Career as a Food Stylist- Job Role, Skills, Salary & How to Become?

A Food Stylist is a professional person who enhances the presentation and aesthetic appeal of the food. Food stylists typically focus on the visual display of food products and objects in commercials for the food and beverage retail industry. They collaborate with photographers to produce visually appealing photographs and films of food items.

Food styling was considered a minor aspect of the hospitality sector or a way to satisfy a personal interest. However, it has evolved into a crucial requirement and offers lucrative earning potential while allowing workers creative flexibility and professional advancement.

In India, the job of a food stylist is a developing career pathway. Since the goal of the food stylist is to make the food item appear excellent rather than taste well, they are optional to have outstanding food preparation skills. To improve the product’s visual appeal, food stylists and photographers frequently use inventive methods to include non-edible elements.

What Does a Food Stylist Do?

A food stylist is an expert who makes food appear delicious for photographic objectives. They are responsible for ensuring that the food looks appealing in photographs. To succeed in this industry, one must possess a talent for design and aesthetics.

A food stylist performs with talented cooks to prepare aesthetically pleasing cuisine. They must utilize inventive alternatives to make the food appear appetizing, which may need innovative edible substances. Due to the creativity and imagination of food stylists and photographers, the food images you see on various billboards, periodicals, and films look appetizing.

Types of a Food Stylist

Editorial Food Stylist: An editorial food is a professional who takes pictures of the cuisine that is published in cookbooks, recipe books, newspapers, magazines, and other editorials. They are responsible for taking photographs that depict the recipe, uncooked materials, and other cooking supplies.

Advertising Food Stylist: Advertising food stylists collaborate with marketing groups or advertising agencies. They usually receive a brief from the client and must understand their needs. He or she uses the props, colours, and images suggested by the storyboard.

Web Food Stylist: A food stylist that performs on web-based publications, including blogs, websites, and e-books, could be referred to as a web food stylist. Typically, they only require a little lighting or props. They tend to choose natural light because of how easily it can be put up.

How to Become a Food Stylist?

Step 1: A candidate must have passed 10+2 with a cumulative 50% of marks from any specialization in any discipline, including science, business, the humanities, social sciences, or the arts.

Step 2: Entrance exams are held by many universities and institutes to admit students. In comparison, several hospitality and culinary arts institutes admit students based on their 10+2 percentage test scores.

Food Stylist Entrance Examinations List


Step 3: After passing a 10+2, people are required to register for a culinary or hospitality arts course at the undergraduate level.

Undergraduate Food Stylist Course List

BHM (Bachelor of Hotel Management)BBA (Bachelor of Business Administration) Hospitality, Travel and Tourism
BA (Bachelor of Arts) Culinary ArtsBHMCT (Bachelor of Hotel Management and Catering Technology)
BA (Bachelor of Arts) Hotel ManagementBSc (Bachelor of Science) Hospitality and Hotel Administration 

Step 4: After completing a culinary arts or hospitality course at the undergraduate level, candidates have a wide range of options. Two significant possibilities for them to pursue a career as a food stylist are listed below.

Option 1: You can begin working in the field at an entry-level position after finishing your culinary or hospitality arts undergraduate studies. You can continue your education by enrolling in a master’s degree course in the pertinent specialization after gaining some experience.

Option 2: Aspirants who have finished a bachelor’s degree course can immediately register in a master’s program without taking a break in their academic year.

Postgraduate Food Stylist Course List

MBA (Master of Business Administration) Hospitality, Travel and TourismMHM (Master of Hotel Management)
MA (Master of Art) Culinary ArtsMSc (Master of Science) Hospitality and Hotel Administration
MA (Master of Arts) Hotel ManagementMHMCT (Master of Hotel Management and Catering Technology)

Skills Required to Become a Food Stylist

Knowledge of Colors: A food stylist must have an understanding of colours. They must know the techniques required to make food look prepared for consumption in pictures and films. He or she must know what accessories best match the food’s colour.

Chemistry Skills: For a food stylist, it is essential to have knowledge of the chemicals that will be utilized to make food items presentable. For excellent pictures, they usually need to create fake food or props. A food stylist must know how long food items may last at room temperature before they need to be chilled.

Photography Skills: It is significant for the job of a food stylist. Food stylists must shoot close-up pictures of food items. To shoot it for marketing purposes, he or she must be familiar with camera angles and photographic rules.

Organizing Skills: If you want to pursue a career as a food stylist, you must have organizing skills. They have to perform multiple tasks before planning the shoot. In addition to many other jobs, it entails setting up the demonstration area and other necessary props and accessories for the shot.

Job profiles 

Junior Food Stylist: A junior food stylist is in charge of supporting the senior food stylist. They research appealing colour additions and style suggestions for food items.

Senior Food Stylist: A senior food stylist’s primary responsibilities are managing staff members and other food stylists. He or she is responsible for organizing junior food stylists and delegating tasks to them.

Salary of a Food Stylist 

In India, an entry-level food stylist makes about Rs. 15,000 per month. Professionals with relevant experience in this industry can expect to make between Rs. 30,000 and Rs. 40,000 per month. 

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