Blogging Career in India- Role, Education, Salary, and Jobs- Comprehensive Guide

Updated November 9, 2022

Blogging career in India is something that is growing at an incredible rate. It is one of the best career choices for people of every age group, who want to become independent from a very early age or prefers flexible work schedules.

According to data research done by the social media company “We Are Social”, 8% of Indians, or roughly 100,000,000 people, utilize the internet and only percent of this number are involved in blogging.

However, 65% of millennials in India are speedily learning about the potential of blogging. If you are using the Internet and still unaware of this amazing career opportunity, don’t worry we are here to help you.

Let’s discover why this sector is so popular and how you may establish one of your own. Now, read this article attentively to clear all your doubts related to the blogging career in India.

Who is a Blogger?

A blogger is a person who posts content to a weblog or other online platform. Bloggers create, edit, upload, and share the content found on their websites or blogs.

People who work as bloggers produce content, services, and goods for their intended market. Basically, they share their knowledge and experience or whatever they know with the audiences.

There are millions of blog articles available on the internet which is increasing rapidly day by day. The beauty of blogging is that you don’t need any educational qualifications or degrees to start it.

It’s not like other jobs to work in a fixed time. You will your own boss if you become a blogger. There is no fixed age to start or choose this beautiful career option.

The only thing you’ll need to become a blogger is to master any skill that you love. For example: If you love playing guitar, then learn the guitar theory, techniques, and everything from basic to advance.

Starting a blog website is very easy but the success you want from it is totally dependent on your skill. So be enough skillful to solve the queries of your audiences.

Of course, creating high-quality content is not the only and most important part of blogging but it is no less than that.

That’s why I talked earlier being an expert in any field that you love the most, will automatically help you create high-quality content. So overall, we can say that almost everyone can become a blogger.

Why Blogging Career in India is not Preferable?

The Indian blogging industry has experienced a stormy rise in recent years but it most definitely has drawbacks. Here are a few elements that contribute to blogging being a chore in India.

Awareness: In India, blogging is mostly famous amongst millennials. Due to a lack of awareness and reluctance to learn, the older Indian population sees blogging as just a hobby with no ideal impact.

Study Pressure for Students: Most student bloggers struggle to manage their schoolwork and give some time to create contents that generate meaningful income. School and college pressure make their routine hectic. As a result, they quit blogging or become inconsistent.

Quick income from Job: Everyone in India lives by the motto, “Study hard, obtain a decent job.” If a good job isn’t offered to you, go out and find one.

Everyone just wants a job, whether it’s good or bad. Because they have devoted several years of their lives to studies to get a job and make money as quickly as possible.

Family Pressure: The majority of traditional Indian families educate their kids to work for the government or in a for-profit company. As a result, discussing entrepreneurship becomes somewhat taboo. In families like this, breaking from tradition could result in complete rejection.

Aspiring bloggers from these families always try to work secretly to avoid being caught. Due to immense family pressure, sometimes they give up their dreams entirely of becoming bloggers.

In any case, you’ve seen evidence there that Indians can and still do make a fantastic living by blogging despite these difficulties. Why can’t you do it if they can?

Is Blogging a Good Career in India?

I’ll try to be sincere here. Since I’ve been blogging for the past 7 years, and I am well aware of the requirements for bloggers in India.

To be honest, as many of you presume, making a career out of blogging is not easy. Well! There is a misconception that anyone can start a blog and make a tonne of money overnight. But that is not true.

Of course, it’s not too late to start blogging. Although, the industry is growing so fast that if you miss the opportunity to establish yourself as a full-time blogger then you’ll have to face more competition.

The most important thing to get success in blogging is to be patient and work hard because there is no shortcut to becoming successful overnight. In fact, nothing in this world is easy.

So yes, if you are passionate about writing articles, want to become your own boss, and can spend time on the computer without getting then this is made for you.

How Much do Bloggers Earn in India?

Well! earning money through blogging has so many aspects. You can’t say that there is only one fixed way to earn money. Also, there is no fixed salary like jobs in blogging if you are running your own blog.

How much money you’ll make is dependent on the traffic of your website. The more you’ll draw visitors to your site the more money you’ll make.

If you are working under other websites or blogs like a job then you’ll definitely get a fixed amount of salary.

A normal blogger in India might make between $100 and $10,000 per month, whereas famous bloggers might make between $20,000 and $60,000 per month.

Few bloggers make between $5,000 and $10,000 on average, with the majority making between $500 and $1000.

To get enough traffic that converts to money, Indian blogger needs to keep reinventing themselves and enhancing their articles.

15+ Proven Ways to Make Money Through Blogging

1. Display Google Ads
2. Make Money with Affiliate Marketing
3. Use a WordPress Advertising Plugin to Sell Ads Directly
4. Create Restricted Members Only Content

5. Create a Private Forum
6. Sell Sponsored Blog Posts
7. Get Paid to Write Reviews
8. Create a Paid Business Directory

9. Host a Paid Webinar
10. Offer Freelance Services
11. Start an Ecommerce Business with WooCommerce
12. Create a WordPress Event Calendar With Paid Submissions

13. Sell ebooks on WordPress
14. Sell Online Courses
15. Create an Amazon Affiliate WordPress Shop
16. Make an Auctions Website

17. Develop WordPress Plugins
18. Accept Donations

Most Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is Blogging Profitable in India?

Ans: Yes. Certain professional bloggers make even more money each year than some executive-level employees. Today, blogging is evolving quickly and is becoming recognized as a real career.

Q. Who is India’s No. 1 Blogger?

Ans: Amit Agrawal (

Q. Is Blogging Easy?

Ans: Just keep in mind that setting up a blog is really simple. Every day, thousands of new blogs are launched. Anyone can start a blog in under 5 minutes, but very few people survive for longer.

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