Bachelor of Physiotherapy Course- Eligibility, Admission, Salary and Career Prospects

Updated August 29, 2022

Bachelor of Physiotherapy is a four-year undergraduate course that offers skills and hands-on experience on easing pains related to movement and helping clients/patients function, move, and live a better life. Throughout the course, the students learn various therapeutic techniques and procedures to alleviate movement-related pain, promote optimal functional ability, prevent disability, and improve the overall quality of life. The course is most suitable for highly motivated students interested in serving people of all ages and being involved in the quality life supply chain. So, the aspirants seeking admission in the BPT or Bachelor of Physiotherapy course are required to meet specific essential qualifications, including 10+2 board, ability to effectively persuade clients, problem-solving skills, to mention a few. However, the aspirants must have completed their intermediate examination with physics, chemistry, and biology as the compulsory subjects from a recognized university.

The aspirants can access this program either on 10+2 marks or entrance exam scores. After getting admission to the course, the candidates are taught various subjects, including Allied Therapies, physiology, psychology, Orthopaedics and Traumatology, and many more. The expert physiotherapists on obtaining the BPT course get handsome salary packages. There are various venues that offer jobs to the students, including Health institutions, Fitness centers, education institutions Defence Medical Establishment, to mention a few.

What is BPT Full Form?

The full form of BPT is a Bachelor of Physical Therapy. It is a 4-year undergraduate course that has been designed to provide skills and knowledge to deal with patients suffering from various physical limitations. When these limitations act as a hindrance in the proper functioning of the body, the professional working in the field diagnosis the challenges and provides appropriate therapeutic to the patients/clients. This four-year program also offers six months of clinical experience in several of the most renowned hospitals or the college’s clinic. In short, the BPT course provides clinical and theoretical experiences in the top multispecialty hospitals.

Bachelor of Physiotherapy (BPT) Course Details

A Bachelor of Physiotherapy course prepares the students to qualify as professional physiotherapists and treat various health conditions of people of all ages. It is a four-year undergraduate programme in the allied medical field. This programme is taught by expert physiotherapists and provides enough knowledge, skills, and clinical experience that are required for a rewarding career in physiotherapy. Successfully graduating from the BPT course will be a stepping stone for a challenging career. The physical therapists will provide functional diagnosis and treat patients of all ages suffering from locomotion problems and muscular issues caused by aging, diseases, injuries, disorders, etc. It is one of the popular Physiotherapy courses.

In recent decades, the demand for physiotherapists in India and worldwide has been increased as the awareness of the benefits of physical therapy increases. The course opens the door for various sectors such as hospitals, sports therapy clinics, rehabilitation, community health, aged care, to mention a few. Apart from that, professional graduates also find employment opportunities in education, management, and research. Work in private practices or as a public or private sector consultant.

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Bachelor of Physiotherapy Eligibility

Bachelor of Physiotherapy is one of the popular Physiotherapy courses. It is most suitable for the aspirants that have a strong feeling of being involved in giving service to the children and old age. It is a 4 year graduate pragramme that requires certain basic qualifications from the candidates. Among them are-

(a) To apply in the Bachelor of Physiotherapy course, candidates must have cleared Intermediate or 10+2 with a minimum of 50 % marks from any recognized institute.

(b) The aspirants seeking admission in the course must have completed 10+2 examination with Physics, Chemistry, and Biology as compulsory subjects.

(c) Also, if it is required, candidates will have to qualify for entrance exams to get admission to the course. Some of the BPT entrance examinations are IPU CET, JIPMER all India entrance test, BCECE, Guru Govind Indraprastha University Physiotherapy entrance exam, to name a few.

(d) The aspirants must have completed the age of 17 years at the time of admission to the BPT course.

Basic Skill-set Requirement for the BPT Course

Bachelor of physiotherapy is a healthcare field that demands some specific skills from the aspirants. For the Bachelor of Physiotherapy course, the aspirants must possess better clinical knowledge and the scientific rationale behind all the clinical modalities performed for the clients. Also, the professional going to work in the medical field needs to be highly calm and show Empathy towards their clients/patients suffering. Notwithstanding, the professionals have to persuade their patients and explain every step of their therapy before performing it on them. Other basic skills requirements are as-

(a) Aspirants must possess good communication skill
(b) Ability to persuade clients/patients
(c) Fluency in English

(d) The scientific rationale behind procedures
(e) Ability to operate equipment wisely
(f) Must Possess the quality of Empathy.

(e) He/she should have confidence
(g) Good presentation skills

BPT 2022: Admission Process

The aspirants who wish to get admission in the Bachelor of Physiotherapy course are required to fulfill the basic eligibility criteria that the entrance authorities have prescribed. If the candidates do not meet the standards set by the entrance exam authorities, then he/she will not access the course. As BPT is a multi-disciplinary course, so it also requires an essential skill-set from the candidates, including problem-solving abilities, communication skills, fluency in English, to name a few. Most of the colleges or universities provide admission to the BPT course on the basis of the Entrance exam score. So, the students can get admission into the course after qualifying entrance exam of the respective colleges/universities. To help you to make a mind map, I have listed down the process of admission-

(a) Before filling out the application form, candidates must check basic eligibility whether they are fulfilling or not.

(b) If the aspirants meet the required eligibility criteria, then visit your interested college website and register themselves in the respective colleges’ entrance exam.

(c) Now, you must fill the application form correctly. In the process, candidates must upload the various essential documents in the correct format and size.

(d) The candidates are required to print out the form after completing and submitting their application form for future reference.

(e) The significant phase of the admission process is to give the entrance exam. Some of the popular exams for the Bachelor of Physiotherapy course are as- IPU CET, BCECE, NEET JIPMER, to name a few. During the exam, the students must be calm as it will help you care about small things and reduce your mistakes. It will increase your percentage of scoring good marks. The candidates would have to clear the cut-off marks to get admission to any college.

(f) The next phase is the personal interview. The students will be selected and called for the personal interview round on getting marks above the cut-off.

(g) The students are finally shortlisted on the basis of performance in PI and score secured in the Entrance exam. The entrance exam authorities will pronounce the finally selected candidates.

Bachelor of Physiotherapy Syllabus

A Bachelor of Physical Therapy course comprises numerous subjects that the students study in their course frame. These subjects are taught to the candidates to provide better understanding, knowledge, and skills that would help alleviate the challenges faced by the patients. The environment is degrading day by day, thereby significantly impacting the physical and mental health of the people. Moreover, the busy schedule and stress of the work add more burdens on the health of the people; that’s why professional physiotherapists are in dire need to properly understand the challenges of the patient and thereby provide therapeutic to the clients/patients. Considering all these, this program is formulated to train the students to help patients restore normal conditions and can easily do his/her daily activities. As this is a 4-year undergraduate course and has numerous essential subjects, these have been divided into semesters to properly offer knowledge to the students. Some of the critical disciplines in the BPT course are-

Semester- 1 Semester- 2
EnglishOrientation to Physiotherapy
Basic NursingIntegrated Seminars
Semester- 3Semester- 4
PharmacologyResearch Methodology & Biostatistics
First Aid & CPRIntroduction to Treatment
PathologyExercise Therapy
Constitution of IndiaClinical Observation Posting
Semester- 5Semester- 6
Orthopaedics and TraumatologyAllied Therapies
General MedicineOrthopaedics and Sports Physiotherapy
General SurgerySupervised Rotatory Clinical Training
Semester- 7 Semester- 8
Community medicineEthics, Administration and Supervision
Neuro- PhysiologyEvidence-based physiotherapy and practice
Neurology and neurosurgerySupervised Rotatory clinical training
Community-based RehabilitationProject

Bachelor of Physiotherapy Fees

Several colleges in India provide admission to the Bachelor in Physical Therapy course. The colleges or institutions charge different amounts on the course to the students. Basically, the fees structure of the BPT course depends on various factors, such as the infrastructure of the institutions, location of the colleges/universities, faculty provided by the universities/colleges, to mention a few. The center and state universities charge fewer fees for the course than the private universities. Although, the average fees structure of Bachelor of Physical Therapy ranges from Rs. 1lakh to 5lakh for the entire course.

(BPT) Bachelor of Physiotherapy Jobs

People easily get injured while playing football and cricket and are involved in other activities that resist them from using the optimal physical potential. So they require professional physiotherapists who could help them restore physical limitations without prescribing the drugs or other medications. Also, whether working in government sectors or the private sector, people constantly need counseling and advice from an expert physiotherapist to lead a better life. Therefore, a Bachelor of physiotherapy degree can help students evolve into expert physiotherapists who can quickly diagnose and treat clients/patients. The students will feel fortunate to be involved in this quality life supply chain to support the physically, emotionally, and mentally challenged patients. However, if the candidates are interested in making their careers as private practitioners, they can go for it. Following are some popular job profiles that you can get after obtaining a Bachelor of Physiotherapy Degree:

(a) Physiotherapist
(b) Researcher
(c) Lecturer

(d) Home Care Physiotherapist
(e) Sports Physio Rehabilitator
(f) Medical Coding Analyst

Bachelor of Physiotherapy Scope and Career Prospects 

The BPT course has been designed to provide students knowledge and skill on assessing, diagnosing, and curing the patients suffering. So, it is one of the significant Physiotherapy programs that deal with patients’ physical and mental limitations. In order to get involved in providing a quality life supply chain, graduate professionals can get job roles in various venues such as Sports franchisers, rehabilitation clinics, NGOs, schools, Social welfare departments, to name a few. Moreover, having a Physiotherapy degree, students can work in many employment areas like Fitness Centres, Rehabilitation Centres, Multi-Specialty Hospitals, Education Institutions, Mental Hospitals, Geriatric homes/ Old age Homes, Colleges & Universities, Private Practice/Private clinics, and many more.

Although this BPT course provides job roles in various sectors, it does not help you specialize in any particular area. Basically, the Bachelor of Physiotherapy course sheds light on numerous aspects of Physiotherapy. So, to be specialized for a specific area, students need to pursue a master’s degree in any particular area. It will equip you with better skills and hands-on experience and help you get handsome salaries. Some of the Specialized courses are as-

(a) MPT in Sports Physiotherapy-
(b) MPT in Neurology- 
(c) MPT in Neurological Physiotherapy-

(d) MPT in Pediatrics-
(e) MPT in Cardio-Pulmonary Sciences

Bachelor of Physiotherapy Salary

The bachelor of physiotherapy is a skill-oriented programme that produces competent physiotherapists to effectively deal with patients/clients. So after completing the Bachelor of Physiotherapy course, the trainee therapists can draw a salary starting from 15k to 30k. The salary given to the therapists is not the same; it can vary on various factors, including the college he/she chose, their performance during graduation, and internships that have been taken up. Professional physiotherapists are in greater demand since the population has become aware of the benefits of physical therapy. Moreover, expert physiotherapists are also in demand in sports because the national and state-level teams require professional physiotherapists for their sportsperson. The salary graph will go upward while working in the BPT field and gaining enough experience.

Moreover, when the professionals become highly skilled, they will charge Rs. 1500 to Rs. 3000 per session, and could earn Rs. 40k to 60k per month. It can be understood that experience plays a significant role in the healthcare field. Apart from the wage rewarded in the physiotherapy field, the participants are also allowed other perks.

(BPT) Bachelor of Physiotherapy Colleges 

(1) SGT University, Gurgaon
(2) Jamia Millia Islamia University, New Delhi
(3) Tilak Maharashtra Vidyapeeth, [TMV] Pune

(4) St John’s Medical College, [SJMC] Bangalore
(5) School of Paramedical – Bahra University, Solan
(6) Swami Rama Himalayan University, [SRHU] Dehradun

(7) Manipal School of Allied Health Sciences, [SOAHS] Manipal
(8) Sri Ramachandra University / Sri Ramachandra Medical College and Research Institute, Chennai

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