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Updated June 8, 2022

The Doctorate of Medicine in Endocrinology or DM Endocrinology is a 3-year post-doctoral & super-specialty course that has been designed to produce competent endocrinologists to treat and diagnose the glandular system related complications & diseases.

The glandular or endocrine system of the human body deals with glands and connected organs that secrete hormones to regulate the numerous physiological activities, stress, temperature, mood, and others. Studying this specialization of medicine has great importance in the medical field.

What is DM Endocrinology Full Form?

The DM in Endocrinology Full Form is Doctorate of Medicine in Endocrinology. It is a 3-year super-specialty course that deals with diagnosing and treating endocrine system-related complications & diseases. The individuals who practice this medicine are called Endocrinologists.   

What DM Endocrinology is All About?

The DM in Endocrinology or Doctorate of Medicine in Endocrinology is a post-doctoral degree that spans over 3-year. Studying DM in Endocrinology has great importance in the medical field. It resolves several issues occurring due to an imbalance in hormone secretion. The major problems you can find are diabetes, bone problems, pituitary conditions, thyroid conditions, sexual problems, some neurological problems, appetite and obesity, cancer, etc.

Hormones play a major role in our everyday survival, controlling temperature, mood, and stress. Apart from these, they have a major contribution to controlling a wide range of physiological activities, such as growth, sugar regulation, appetite, development, bone growth, puberty, level of alertness, etc.

Essentially, the course has been designed to provide all such knowledge and hands-on experiences related Endocrine system to resort to every kind of disease & complications propagating through it. Apart from providing the theoretical part, the course also helps them to be embraced some soft skills and abilities to lead a great career ahead.

Doctorate of Medicine in Endocrinology: Eligibility Criteria

This post-doctoral degree doesn’t require complicated qualifications from aspiring candidates. The students having a strong desire and have completed the graduation with 55% of aggregate marks can pursue the course. There are several other standard requirements for the program which are demanded by the universities/institutes. The following is the list of some common eligibility criteria to take up and enhance skills in the discipline.

(a) If you are aspiring to pursue a DM Endocrinology course, you must have done your 12th in the science stream, specifically Physics, chemistry, and Biology as the compulsory subjects.

 (b) You must have obtained an MBBS degree in Endocrinology or other disciplines from a reputed institution.
(c) Also, students are eligible to study the program when they have obtained a post-graduate degree (MD in General Medicine or Pediatrics) along with 55-60% scores.

(d) Clearing the entrance test is the most essential criteria for providing admission into the program.
(e) Work experience also plays a critical role in providing a seat in the institute.   

Eligibility Criteria for Abroad Universities

The students who are interested in pursuing the Doctorate of Medicine in Endocrinology course from foreign universities would require to meet the same academic qualifications as in Indian universities. Apart from academic credentials, a few more requirements like the English proficiency test, LOR & SOP document, etc., are needed in order to pursue the course. The elucidated below are the eligibility criteria for the doctorate of medicine in Endocrinology program:

(a) Must have a bachelor’s degree in medicine like MBBS, etc., from a recognized medical council of India.
(b) Also, possessing a good score in English proficiency exams like IELTS, TOEFL, etc
(c) Work experience is an important factor in offering DM in the Endocrinology program.
(d) Letter of reference (LOR) and SOP are needed for the doctorate of medicine in endocrinology

Popular Entrance Exams for D M Endocrinology Course

I am sure you must be interested in pursuing the DM Endocrinology program at a reputed institute. But, to study the program at a recognized university, the students will have to clear the entrance tests at either the national level or university level.

Getting to a reputed institute is not a piece of cake; it requires true determination, perseverance, and hard-working ability. There are several recognized institutes in India as well as abroad providing the DM Endocrinology program. Here is the list of some entrance exams that are conducted to offer reputed colleges to the candidates.

(a) Banaras Hindu University Entrance Exam
(b) All India D.M / M.Ch. Entrance Examination
(c) Delhi University Super Specialty Entrance Test
(d) All India Institute of Medical Science Entrance Exam (AIIMS)

How to Get Admission into D M Endocrinology Program?

Getting admission to DM in the Endocrinology program is not a complicated or complex pathway. The students having the requisite qualifications like an MBBS degree, post-graduate degree, entrance test scorecard, etc., can apply for the Doctorate of Medicine in Endocrinology course. I have pointed out the common approaches to help you in the way of getting admission to the program.

 Entry on the basis of Entrance Examination

(a) The most crucial step to getting a Doctorate of Medicine in Endocrinology course is choosing the institute you would like to study at.
(b) Following that, you’ll have to fill out an admissions form to take the exam such as PGIMER ChD, AIIMS, OR NEET SS,.

(c) Once you’re finished filling out the application form, you must take the entrance exam. Most importantly, you must be able to score an impressive score on the exam since admission is solely based on your score on the test.

(d) The authority in question will announce the applicants who have passed the cut-off point. If you are included in the listing, you could be invited to an in-person discussion or interview where your skills will be assessed.

(e) Being successful during the GD/PI test is also an essential stage in getting into this D M Endocrinology course because it will also be considered in the admissions procedure.
(f) After Being done with all phases, you will then be required to submit the original hard copy of the documents requested by your university.

What are the Syllabus & Subjects of DM in Endocrinology?

Endocrinology is one of the most fascinating disciplines to study. In fact, the domain inspires those peers who have a strong empathy towards patients, a caring personality, a humble attitude, etc. Such things even have a crucial role in heading a progressive career in the field. In this journey, several other critical aspects are important to make the individuals as competent and proficient. 

More so, in order to develop the participants into competent & skillful personnel, the course comprises several vital theories, practical, research papers, thesis, and others. In the running paragraph, I have mentioned the subjects & syllabus of the program to provide you a road map.

Particulars of Doctorate of Medicine in Endocrinology Curriculum

ThyroidParathyroid Gland
Growth and MaturityCalciotropic hormone and bone metabolism
Diabetes MellitusAdrenal Gland and Adrenal Hormones
Neuroendocrinology and Pituitary DiseaseReproductive Endocrinology and Sexual Function in males and females
Endocrine Tumor SyndromesCardiovascular Endocrinology
Obesity, Anorexia and NutritionImmunology and Endocrinology
Endocrine changes in critically ill patientsClinical Epidemiology
Endocrinology of PregnancyEndocrine involvement in other medical disorders and management of disorders
Hormone assay proceduresMedical Audit
Relevant radiological and nuclear medicine aspectsClinical, Laboratory and basic research including statistical methods
Relevant theoretical aspects of surgical endocrine proceduresComputer databases for delaying with Endocrine disorders
Anatomy, Physiology and lab methods of EndocrinologyMedical Nutrition

Doctorate of Medicine in Endocrinology: Course Fees

Numerous universities in India & abroad allow admission to this Doctor of Medicine in Endocrinology course, but after meeting the qualifications demanded by such universities. In addition, the institution that offers a DM degree in endocrinology charges different prices depending on the institution, its faculties of instruction, its administrative authority, and its location. The costs to complete a Doctor of Medicine in Endocrinology program at various institutions could be as affordable as Rs.20k up to 2lac each year.

Career Prospects & Jobs After Completing DM Endocrinology

There is no dearth of promising and rewarding career opportunities for the individuals holding the degree of Doctorate of Medicine in Endocrinology. But, honestly, they would require to have embraced with requisite soft skills, theoretical knowledge, hands-on experiences, and others to get any desirable job opening. The students having a doctorate degree in Endocrinology can find a gratifying job either in private or in government as per their choice. Frankly, the opportunities for the medical personnel are available more in private than the government employment settings. The pointed below are the most popular career choices in the Endocrinology field.

(a) Medical Officer
(b) Endocrinologist
(c) Diabetologists
(d) Clinical Leader
(e) Assistant Professor
(f) Drug Regulatory Director
(g) Endocrinology Consultant
(h) Medical Coding Trainee
(i) Medical Transcriptionist

Major Employment Settings for DM Endocrinology Graduates

This domain deals with several conditions & complications related to the gland systems. It’s a new and relatively infant stage, which has yet to discover several other aspects. Thus, it has the potential to expand and cover numerous opportunities for the students holding a Doctorate degree in Endocrinology. Some of the excitable employment spaces are listed below:

(a) Academic Institutes
(b) Private Clinics
(c) Government Hospitals
(d) Private Hospitals

Where to Study the Doctorate in Endocrinology (Colleges)? 

Selecting a reputable college or university is an essential step for any aspirant. The reputed institute provides ample opportunities, better learning ambient, proper training experience, and others to help you grow as a competent & proficient medical personnel. Besides, it will also help you imbibe critical skills, decision-making skills, the ability to work under pressure, etc., to stand out in the market. Below is the list of the top colleges that offer a Doctorate Degree in Endocrinology:

Institutes/Colleges in India

(a) Guwahati Medical College and Hospital
(b) Dr. NTR University of Health Sciences
(c) Maharashtra University of Health Sciences
(d) Sanjay Gandhi Postgraduate Institute of Medical Sciences
(e) The Tamilnadu Dr. MGR Medical University

Institutes/Colleges in Abroad

(a) University of Maryland
(b) University of Massachusetts
(c) The University of Sydney
(d) University of Oklahoma
(e) The University of Manchester
(f) Johns Hopkins University
(g) Stanford University
(h) University of Liverpool

Salary of the Individuals Completing DM in Endocrinology

A doctorate degree in Endocrinology develops the participants into highly efficient and competent, which creates high chances of placement in Super Specialty hospitals in and outside India. The average salary of a DM endocrinologist in India alone may range from Rs. 10- 15 lakhs per annum. The salary of these medical personnel in the USA, UK, and AUS may be manifold.

Nevertheless, when these top qualified medical personnel enter their own clinical settings, they can earn manifold. The average charge of DM Endocrinologists is quite attractive.

To sum up, a doctorate in Endocrinology can lead to many promising and lucrative careers. The only thing that could hinder you from pursuing a career in the field is the lack of instinct to serve the people.

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