BFM Course Details, Eligibility, Admission, Salary, & Career Scope

Bachelor of Financial Management, or in short BFM course, is a 3-year UG program designed to offer theoretical & practical concepts of financial planning and controlling to help organizations gain a strong financial position. More so, financial management is a must for any business as it reduces operating risks, ensures profit, proper coordination, and foremost stability of the firms.

After obtaining the bachelor’s degree from financial management course, the students can avail themselves of numerous promising and lucrative career opportunities. Financial consultant, accountant, finance manager, International Finance Managers, Management Trainee, etc., are some of the prominent job profiles that come under the domain of financial management.

The candidates aspiring to pursue a career in the financial management area requires certain eligibility. The students should possess a class 12th certificate, logical and analytical minds, the ability to work against odd situations, etc. Besides, students might also need to clear the qualifying entrance exams.

What is the BFM full form?

The Full form of BFM is Bachelor of Financial Management. It is a 3-year bachelor’s degree course that has been designed to impart essential skills to candidates in the discipline of accounting, business, and strategic management. After acquiring significant skill sets and knowledge, students can effectively be involved in the financial planning and controlling of the organizations. It is an emerging field of study.

BFM Course Details- Broader Concept

Bachelor of Financial Management is an undergraduate course in the management field that offers a complete understanding of planning, monitoring, organizing, directing and controlling the capital resources (funds) of the organizations or companies. The course is an amalgamation of topics like capital raising, portfolio marketing, portfolio management and security analysis, corporate finance, etc., which helps bring profit and improve the firms’ financial stability. Besides, the course also focuses on providing knowledge of financial markets, demand and supply, market forces, basic trading, and regulation to the participants. The same 3-years course is gaining popularity these days because new unicorns or companies are being created daily. And these businesses need professionals who could ensure finances to obtain physical resources to carry out production exercises and some essential transactions.

Financial management is an essential part of the companies which plays a major role in determining capital structure, allocation and control funds, monitoring of financial activities, amongst others. The students aspiring to pursue the bachelor of financial management course would ensure that they must have certain essential qualifications. The requirements for the BFM course includes class 12th certificate, ability to persuade the customers, communication skills, so on.

Moreover, the advent of new organizations has increased the demand for professionals to maintain the companies’ financial position in the corporate world. The individuals will be involved in maximizing wealth, preparing the capital structure, reducing operating risks, ensuring proper utilization of finance, etc. The course opens a wide range of career opportunities for the right candidates, including financial consultants, accountants, finance managers, International Finance Managers,  Risk and Insurance Managers, several others.

Key Highlights of B.F.M. Programme

BFM Full Form: Bachelor of Financial Management

Degree: Undergraduate

Eligibility Criteria: Class 12th Standard from a recognized institute

BFM Course Duration: 3 Years

Employment Roles: Finance Manager, Accountant, Credit Manager, Risk and Insurance Managers, etc

Fees for BFM Course: 2lacs to 15lacs for the entire course

Salary for PGPM Graduates: Starting Salary is around 2-6 Lakh p.a.

Who can Study the Bachelor of Financial Management Course?

The demand for such finance courses in the cut-throat competitive corporate world has now been increased as every day new firms or companies are emerging. This has made the individuals study and pursues a career in the field. These days, millions of students are aspiring to take up the business, management, and finance courses in India and around the world. Even the bachelor of financial management has become one of the most opted programs after Bachelor of Management Studies. Students are running behind to pursue the business, management and finances courses. However, these disciplines of study require certain qualifications from the candidates.

Students, whether aspiring to pursue a career in Bachelor of Business Economics or Post Graduate Program in Management, will have to fulfil the basic requirements. Similarly, the Bachelor of Financial Management program also required certain eligibility from the applicants. It is advised to the students that every university/college have set different policies for the course, so the requirements needed for the BFM course change from university to university. The eligibility criteria in general for the financial management courses are enlisted below:

(a) BFM aspiring students must have a 10+2 certificate in any field from a recognized board of education.

 (b) Also, students who graduated in any field can pursue this popular BFM course. Candidates appearing in the final year and interested in studying the discipline can also take up the course.

(c) The students belonging to the unreserved category should have at least 55% aggregate marks and 50% for reserved candidates. The minimum marks requirement may differ from institute to institute.

(d) It is also noted that few colleges do have a certain age limit for admission to the respective course.

Top Entrance Exams for B.F.M. Program

There is no shortage of colleges for providing a platform to study the course, but to get admission into the desired colleges, students would require to overcome all the constraints set by institutes/colleges. Actually, one of the important requirements to study in the designated institute is clearing the qualifying entrance exams. The reputed institutes offer admission on the basis of ranks obtained in the respective entrance exams. Enlisted below are popular entrance exams that provide a gateway to study the BFM course:   

(a) Aligarh Muslim University Entrance Exam

(b) Mumbai University Entrance Test

What are the Admission Processes of B.F.M. Course?

Several prominent colleges offer admission to the students to study the bachelor of the financial management programme. But, to get admission into the program, the individuals will need to meet certain requirements. Even you will encounter various similarities in the admission of BFM course and other undergraduate management courses. To clarify, the admission process to various UG programmes can either be done through merit-entry mode or through entrance-entry mode. The process of getting admitted to study the Bachelor of Financial Management course is no exception; students find seats in colleges based on valid ranks in the qualifying entrance exams. Mentioned below are steps to take up the course through entrance scores:

(a) The very first step of the students is to decide which colleges they are interested in.

(b) Then fill in the application form of the entrance exam demanded by the colleges/universities. Documents, photos, mark-sheet, and other details must be inserted in appropriate sizes and formats.

(c) Scoring good marks in the entrance exam is a must for the participants because the report is prepared on the basis of marks obtained in the respective exams. So, it is advised that the students get good marks in the qualifying entrance test to enter into the reputed colleges.

(d) If students make it good in the entrance tests will proceed with further processes. They might be called for a personal interview or group discussion.

(e) The applicants will last get entry into the colleges after successfully clearing all the steps. 

Skills a Student Should Possess While Pursuing the BFM Course

Enlisted below are some of the essential Skills and Qualities that are required to pursue the Bachelor of Financial Management Course:

(a) Analyzing and Logical Skills: The professionals working in the field do several kinds of research and analysis to get the best result. So without having analytical and logical minds, students could not find the effective result from the raw data, information, and numerous resources. It is a must for the students to have.

(b) Good Communication Skills: This discipline requires those candidates who can effectively persuade and attract customers. Therefore, it is a must for the students to have it or acquire it.

(c) Basic Marketing and Sales Skills: Students should have basic marketing and sales skills before applying to the BFM course.

(d) Problem-Solving Ability: Financial Management is a discipline of study that provides knowledge on how to make a profit for the organization or company, and in this journey, students encounter several problems. So, problem -solving ability of the students help them to deal effectively. 

(d) Critical Thinking: This ability plays a major role in dealing with real-world situations, as it helps to infer the problems and properly work on them. 

(e) Writing and Presentation Ability: It is a must for the candidates aspiring to make a career in the management, finance and Business area.

Apart from the above-mentioned skills and abilities, students do also require to have confidence, the ability to work against the odds, be self-motivated, positive attitude, self-determine, and several others. These qualities will anyhow help students to become unique in the stiff competition. 

Bachelor of Financial Management Course Syllabus

Bachelor of Financial Management is a three-year bachelor’s degree course that focuses on providing financial skills, including framing financial policies, determining capital structures, allocation of financial resources, so on. Managing finance is the first and foremost objective of any business or company, and without it, the businesses will be collapsed. With keeping this, the bachelor of financial management course has been brought to produce professionals who could stand as a pillar of the companies or organization. The professionals working in the field make proper financial planning to overcome the obstacles coming in the company’s growth and hence ensure stability and optimal profitability.

Under the course, the participants do an extensive study of Financial Management and Control, Financial Analysis and Planning, Indian Financial Services, Working Capital Management, Corporate Finance, Portfolio Management and Security Analysis, and several others. The study areas of the course are spread evenly to offer essential knowledge and skills like monitoring, organizing, planning, directing and controlling the capital resources of an organization/ company. The formulated syllabus provides theory-based study along with hands-on exposure to the participants, which include the following:

Particulars of Bachelor of Financial Management Curriculum

FIRST YEAR OF BFMBusiness Environment
 Principle of Investment
 Financial Accounting
 Micro-Economics 1
 Principle of Business Management
 Management Accounting
 The Environment of Financial System
 Macro-Economics 2
 Statistical Application
 Business Ethics
 Debt Marketing
 Business Laws
 Taxation for Investments
 Equity Market 2
 Corporate Finance 1
 Organizational Behavior
 Corporate Finance 2
THIRD YEAR OF BFMDerivative Markets
 Mutual-fund Market
 Foreign Exchange Market
 Portfolio Management
 Global Capital Markets
 Computer Applications in Financial Services
 Corporate Governance
 Project 1
 Project 2

Note- These aforementioned subjects of Bachelor of Financial Management only constitute an indicative list. The syllabus can differ from college to college.

Fees Structure of Bachelor of Financial Management

The colleges offering Bachelor of Financial Management course charges different amounts of fees, depending on location, campus placement, faculties of the university, and several others. Though, the average costs asked by the colleges for the BFM course is 50k to 3.25lac per annum. The students must choose the colleges wisely before pursuing Bachelor in Financial Management. The figure I have provided you is just in a generalised form of fees structure, and it may differ in actuality.

What are the Advantages of Pursuing BFM Programme?

Bachelor of Financial Management or BFM is a three-year UG course provided to individuals to make an asset of the growing corporate industry. Businesses need such professionals who could bring adequate profit and stability to the companies or organizations. Students pursuing the course are provided with the concepts of modern financial trends along with traditional ones. The participants also can avail themselves of the substantial number of benefits hidden under the course. Some of the crucial advantages participants learn along the way are listed here:

(a) Under the course, students learn how to do effective financial planning and control for the organizations or companies. With proper financial planning, the companies could reduce the emerging risks in the current dynamic market.  

(b) The participants gain an in-depth understanding of how to make a strong financial position of the company by creating growth and development programs with securing adequate funds and utilizes at the time of any crisis. 

(c) The course also offers enough skills, knowledge and hands-on exposure to the participants to be able to become entrepreneurs.

(d) The course also helps candidates to enhance interpersonal growth, like verbal ability, presentations, leadership, patience, empathy and several others.

Job Profiles of BFM Course Graduates

Students graduating with a bachelor in Financial Management program can find innumerable rewarding career opportunities in India and worldwide. But, to emerge as a specialist and avail themselves of lucrative jobs, candidates will need to embrace a variety of skills, including persuasive power, logical and analytical ability, and a high personality rating. Some other crucial skills and experiences that they must have after pursuing the course are interpersonal ability, positive attitude, patience, leadership ability, entrepreneurship, ability to make decisions & analysis, and amongst others. Along with these abilities and skills, the participants can easily climb up the success ladder. Enlisted below are some of the rewarding career opportunities to take up after acquiring the right skill sets and academic qualifications: 

(I) Accountant

(II) Financial Asst. Manager

(III) Financial Controllers 

(IV) Credit Managers

(V) Research Analyst

(VI) Directors and Managing 

(VII) Financial Consultant

(VIII) Finance Manager

(IX) Finance Manager

(X) International Finance Managers

(XI) Risk and Insurance Managers

(XII) Treasurers and Finance Officers

(XIII) Project Coordinator

Career Prospects after Pursuing BFM Course

Students after pursuing the Bachelor of Management course can go for higher studies. Enlisted below are some of the courses they can pursue:

(a) MFM (Master of Financial Management)

(b) Delhi University Arts Exam

(C) MBA (Master of Business Administration)

Top Colleges for BFM Course in India

Listed Below are some of the colleges to pursue the bachelor of Financial Management course in India:

  • Narsee Monjee colleges of Commerce and Economics, Mumbai
  • Institute of Management- Christ University, Bangalore
  • Andrew College of Arts Science & Commerce, Mumbai
  • Symbiosis College of Arts and Commerce, Pune
  • Joseph College Of Commerce, Bangalore
  • Lady Shri Ram College for Women, Delhi
  • Shri Ram College of Commerce, Delhi
  • Loyola College, Chennai
  • Xavier`s College, Mumbai
  • Hindu College, New Delhi

Salary of Bachelor of Financial Management Graduates

The Bachelor of financial management course offers rewarding career opportunities along with handsome annual salaries. The starting salary of the graduates ranges from 2Lakhs to 4Lakhs per annum for job profiles like Research Analyst, Finance Manager, Management trainee, international finance managers, and several others. More so, the salary of a graduate can vary depending on the job profile and the sector they choose. The remuneration of financial management graduates will go up after gaining experience, skill sets and higher academic qualifications, and it could be around 8-13lakh per annum.

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