How to Become a Gynaecologist? Eligibility & Admission Process

Updated December 21, 2022

Practising gynaecology medicine is one of the most impressive and intriguing jobs around the world, but it requires several necessary qualifications from you to become a gynaecologist.

Does this intriguing career also attract you? If Yes! Then you should know everything about it & its procedures. Just go through the complete blog and learn everything from process to become gynaecologists to the salary!!

If we talk about Gynaecologists, they are specialists who prevent, treat & diagnose the conditions related to the reproductive tract of females either by medications or surgical procedures. Keep reading the article as it has covered all aspects crucial in the journey to becoming a Gynaecologist!!

What Do You Mean Gynaecologist- An Overview? 

A gynaecologist is a specialized medical professional who treats & diagnoses female patients suffering from complications related to reproductive organs. The reproductive tract includes the uterus, fallopian tubes, ovaries and breasts. It could be a worthy medical profession for individuals longing to provide healthcare services to patients.

Talking about the same, Gynaecologists are specialized in both ways of treatment, either medication procedures or surgical procedures. They can offer several kinds of reproductive and sexual health services, which include but are not limited to pelvic exams, Pap tests, cancer screenings, and testing and treatment for vaginal infections.

Who can be a Gynaecologist?

To become a gynaecologist, one has to complete all the degree, training process and gain skills & requisite competencies. It is because they are a medical professional who plays a significant role in maintaining the health of the female reproductive system & anatomy. Therefore, having qualifications and, most importantly, skills & abilities are prominent.

You or anyone else always want to see doctors who are specialized in the gynaecology discipline, so the demand for gynaecologists around the world is enough for the budding medical students. If you are also interested to become a Gynaecologist in India, you are in the right track.

How to Become a Gynaecologist in India?

The journey of becoming a gynaecologist is long & arduous. Essentially, students go through several examinations, training, and internships in order to get certification to practice surgical treatment as well as medicine. If you are also in the same tract, then you must devise the strategies properly to hit the target.

The most vital degree you have to obtain to be a gynaecologist is a Doctor of Medicine or MD in Gynecology. However, the journey of becoming a gynaecologist does not end here; the participants would also require to embrace several skills & extensive knowledge of the subject. And in order to do so, they should have to pursue residency, DM or MCh program in the same discipline.

Given Below are the steps to become a Gynaecolgist in India:

Step 1: Complete Intermediate Examination

The stepping stone for medical students who wish to become a gynaecologist begins from the intermediate level. Here, individuals must opt for PCB subjects in their 10+2 so that they will come out to be eligible to take the NEET-UG entrance exam. Apart from being eligible for NEET-UG, you would also require to secure at least 50-60% of aggregate marks in the 12th board.

Step-2: Crack NEET-UG Entrance Examination

In order to be on track with your journey to becoming a gynaecologist, one has to clear the NEET-UG test. It is one of the highly competitive examinations in India, which requires you to do hard work, with full determination & perseverance, to score a decent or qualified score.

Lakhs of students fill out the application form for the entrance test every year; therefore, students in this field must prepare themselves adequately to crack the examination with stipulated marks.

Step- 3: Complete MBBS Degree

If you could make it to the entrance test, it would be an outstanding achievement for you. Upon cracking NEET-UG, you will proceed with the counselling process to get admission into the MBBS degree. 

The MBBS degree is 5 years long, which helps you to understand several disciplines like microbiology, pathology, ophthalmology, and so on. It will make your foundation & lead you to choose a speciality in post-graduate courses.

Step- 4: Obtain One Year Internship

Following an MBBS degree, you would have to go for a one-year internship. It has been designed for good measure of the participants as it builds skills and understanding of the disciplines.

Step -5: Qualify for NEET-PG or Equivalent Entrance Exams 

In order to study particularly about the Gynaecology discipline, one has to crack the NEET-PG test. Studying gynaecology at the post-graduate level is prominent to becoming a gynaecologist or doctor.

Therefore, participants will have to attempt with the same zealous as you gave in the NEET-UG entrance examination. Upon qualifying for this entrance test, you will be eligible to pursue MD or MS in Gynaecology.

Step- 6: Obtain MD/MS in Gynecology Degree

Obtaining MD/MS in Gynaecology is not the end of the journey to becoming a Gynaecologist. However, the degree in the discipline will help you to embrace the requisite skills, abilities, & comprehensive knowledge to practice. The MD/MS in Gynaecology is usually a three-year course in India.

Step-7: Senior Residency Program

It is vital to complete a three-year residency program before starting your independent practice in any hospital or institution. This program will let you gain essential practical skills, experience & abilities under the supervision of senior doctors and specialists. It is a must for the participants to become a Gynaecologist.

Popular Courses to Become Gynaecologist

Upon completing the MBBS course & one year of internship, participants have a variety of options to select and make a career in Gynecology. Before pursuing the programs, it should be better to know every ins & outs of the courses so that you can evaluate yourself accordingly. If you want to become a Gynecologist, here are some of the finest courses to consider:

(P.G.D. in Gynecology and Obstetrics) Postgraduate Diploma in Gynecology and Obstetrics: It is a two years programme that makes the individuals to be skilled in obstetrics (pregnancy & delivery), gynaecology (female health) and reproductive medicine. For this significant course, you should have obtained your MBBS degree.

M. S. in Obstetrics & Gynaecology: It is three years course that has been designed to create competent medical professionals in Obstetrics & gynaecology field with appropriate expertise. In order to be eligible to pursue this course, you must have completed your MBBS degree with stipulated grades.

Diplomate of Medicine (D.N.B.) in Gynecology: Among many finest post-graduate courses, D.N.B. in Gynaecology is one of the programmes that lead you to become a gynaecologist. Having an MBBS degree is a must for aspiring students. 

Doctor of Medicine (M.D.) in Gynecology: It is also a three-year programme, and you must have completed MBBS to be considered for admission.  

Expenses to Become a Gynaecologist!

Numerous medical colleges are available that train participants to become a gynaecologist. But one thing to be remembered is that they charge different amounts of fees for the programme. The private institutions lay more charges than government-funded institutions.

If you cannot afford to pursue Gynaecology in private institutes, you better work hard and qualify for the NEET-UG entrance exam with the required marks. Only a high ranking on the test will guarantee you a spot in a government-funded university or institute. The fee structure of private institutions is too expensive, which makes it difficult for ordinary students to fulfil the desire to become a gynaecologist.

Cost to Pursue MBBS

As the cost for private colleges and government colleges is different, individuals going to pursue an MBBS degree from government medical institutions would have to expend at least 3-4 lacs. Moreover, the individuals will incur more expenses if they are not staying at home.

In private medical colleges, the fee for the MBBS course is manifold high from the government institutions. Notably, the students can incur expenses of at least 50 Lakhs to 1 Crore for a 5-years MBBS course.

Cost to Pursue MD or MS courses

In pursuing MD or MS in Gynecology from government medical institutes, the students will have to bear fees of around 1 lakh to 1.5 Lakhs, excluding the hostel, transport, food & other small expenses. While pursuing the same from private governed institutes, it would cost you a way higher.

Career Prospects After Completing Gynaecology Courses

Upon completing gynecology courses, individuals can lay their hands on demanding career opportunities like Obstetricians, gynaecologists, and Reproductive Medicine Specialists. They are different specializations of gynecologist which could be held after gaining skills, abilities, degrees & of course, years of experience.

Considering the complexity of the female reproductive tract and the normalcy & abnormalcy of pregnancy usually females encounter, gynecologists are in great demand. The majority of the female group want to see gynecology specialists or doctors instead of a general physician for their suffering. You will explore work at private hospitals, government hospitals, educational institutes, or even start your own practice. Upon obtaining a senior residency program & holistic knowledge, you can establish your own clinics and practice the medicine.

Average Salary of a Gynaecologist

When individuals possess MD/MS in Gynecology along with experiences, they would be in a position to grab promising gynaecologist profiles in any employment setting. More so, you can make a killing earning from this lucrative & gratifying job profile. 

A gynaecologist’s monthly earnings will range from 5 to 40 lacs per annum, depending on the education & expertise. The young doctors could make around 4-6 Lakhs per annum. However, with experience & gaining more skills and knowledge of the discipline, this would go far.

It is a field of learning and applying every day to satisfy the patients with resultant services. Technology keeps evolving, and new things keep coming every day; therefore, learning and embracing should be kept going even after completing your degree. This obviously helps you to be highly specialized and garner abundant experiences.

Where to Study Gynecology Courses?

Studying at the finest institution will be a great advantage for the students as it offers quality education, better learning ambient, and many more. But finding the most suitable university or college is difficult and clumsy work. Here, I have compiled a list of some of the top schools, universities, and institutes in India.

(I) Christian Medical College, Vellore
(II) King George’s Medical University, Lucknow
(III) AIIMS (All India Institute of Medical Sciences)
(IV) Armed Forces Medical College, Pune, Maharashtra

(V) Maulana Azad Medical College, New Delhi
(VI) Lady Harding Medical College for Women, New Delhi
(VII) University College of Medical Sciences, Delhi
(VIII) D. Y. Patil Medical College, Mumbai

(IX) SMS (Sawai Man Singh) Medical College, Jaipur
(X) GMCH (Government Medical College and Hospital), Chandigarh
(XI) Institute Of Medical Sciences Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi

Top Universities for Gynecology in the World

Among many of you may also plan to study Gynecology abroad, but it is necessarily crucial for you to target the country in which you are interested in studying. Since each country has its own entrance or aptitude exams for the program, therefore knowing everything earlier will help you to devise the strategies properly. Given below are some of the top universities around the world:

(I) Maastricht University
(II) University of Sheffield
(III) University of Cambridge
(IV) University of Edinburgh

(V) The University of Auckland
(VI) University of Nottingham
(VII) University College London (VIII) The University of New South Wales
(IX) National University of Ireland, Galway
(X) University of Oxford

FAQs on “How to Become a Gynaecologist”

Q. How many years does it take to become a gynecologist?

Ans- The minimum years it would take to become a proficient gynaecologist is 12-13 years.

Q. Is Neet required for gynecologist?

Ans- Yes! the NEET Entrance exam is essential for individuals who wish to study gynaecology affordably from government-funded institutes & become a gynecologist. However, several universities also conduct their own entrance test for Gynecology courses.  

Q. Is Gynaecology a good career?

Ans- Yes! Undeniably, being a gynaecologist is one of the most responsible and gratifying job profiles around the world.

Q. What is the qualification of a Gynaecologist?

Ans- The journey of becoming a Gynaecologist is long and arduous, which requires you to obtain at least an MBBS, internship, MD/MS in Gynecology and also senior residency programs. Above all, participants can even pursue fellowships programme to gain more specialized skills and knowledge of the subject.

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