How to Pursue MD in USA After Completing MBBS in India?

Updated July 6, 2022

Is it your dream to pursue an MD in the USA & become a proficient practitioner of medicine? If yes! Then you must possess the MBBS degree with sound knowledge of the field.

However, pursuing a Doctor of Medicine in the United States demands numerous other essential requirements. The article has tried to cover all the significant aspects one should have while applying to the USA institutes, so keep reading.

Why are the Advantages of Pursuing MD in USA?

Pursuing MD in USA, Canada & other countries is the aspiration of a myriad of Medical students. Factually, thousands of students from India enrolled in the USA institutes for MD courses.

Moreover, no one can ignore the contributions such countries make to producing efficient & proficient medical professions. However, the aspirants choose their way to study Doctor of Medicine in the United States of America because of several reasons. Among many, some of them are listed down:

(a) Finest Education Quality: The finest quality of education is one of the reasons the medical student wishes to pursue the medical curricula in the United States of America & other similar countries.

(b) Better Facilities & Resources: In order to be sprouted into professional medical personnel, the institutions in the USA plated requisites infrastructure to the participants. Unquestionably, the better infrastructure provided to the candidates is another reason that attracts students to study for a Doctor of Medicine in the USA.

(c) Worldwide Recognition: The individuals with MD degrees from the USA have worldwide recognition. You can get a job in numerous promising employment spaces across every corner of the world with fulfilling the standard requirements.

(d) Numerous Career Opportunities: Pursuing MD in the USA has a countless number of advantages. Among the most prominent is getting a lucrative & impressive career opportunity around any corner of the United States of America. However, the aspirants objective of obtaining an MD degree is not only about earning money but also about devoting life to the betterment of the poor and needy one.

Individuals wishing to take up a Doctor of Medicine in the USA can avail of several benefits once they get involved. The advantages written above are just a short glance.      

How much Would Cost to Study MD in USA ?

A question that bothers every student is the cost of a degree one will bear while pursuing the course. If you are also wondering to know the fees for MD in the USA, then you have come to the right place. Well, the fees for a Doctor of Medicine in the USA are around 50,000$ to 10,00,000$, depending on the specialization you have chosen for. However, the scenario of pursuing a Doctor of Medicine in the USA will be different from that of own country.

Undoubtedly, the fees for studying Doctor of Medicine in India will be lesser than MD in the USA. It is so because you will find most of the top-ranked institutes in the United States prominent for bringing the highly proficient professionals.  

Steps to Study Doctor of Medicine in USA

Being a specialized course, Doctor of Medicine requires specific requirements & qualifications from aspirants who wish to study. If you are an aspirant having done or going to obtain their MBBS degree from India will have to overcome various hurdles that come into the journey of completing an MD in the USA. Here are the significant steps that require you to meet for a Doctor of Medicine in the USA:

(a) Complete Your Undergraduate (MBBS) Degree:

The foremost step of any aspirant who wishes to join MD courses in the USA must complete his/her MBBS degree with excellent grades. Having stipulated scores in your academics will have the upper hand & thus can help you to stand among the myriad candidates.

(b) Crack MCAT Examination with Stipulated Scores:

While studying for your MBBS degree, you will have a better chance to start your preparation for the MCAT examination. If you have devised the strategy for MD in the USA all before, you can make it to the milestone easily. Moreover, in case of going to pursue a Doctor of Medicine from India, you should have other crucial documents and test scores along with MCAT Examination. Here are some of the required documents you will have to provide while applying for MD courses in United States Institutions:  

(I) Aspirant must possess English proficiency test scores such as IELTS and TOEFL.
(II) It is mandatory for the international aspirants to submit SOP & LOR documents while applying to the institutes of the USA.
(III) Along with the above-mentioned requirements, you will also need to provide GRE (General Examination Records) General Test Score.

(d) Obtain 4-Years Medical School Certificate

Upon fulfilling all the qualifications demanded by the institutes, you will achieve a great target in your journey to becoming a practitioner of medicine. However, it doesn’t end here; a lot of other to-be come in your big milestone. And among the important achievement is completing the 4-years Medical School.

Notwithstanding, earning only a Doctor of Medicine course is not allow you to become a practitioner. Passing USMLE- I, USMLE- II, & USMLE-III phases are also included in the way of getting the certificate to practice medicine around the country. Enlisted below are the approaches for getting the requisite Medical Certificate.

(1) Pass USMLE-I & USMLE- II (CK)

Before being allowed to practice medicine in the USA, it is mandatory for the participants to clear the USMLE examination. Well, the USMLE exam is done in three phases, among which I & II parts of the test are done before leaving Medical School.

The first part of the USMLE examination is based on the multiple questions covering the basic medical sciences learned in the first two years. And the candidates must clear the examination before entering the third year of MD courses. Talking about the topics asked in the test include anatomy, Microbiology, Pathology, Biochemistry, Physiology, statistics, Behavioural science, Pharmacology, & ethics. 

The second part of the USMLE examination, the students must clear it before entering the 4th year of MD courses. Essentially, the USMLE-II examination is done to access the clinical knowledge of the participants. It covers all of the clinical sciences, including medicine, surgery, Paediatrics, obstetrics and Gynaecology, Psychiatry, forensics, emergency care, ENT, Ophthalmology, tropical health, & of course, ethics.

(2) Finding Residency Along with the Niche

In the final year of the MD course, you will require to submit the application regarding your residency. On considering your application, the authority will assign you to your respective residency. For the unversed, residency is a three to eleven years program where the newly graduated students from medical school receive specialized training under the guidance & supervision of a skilled doctor or experienced physician educators.

(3) Clear USMLE –III (Clinical Skills) Test Along With Residency

The third part test of the United States Medical Licensing Examination is done during the residency program. Once you have completed the stipulated time of residency, you can take this examination.

While the USMLE-III test is conducted, the examinees face ten simulated (‘standardized’) patients – i.e., actors pretending to have specific complaints. The participants are tested on their ability to assess a patient, communication skills, & how they handle the situation. Considering all the components, the concerning authority prepares your assessment & provides you a score.

(4) Obtain ECFMG Certificate

Once you done your residency program & USMLE examination successfully, then after you should have to appear in front of the board regarding your specialization & ECFMG certificate.

Talking about the ECFMG, it is a document that validates your qualifications to practice medicine in the USA. The essential components you should have while taking an active approach to earn the certificate includes the following:

(i) Your Medical Degree and transcript verified by ECFMG (can take a long time)
(ii) Must have passed USMLE – I, II & III
(iiI) Must have cleared TOEFL English examination [Under USMLE- II (Clinical Skills]

(5) Get a State License

After being graduated with MD, earning training, & certification, one also has to receive a state-signed license to practice medicine. As soon as getting a state license, you will be eligible to practice medicine in the USA. 

What are the Popular Institutes for MD in the USA?

Studying any course from a leading institute has its own advantage, and so have MD courses in the USA. In choosing a top-ranked college/university, you can avail the opportunity of international exposure, upscaling skills & other essential qualities. Given below is the list of popular medical schools for M.D. in the USA that can significantly push your career to a desirable level:

<> Harvard University Medical School
Mayo Clinic School of Medicine (Alix)
Columbia University Medical School
Johns Hopkins University Medical School
Washington University in St. Louis Medical School
New York University (Grossman) Medical School
University of Pennsylvania (Perelman) Medical School

Questions Mostly Asked About MD in USA

Q. What is MD called in the USA?

Ans- In medical degree, MD stands for Doctor of Medicine. Therefore, Doctor of Medicine for MD will remain the same everywhere.

Q. Is MD in the USA equal to MBBS?

Ans- Yes, MD in the USA is equal to the MBBS in India. The Doctor of Medicine courses takes 4 years to complete.

Q. Is there MD in the USA?

Ans- Yes, thousands of Indians & citizens of other countries go to study MD (Doctor of Medicine) in the USA every year.

Q. Can I do MD in the USA after MBBS in India?

Ans- Yes, you can pursue MD in the USA after being graduated with an MBBS degree. Even thousands of aspirants choose to take a Doctor of Medicine in the United States of America.  

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