MSc Chemistry Jobs: Top Recruiters, Employment Sectors, Scope & Salary

Updated October 18, 2022

With scope in ISRO & DRDO too, there is no dearth of MSc Chemistry Jobs in marketplace. In fact, the discipline of chemistry is though challenging but extremely rewarding. Thousands of us enroll for MSc Chemistry every year in the hope of landing a good job but skeptical about career avenues ahead. Let me clarify you that the Jobs for MSc chemistry do not only include Chemists & Scientists, but there is much more beyond.

Plenty of Jobs with handsome packages are offered to Postgraduates in Chemistry by various Industries like Chemical Industry, Pharmaceutical Firm, Biotechnology Firm, etc. And, hiring could be for many different job positions viz. Chemist, Clinical Research Associate, Lab Assistant, Toxicologist etc.

It’s no overstating that MSc Chemistry has immense scope of study and career together. The basic eligibility for MSc Chemistry is a BSc degree and average fee might range between Rs. 20k to 2 Lakhs per annum. Upon successful completion of this PG program in Chemistry, the graduates can get job positions to easily make between 4 to 10 Lakh Per annum.

Employment Sectors for MSc Chemistry Jobs

Obtaining an MSc degree in Chemistry opens up doors for various career opportunities to the candidates. After completing the program, freshers can explore employment opportunities in both private as well as government sectors. Some of the prominent employment sectors that offer Jobs after MSc Chemistry Course are as follows.

  • Agricultural Firms
  • Chemical Industries
  • Biotechnology Firms
  • Forensic Laboratories
  • Academic Institutions
  • Pharmaceutical Companies
  • Oil and Petroleum Industries
  • Medical Research Organizations
  • Research and Development Firms
  • Government and Private Hospitals
  • Cosmetic Manufacturing Industries
  • Manufacturing and Processing Industries

Top Recruiters for MSc Chemistry Graduates

Various renowned firms offer numerous jobs to MSc Chemistry freshers every year. Being the way to comprehensive career scope, these companies provide numerous employment opportunities to the graduates with handsome salary packages and help them accelerate their career growth. Enlisted down are some most common recruiters that offer Jobs for MSc chemistry graduates.

  • Vinati Organics
  • Aarti Industries 
  • TATA Chemicals             
  • Fineotex Chemical
  • Bodal Chemical Ltd.
  • Camlin Fine Sciences
  • Allen Career Institute
  • Fairchem Speciality Limited
  • Aakash Educational Institution
  • Oriental Carbon and Chemicals

Top Profiles in MSc Chemistry Jobs

There is a wide scope for MSc Chemistry graduates in the Pharma industry, Research labs, Laboratories, Medical Colleges, etc. Post pursuing the program, Graduates can bag various decent Jobs in these industries. Candidates must ensure skillsets like critical thinking, attention to detail, problem-solving ability, technical ability, numeracy, etc. Below are some of the most popular jobs after the MSc Chemistry Program.

  • Chemist
  • Chemical Analyst
  • Quality Controller
  • Biomedical Chemist
  • Production Chemist
  • Analytical Chemists
  • Laboratory Assistant
  • Healthcare Scientists
  • Academic Professional
  • Materials Technologist
  • Food and Drug Inspector
  • Research & Development Manager
  • Health & Environment Safety Specialist

Salary for Master of Science in Chemistry

Several MSc Chemistry jobs are available for the postgraduates. Post pursuing the program, the average salary received by them ranges between Rs. 4 to 10 Lakhs per annum. Their earnings vary depending on factors like job profile, experience and recruiters. Shown below are the average salaries range of top MSc Chemistry Jobs. The data below is only for reference, but the actual salary may differ.

  • Chemist:- Rs. 9 to 10 Lakh Per Annum
  • Toxicologist:- Rs. 8 to 9 Lakh Per Annum
  • Lab Assistant:- Rs. 4 to 6 Lakh Per Annum
  • Analytical Chemist:- Rs. 5 to 7 lakh Per Annum 
  • Clinical Research Associate:- Rs.  6 to 8 Lakh Per Annum  
  • Pharmaceutical Sales Executive:- Rs. 5 to 7 Lakh Per Annum   

Scope After MSc in Chemistry

Apart from being a professional by taking up Jobs in industries and academic institutions, a wide scope is also available to MSc Chemistry students. Post completing the MSc, you can choose to engage in research work and practice as a scientist.

You can also consider pursuing a higher degree in the related field such as: MPhil Chemistry & PhD Chemistry. These advanced programs help the candidates enhance their knowledge and career prospects regarding jobs and recognition. Accomplishing these advanced programs, candidates can opt for academic professions and research projects.

So, How Does a PG in Chemistry Fare in Job Market?

Needless to say, the MSc graduates in Chemistry have wide scope of employment. The Sectors that hire these MSc graduates are from across the economy. Be it Agriculture, Chemical, Space, Aviation or Biotech; every sector needs some Post graduates. Of course, requirement for B.Tech Chemical is more than graduates in chemistry but doing MSc is worth it.

If you aspire pursuing MSc Chemistry program, you must be either a BSc Chemistry or BSc in related disciplines from a recognized institution. Usually, the admission to the program is based on your score obtained in the entrance exam conducted by top Universities of India like Delhi University, Jawaharlal Nehru University, Banaras Hindu University, etc.

Mostly Asked Questions on Jobs after MSc Chemistry

Q. What are Jobs after MSc Chemistry?

Ans:- Plenty of jobs is offered to the MSc Chemistry graduates in various roles such as Synthetic Lab Scientist, Content Creator, Assistant Professors, Online Mentor, Solid State Chemistry Expert, Research Scientist, etc.

Q. What is the Scope of MSc Chemistry?

Ans:- MSc Chemistry promises huge career scope to candidates. After completing the course, candidates can work as professionals in Pharmaceutical Companies, Laboratories, Research Centers, Medical Colleges, private clinics, etc. and also opt for the teaching profession as a professor or a teacher.

Q. What is the Salary of MSc Chemistry Teacher?

Ans:- The average salary of Chemistry Teachers in India ranges between Rs. 3 to 12 Lakhs depending on their experience and institution for teaching.

Q. Which Branch of Chemistry is the Best for MSc?

Ans:- Although every learning is best in its way, some courses guarantee better career growth, including MSc Organic Chemistry, MSc Medicinal Chemistry, MSc Analytical Chemistry, MSc Molecular Chemistry, and MSc Biochemistry.

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