, is responsible for creating World Tourism Day. The fact that World Tourism Day falls at the conclusion of the peak travel season in the northern hemisphere and the start of the season in the southern hemisphere makes its timing particularly suited.

The WTO has many advantages, including supporting sustainable tourism and boosting local economies. More importantly, the WTO ensures that travel is accessible for everyone on World Tourism Day, including people with disabilities and those who are low-income.

The world is open for business for you and your friends whether you’re using a cane or rolling in a chair. World Tourism Day is back to highlight the future of tourism. So, start your journey!

How to Celebrate World Tourism Day

Celebrating World Tourism Day doesn’t mean, you’ll have to go abroad or to places that are far from your home. You can celebrate this day in your hometown also.

Just take a moment to step back from your daily activities and simply ask two questions yourself: What would I do if I were on vacation in my hometown? Where would a traveler spend the day?

Supporting local businesses and perhaps gaining a fresh perspective on your hometown are also potential benefits of exploring your own territory through the eyes of a tourist.

Economic sustainability and stability are essential to the ongoing development of the global tourist industry. Learn the most effective ways to experience a new nation, city, or hamlet in ways that have a positive influence.

Speak to friends and family members who may wish to travel but have never been able to organize a vacation because they have unique challenges, whether they are financial, physical, or both.

By working together, you can support and inspire one another while upholding the WTO’s stance that tourism is for everyone.

Importance of World Tourism Day

It creates employment. Even in the most remote regions of the globe, tourism has emerged as a reliable source of employment.

Tourism, when managed appropriately, has the potential to boost employment in regions where it has risen as a result of unavoidable forces like automation.

International tourists generated approximately $1.5 trillion in export earnings in 2015. For smaller, less developed towns, this can be incredibly advantageous.

Exploring new places or traveling is not only good for our health and mind but also for our society.  So, start your traveling journey today.

Quotes on Tourism

“We travel so that life doesn’t escape us, not to escape life.”Unknown

“You don’t have to be rich to travel well.”Eugene Fodor

“Travel teaches humility. You realize how small of a space you take up in the universe.” Gustave Flaubert

The world is a book, and those who stay at home only read the first page.”Saint Augustine

“Travel the globe. More wonderful than any dream produced or purchased in a factory. Never request promises or security.”Ray Bradbury

“One’s destination is never a location, but rather a fresh perspective.”Henry Miller

“Leave only footprints, take only memories”Chief Seattle

“Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all.”Helen Keller

Most Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is the Colour of World Tourism Day?

Ans: Blue

Q. Who is the Father of Tourism?

Ans: Thomas Cook

Q. Who is the First Tourist?

Ans: Cyriacus of Ancona

What are the Ways to Restore the Mountain Ecosystem from the Negative Impact of Development Initiatives and Tourism?

Ans: Ways to Restore the Mountain ecosystem: Practicing conservation efforts, Sustainable use of land and forest, Developing ways to decipher, Identification of intervention, Making the visitors aware, Minimal use of motor transport, Replication of Good practices, etc.

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