MBBS in Ireland for Indian & Other International Students 2022

Medicine is one of the most-opted disciplines around the world, and individuals with a dream to be proficient medicine practitioners with affordable expenses are flocking to different countries. In the same way, students after 12th education also migrate to study MBBS in Ireland.

The MBBS in Ireland requires numerous crucial requirements from the candidates like NEET scorecard, IELTS/TOEFL proficiency certificate & others. Apart from this, the blog contains several other vital essential aspects, so let’s get started.   

Reasons to Choose MBBS in Ireland

Ireland is one of the most appealing destinations for individuals who wish to make a career in Medicine, natural sciences, technology, economics, Medicine, business, and humanities. Therefore, thousands of medical aspirants flock to Ireland universities to pursue MBBS and other specialized courses.

Apart from this, there are many factors that excite individuals to make a medical career in Ireland. Given below are some of the attributing factors in pursuing an MBBS in Ireland:

(a) Innovative & Quality Education: One of the essential factors that compel the students to choose an MBBS degree in Ireland is the quality of education with innovative led studies. This helps the participants to instill enough confidence to stand out among the crowd.

(b) Recognized Universities: Undoubtedly, the Universities of Ireland are recognized by the accredited ranking institutes for providing quality education. Several international establishments like WHO, MCI, IMED, GMC, and USMLE recognize and regard medical education in Ireland as around the globe.

(c) Patient-Centric Degrees: The MBBS in Ireland is primarily focused on the practical experience & skills of the participants. The course ensures the participants to have constant interaction with patients & learn and gain from it.

(d) Career Opportunities: Most applicants migrate to pursue an MBBS degree in other countries in order to have better career opportunities & eventually a graceful lifestyle. Admittedly, flocking to Ireland for an Bachelor of Medicine Bachelor of Surgery degree is no exception. To let you know, upon completing MBBS in Ireland, you can explore outstanding & satisfying job opportunities in numerous Employment settings. Moreover, it offers campus placement and internship opportunities in some of the best hospitals in Ireland.

 MBBS in Ireland is Affordable: The fee structure for MBBS in Ireland is quite affordable when compared to other popular destinations such as the UK and USA.

Who can Study MBBS in Ireland?

Being a prominent & most-opted course, MBBS in Ireland requires numerous standard qualifications or requirements from the aspirants. Talking about the same, candidates, upon meeting all the prerequisite qualifications, can study MBBS in Ireland. The candidates who are on the journey of pursuing MBBS in Ireland must have completed 17years of age, possess a NEET scorecard, IELTS/TOEFL certificate & so on.  

What are the Eligibility Criteria to Pursue MBBS in Ireland?

Having an Intermediate certificate in Physics, chemistry & biology and completing 17th years of age are the most basic & exclusively important eligibility for MBBS in Ireland. For the unversed, the eligibility criteria for MBBS in Ireland vary from University to University, so it’s upon aspirants to carefully check requirements before applying to the course.

Though the qualifications for MBBS in Ireland vary, there are some common requirements that do not change with the change in universities. Let’s have a look at some of the general eligibility criteria for MBBS in Ireland:

(a) The basic & foremost requirement for MBBS is a 10+2 certificate from a recognized board of education. More so, the applicants must have secured a minimum of 60% in Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and compulsory English in their intermediate examination.

(b) Universities in Ireland allow students only on the basis of the NEET scorecard. Therefore, the participants should have been qualified in the National Cum Entrance Eligibility Test with the stipulated marks.

(c) If you are an Indian or Non-English speaking country student, you must possess the IELTS or TOEFL exam certificate as proof of proficiency in the English Language.

(d) As eligibility criteria change with changing universities, some institutes also demand Graduate Medical School Admission Test (GAMSAT) and Health Profession Admission Test (HPAT) along with the NEET scorecard.

Note: Aspirants must visit at least once the official website of the Ireland universities in which they are interested in studying Bachelor of Medicine Bachelor of Surgery degree so that they can get an overview of the requirements needed for MBBS in Ireland.

Cost of Studying MBBS in Ireland

Several factors are taken into consideration while calculating the cost of studying MBBS in Ireland. Transportation & travel, College fees, accommodation expenses, Food expenses, Health insurance & other small components aggregate the expenses of doing MBBS in Ireland. On average, the total amount of Bachelor of Medicine Bachelor of Chirurgiae in Ireland will take you somewhere around INR 25-50 Lakhs per academic year.

However, students coming from other countries are also given discounts on services like exemption in Transport & travel, Scholarships for the students, & others.

(1) Transportation & Travel Expenses:

Ireland is among the most influential and wealthy countries across the globe. So the living standard will be a way higher than your country and eventually expenses on Transport & travel will be more. Indeed, the monthly amount spends on travel in Ireland is around EUR 135.

But, the travel expenses for international students could be reduced by getting a Student Travelcard. It provides discounts of up to 40% on these services as well as at many retail outlets throughout the country,

(2) Accommodation Expenses:

The accommodation expenses mainly depend on the individuals’ lifestyle they wish, personal needs & the location they are living in. Since different students have different requirements, the accommodation amount, therefore, varies accordingly.

If students wish to stay on the campus of the universities, they can choose the same option of completing their MBBS degree. But, it depends on the number of hostel allotment seats.

However, the Off-house campus is also one of the options for studying Bachelor of Medicine Bachelor of Chirurgiae in Ireland. Individuals interested in living a comfortable life can select this option. Here you will cost more expenses than the on-campus option. The students may also live with a host family, which provides a lot of comfort like home.

(3) MBBS Program Fees in Ireland:

The fees for an Bachelor of Medicine Bachelor of Surgery degree in Ireland vary with changing Institutes attributed to many factors. However, the average tuition fees for MBBS in Ireland are somewhere around 25,000 – 47 670 Euros per year.

Scholarships for Pursuing MBBS in Ireland

Undoubtedly, the cost of studying MBBS in Ireland is relatively higher than in your own country. But to reduce the financial impediment to pursuing MBBS for international students, the Ireland government & universities have established several financial assistance programs like scholarships, education loans, and of course, grants.

Therefore, international or Indian students wishing to study MBBS degree in Ireland can rely upon this assistance to minimize expenses burden. Among many scholarships offered by different universities, here are some of the popular scholarships:  

(a) The Government of Ireland International Education Scholarship:

The 60 meritorious students are given scholarships for a period of 1 year under the Government of Ireland Scholarships initiative.

Upon qualifying for the government of Ireland Scholarship examination, you will be provided a 10k Euro stipend for one year of study & a full fee waiver of tuition and registration costs at higher education institutions.

(b) Trinity College Dublin Scholarships:

Trinity College Dublin offers scholarships of various types to students from certain countries. The value of the scholarship varies depending on its type.

(c) Student Universal Support in Ireland (SUSI):

The Department of Education and Skills has appointed a new single awarding authority [Student Universal Support Ireland (SUSI)] for the processing of student grants. It proposes a mandate to insulate the holding costs for nine months of each academic year.

(d) Take off Overseas and Education in Ireland:

Under this assistance, 15 caliber students are selected & paid worth EUR 6000 per student.

(e) Central Bank of Ireland UG Scholarships for International Students:

Central Bank of Ireland for International students offers undergraduate scholarships in order to mitigate the financial burden. Under this scholarship, $29,550 annual salary, 24 days’ annual leave, educational assistance and paid leave, etc.

NUI Galway International Students Scholarships: NUI is committed to offering stipends & even waived-off for Non-EU students if they meet the requirements. The amount varies depending on the scheme, from $2,200- $5,700.

How to Get Admission into MBBS in Ireland?

Any student who fulfills the requirements is eligible to take admission into Bachelor of Medicine Bachelor of Surgery in Ireland. However, the admission procedures for different institutes could slightly vary in terms of eligibility criteria for Bachelor of Medicine Bachelor of Surgery in Ireland. Here are the steps that students must follow to study MBBS in Ireland:

Step 1: Aspirants must visit the official website of the Institutes in which they are interested in pursuing an MBBS degree.

Step 2 – The essential step that comes in the journey of pursuing an MBBS course in Ireland is enrollment in Central Applications Office (CAO). Upon completing this enrollment system, students will be eligible to proceed with further steps.

Step 3 – As an applicant of a non-English speaking country, you will have to take an English proficiency test like IELTS or TOEFL and have to score above the published requirement bar. It has been prescribed that candidates must score above or at least 6.0 in IELTS and 88 in TOEFL.

Step 4 – It is advised to must check the eligibility requirements of the university as some universities also require GAMSAT & HPAT along with NEET scorecard. If universities demand such qualifications, then students will have to take the HPAT assessment test. It measures their logical reasoning skills, problem-solving abilities, and communication levels.

Step 5 – Your last step is to fill out the application form and upload scanned copies of all the required documents.

Questions Mostly Asked About MBBS in Ireland

Q. Is Ireland good for MBBS?

Ans- Yes, Ireland could be aptly considered for taking an MBBS degree as numerous reputed & top-ranked universities in the world are available there. 

Q. How much does it cost to MBBS in Ireland?

Ans- The total expenses an individual will bear to study MBBS in Ireland is around 20k to 48k EURO per academic year.

Q. How much does it cost to study medicine in Ireland?

Ans- The individuals pursuing any medical course in Ireland would cost at least 10k EURO to 55k EURO per academic year.

Q. Is Ireland good for medical students?

Ans- Yes! Ireland is a good place for medical students as various top-ranked institutes are there.

Q. Is Neet required for MBBS in Ireland?

Ans- Yes! NEET scorecard is the foremost qualification for taking & studying Bachelor of Medicine Bachelor of Surgery in Ireland.

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