Full Form- PGDBA, BSM, MBA, BHM and Other Management-Related Courses

Updated March 4, 2022

Findings true meaning and full form of various management-related courses like PGDBA, MBA, PGPM, etc., is must for the students because lakhs of individuals are management aspirants. They prefer management courses because it helps in achieving their goal in a cinch way. So, it is necessary for the candidates to have a concise understanding of management specializations.

Therefore, I’ve come up with various management courses full-form that will provide students exact meaning, save their time and even simplify their verbal communication. The PGDBA in its full-form will be Post Graduate Diploma in Business Analytics that deals specifically with analyzing business data and taking intelligent action on it. While the complete form of PGPM, PGDM is a Post Graduate Programme in Management and Post-Graduate Diploma Program for Management that deals explicitly with leadership qualities, managerial skills, and organizational equilibrium in the domain of management.

What is PGDBA Full Form?

The Full form of PGDBA is Post Graduate Diploma in Business Analytics. It is a PG-level Diploma course that specifically deals with Business Analytics. The PGDBA is a residential program offered by prominent institutions like IIM Calcutta, IIT Kharagpur and ISI Kolkata. Being a popular course in the analytics industry, PGDBA offers students a unique combination of theoretical and practical learning. Moreover, the course promises a chunk of knowledge and skills to the students, which include Business Data Acumen, complete insight into Statistics, Machine Learning and Computing, and the contemporary development in the analytics domain.

The PGDBA Course encompasses numerous vital subjects for the students to get a complete insight into the very domain. Business Data Mining, Statistical Structures in Data, Regression and Time Series Models, Marketing Management, etc., are some of the crucial subjects of the Postgraduate Diploma in Business Analytics program. Students bitten by business analytics bugs can take up the course after obtaining a graduate degree from a designed university and must have secured at least 60% marks. 

Advantages of Pursuing PGDBA Course

The PGDBA is an industry-driven course that promises a way into the fast-growing data science and analysis field. It will help students gain numerous significant expertise and skills to hold a prominent job in the domain. Some of the advantages explicitly visible on pursuing the course are detailed below:

(a) Beneficial for Business-minded Candidates

The PGDBA course is equivalent to full-time MBA courses. Therefore, any working professional or student who wants to opt for the course can clutch it without any trouble. If students are having problems in pursuing the course on a regular basis can also take up the program through a distance basis course. The PGDBA is designed to impart all the essential qualities required to hold prominent positions in the analytics domain.

(b) Working Professionals can Enhance Their Market Value

The course helps professionals enhance their skills and practical experience to climb up the success ladder. In essence, skills and expertise are the two factors responsible for taking any individual to greater heights of success. Therefore, any individuals wanted to sharpen their skills by sticking to their job at the same time can take up the PGDBA course. 

(c) Handsome Remuneration

The remuneration provided to PGDBA graduates is lucrative. Whether they are working in the government or private sectors, experienced professionals in the business analytics field are being paid handsome annual salary packages. The average remuneration paid to the graduates is at least was 20lac per annum, and they even avail themselves of other perks and benefits.

(d) A Plethora of Career Opportunities

There is no dearth of career opportunities for the students who graduated with a Post-graduate diploma in Business analytics. There are multitudes of career options available in the government and as well as private sectors. Some of the popular job profiles are Business Analyst, Predictive Analysis Professional, Data Scientist, Management Analyst, Consultant, Logistician, Project Manager, Market Researcher, Data Management Operator, Sales, and Market Analyst, Relationship Manager, Customer Service Analyst, System Analyst, and several others.

(e) Self Growth:

Students can see the changes in themselves after pursuing the course. They might definitely find an improvement in their confidence, public speaking skills, and communication.

Who can Study PGDBA Course?

The PGDBA course has been highly valued by professionals as well as students in India. They opt for the course because it is short duration and helps students propel their career paths. This course is not only studied by students from management but students from B.E./B.Tech, MBBS, Bachelor of Architecture, etc., also take up PGDBA course. It is so because this course upskills the participants’ skills and expertise by giving advanced training and education.

Moreover, the course is offered jointly by IIM Calcutta, IIT Kharagpur and ISI Kolkata University. These three institutes contribute their share in properly offering the program. The ISM institute helps students gain expertise in statistical and machine learning methodologies for analytics. On the other hand, IIT Kharagpur will impart knowledge and training on the technological elements of business analytics, and IIM Calcutta will train the students to apply analytics theories in different spaces.

The course has been carefully designed to provide a holistic concepts and understandings of the field of analytics and data science along with hands-on exposure to the industry in the form of 6 month-long internships. The students aspiring to pursue the course need to meet some essential eligibility. Preliminary requirements on the part of aspiring candidates include the following:

(a) Applicants are required to have completed graduation or post-graduation course either in 10+2+4, 10+2+5, or 10+2+3+2 format.

(b) The candidates must have scored the minimum marks desired by the institutes. Students from the open category will need to have secured at least 60% of aggregate marks or 6.5 CGPA on a scale of 10 points.

(c) And the students belonging SC/ST/PwD category will need to ensure that they have scored at least 55% of aggregate marks or 6 CGPA on a scale of 10 points. 

(d) Aspiring candidates currently in the process of finishing their qualifying degree and examinations are also eligible to take up the programme. However, they will need to furnish the required documents during the commencement of admission.

(e) There is no age limit to pursue the PGDBA programme.

How to Study the PGDBA Course (Admission Process)?

When students meet the eligibility for the PGDBA (Post-Graduate Diploma in Business Analytics), then they will register themselves in the course application. The admission process for the post-graduate diploma in Business Analytics is as follows:

(a) The students first check the official website of the PGDBA programme.

(b) Read carefully all the instructions displayed on the website’s screen and proceed accordingly.

(c)  Register your name before filing the application form. Upon completion of the registration, you will get a unique registered number, which you must note down. 

(d) Following registration, you will proceed with filling application. There, you must put all the details carefully, pay the application fees, and also take out a print of application form.

(e) Students must keep the printout with themselves safely, which may require during the entrance exam and admission process.

(f) If students clear the qualifying entrance exam, then they will have to appear in the personal interview, and written ability Test (WAT)

(g) The overall scorecard of the participants is made on the basis of performance in the Entrance exam, PI, WAT, and Academic Performance.   

What is the Need of PGDBA and other Management Courses Full Form?

Enlisted below are some of the advantages of PGDBA and Other Management Courses full Form:

(a) The full forms of these management abbreviations are given to students to make them familiar with and improve the basic meaning of management degrees.

(b) Also, management courses are highly sought-after career options among management-driven candidates; therefore, it is really required to have a concise understanding of the courses.

Full Form and Details of PGDBA, MBA, and Other Management Courses

Management courses are the most opted course among the candidates. To take up the course, participants must fulfill the basic qualifications and clear entrance tests. Some of the most prestigious entrance exams that provide a gateway in pursuing management programs include the CAT, XAT, the SNAP exam, CMAT, and several others. Like other management programs, students will have to clear entrance to study the (PGDBA) or Postgraduate Diploma in Business Analytics. The competition in this field is cut-throat. But, with determination, persistence, and hard work can help you clutch the course in a cinch way.

Along with the PGDBA full form, several other management courses full forms are also necessary for the students to learn and mug up. I have made listicles of several management-related abbreviations, including PGDBA, MBA, PGPM, PGDM, etc., that will help students have a concise understanding of the management specializations.

 (1) BBA Full Form: Bachelor of Business Administration

(2) BBM Full Form: Bachelor of Business Management

(3) BMS Full Form- Bachelor of Management Studies

(4) Full Form of B.Com (Management): Bachelor of Commerce (Management)

(5) {BBA+DBA (Specialization)} Long Form: Business Administration plus a Diploma in Business Administration-

(5) (BBA+ GDBM): Long Form: Bachelor of Business Administration + Graduate Diploma in Business Management-

(6) B.CAM Full Form: Computer Aided Management

(7) (BCA + EMBA) Long Form: Bachelor of Computer Application + Executive Master of Business Administration

(8) BBE Full Form: Bachelors in Business Economics

(9) BHA Long Form: Bachelor of Hospital Administration

(10) Full Form of BSM: Bachelor in Sports Management

(11) Long Form of BHM: Bachelor of Hospitality Management

(12) MBA Full Form: Masters of Business Administration

(13) PGDM Long Form: Post Graduate Diploma in Management

(14) PGDBA Long Form: Post Graduate Diploma in Business Analytics

(15) PGP (Management) Full Form: Post Graduate Program in Management

(16) M.Com Full Form: Master of Commerce

(17) Full Form of MCM: Master in Computer Management

(18) PGDBM Full From: Post Graduate Diploma in Business Management

(19) MFM Long Form: Master of Financial Management

(20) MHM Full Form: Master in Hospital Management

(21) M.Phil (Management) Full Form: Master of Philosophy in Management

(22) Full Form of EPGP: Executive Post Graduate Program

(23) MMS Full Form: Master of Management Studies

(24) Full Form EVM: Master of Event Management

(25) MBS Long Form: Master of Business Studies

(26) BMS Marketing Long Form: Bachelor of Management Studies in Marketing

(27) Full Form of BFMBachelor of Financial Management

Questions Mostly Asked About PGDBA Full Form  

Q. Is PGDBA Better Than MBA?

Ans- No, you can’t say it, as every Management program has its own role in the corporate world. Wherein PGDBA is specifically dealt with business analytics to help students gain core concepts of the discipline, on the other hand, the MBA program focuses on business administration and covers various areas of business administration.  

Q. Is PGDBA Exam Easy?

Ans- Yes, students can easily clear the PGDBA exam with proper preparation. Though, the questions asked every year in the PGDBA exams vary in terms of difficulty. Verbal Ability, Logical Reasoning, Data Interpretation, Data Visualization, and Quantitative Aptitude are the sections from which questions are prepared.

Q. Is PGDBA Considered as Masters?

Ans- No, PGDBA is not a master’s degree but a certificate course.  

Q. Is PGDBA and PGDM same?

Ans- No, both the courses deal with the different studies of discipline. PGDBA Long-form is Postgraduate Diploma in Business Analytics, whereas PGDM stands for Post-Graduate Diploma in Management.

Q. Is PGDBA good course?

Ans- Yes, PGDBA is a good course for the students aspiring to make career in the business analytics field.

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