MCh Neurosurgery Course Details, Eligibility, Admission, Salary & Career Scope

Studying any MCh Degree has its own advantages, and so has with MCh Neurosurgery course, offering opportunities to grab a revered position in the society. This is the most opted and challenging medical speciality program concerned with treating neurological impairment & disorders through surgical procedures. And these features of the curriculum attract many medical aspirants to go after.

Moreover, this curriculum being the highest degree in the neurological surgery field, equips the participants with the requisite skills, expertise, attitudes, and advanced knowledge. Obviously, these help them to emerge as proficient and competent professionals who can explore the promising career scopes.  

Key Highlights of the MCh Neurosurgery Course

Tabulated below show the key highlights of MCh Neurosurgery program:

CourseMCh Neurosurgery/ MCh Neurological Surgery  
Full FormMaster of Chirurgiae in Neurosurgery
Mode of AdmissionEntrance Based
Course FeeINR 45k to
Colleges in India(a) JIPMER College, Puducherry, (b) Christian Medical College, Vellore
(c) Armed Forces Medical College (AFMC), Pune, etc.
Colleges in Abroad(a) Monash University, (b) Flinders University, (c) Edge Hill University, etc.
Job profilesneurosurgeon, senior consultant, clinical associate (Neurosurgery), professor, researcher, etc.
Average Starting Salary of the GraduatesAt least 12lacs  

MCh Neurosurgery Course- An Overview

Our nervous system is the most complicated and challenging area of study that requires a well-trained specialist for diagnosing and treating patients suffering from any neurological impairment & disorder. And the students studying such an effective discipline under the MCh Neurosurgery help them equip with all the technicalities, attitudes, and skills needed to emerge as proficient and highly competent professionals. The Master of Chirurgiae is a post-doctoral degree created to train the participants with more advanced skills, abilities, and knowledge in order to provide surgical treatment of the brain, spinal cord, and nerves.

Moreover, this MCh Neurological Surgery system is based on residency training which encompasses requisite theoretical learning and practical experience in this concerning area. Talking about the vital subjects includes Neurology, Neurosurgical Oncology, Neuroanatomy, Neuropharmacology, and others. Learning the significant subjects of the curriculum is not enough for the participants; they also have to submit a research paper to successfully hold the post-doctoral degree.

Who can Pursue M Ch Neurosurgery Course?

The students who have completed MBBS from an MCI-recognized institute can study the course. It is the minimum eligibility criteria for the Master of Chirurgiae (Neurosurgery) course. Students can take up the program in two ways, either after completing MBBS or finishing MS in Neurosurgery. The following points clarify the requirements needed for the MCh Neurosurgery program.

(a) To pursue MCh (Neurosurgery) program, you must have completed an MBBS degree. The students also have the option to go after finishing the master of surgery in Neurosurgery.

(a) You must have obtained your MBBS or MS degree from an institute recognized by the Medical Council of India.

(c) It is necessary to have secured at least 55% marks in the MBBS or MS in Neurosurgery degree.

(d) You will also have to clear the qualifying entrance test, which the institute directs.

Eligibility for Abroad Universities

 If you are wondering to know the eligibility demanded by abroad universities, then here is the list of qualifications that can help you out.

(a) The requirements of international universities for the MCH program are different from those of Indian universities. They can ask for several requisite requirements ranging from International Training Fellowships to taking the specific medical council exam in the country.

(b) You will have to submit the passing English proficiency test like IELTS, TOEFL, PTE, and others

(c) You will also have to provide the SOP or LORs to be eligible to pursue such as course.

Ways of Pursuing M Ch. Neurosurgery Programme

The Master of Chirurgiae in Neurological Surgery is a super specialization and the highest degree program in the same field, which requires some standard academic qualifications to pursue. The minimum educational qualifications include MBBS Degree or MS Degree in the Neurosurgery discipline. Thus, the students have two ways to take up the course, which include after completing MBBS Degree and MS Degree. Besides, one of the vital points to be kept in mind is that you, as an Indian citizen, will need to be registered with the Medical Council of India. However, students outside the country are exempted from it.

Skills Required to Study M.Ch. Neurosurgery Course

The Master of Chirurgiae in Neurosurgery is the highest degree that one can hold in the field of Neurosurgery. So, being the pinnacle of Neuro Surgery, the course demands some specific skills from the candidates, which will make their way of learning amusing and easy. Here, I have made a listicle of skills to make you aware of such things.

(a) It is a must for the aspiring candidates to have an aptitude for Researching

(b) Forward Thinking is a necessary pre-requisite skill for MCh Students-to-be

(c) Empathy for the patients/clients

(d) Such a highly Advance Program will obviously ask you to have an excellent Medical Writing Skill

(e) Practices of Neuroscience and Surgical Techniques

(f) This MCh Neurosurgery is a challenging and super-specialization course, so it will definitely require Patience, Perseverance, and of course determination for such an area of study.  

(g) You should be well aware of the core genres like Nervous System, Brain, Spinal Cord, etc.

(h) Demonstrate Skill in Surgical Practice

Top Entrance Exams for M.Ch. Neurosurgery Program

Several entrance exams are available for aspiring students through which they can get admission into the Master of Chirurgiae in Neurosurgery program. Talking about the same, most reputed universities have their own entrance exams offering access to this specialized MCh course. And, it is a must for the students to clear the qualifying entry tests, which the institute suggests. Elucidated below are entrance exams for the Master of Chirurgiae (Neuro Surgery) Program.

(a) AIIMS (All Institute of Medical Sciences Entrance Exam)

 (b) JIPMER (Jawaharlal Institute of Postgraduate Medical Education and Research) Entrance Test

(c) University of Delhi Entrance Exam SET

(d) SCTIMST (Sree Chitra Tirunal Institute for Medical Sciences and Technology) Entrance Examination

(e) Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham University Entrance Exam

(f) NIMS (Nizam’s University of Medical Sciences Entrance Exam)

(g) KLE University Belgaum Entrance Examination

(h) Sri Ramachandra University Entrance Examination

How to get Admission to the MCh Neurosurgery Porgramme?

M Ch in Neurological surgery is one of the significant specialized courses that can be pursued only after clearing the entrance. You must know that most of the recognized universities conduct their own entrance test to offer admission into the Master of Chirurgiae in Neurosurgery. However, many other universities also provide entry on the basis of several reputed national-level qualifying entrance examinations. Therefore, it should be fixed in your mind that you will have to appear for the entrance test and then also have to score excellent marks in order to study for the program. Here are the general steps to join the MCh Neurosurgery Course.

(a) Your foremost step is to check whether you possess the requisite crucial documents or not. Then proceed with selecting the college you are interested in.

(b) In the following step, check the entrance exam and fill out the application form of the same, which the institute specifies.

(c) The concerning authority will publish the admit card after a few weeks. In the entrance exam, you must be sure to grab an excellent rank. Because the seat of the applicants is determined by the marks, they obtain on the test.

(d) When the result of the exam is declared and you are able to qualify for the cut-off, you will be called for a round of PI/GD.

(e) The final merit list of the participants is prepared based on the PI & entrance exam; therefore, you will have to perform well in both phases.

(f) You will complete a significant milestone after being named on the merit list.

(f) Then, you are needed to submit the crucial documents asked by the institute.

What are the Syllabus & Subjects of MCh Neurosurgery Program?

On the journey of M.Ch. Neurosurgery course, you will be imparted with essential skills, theoretical learning, first-hand experience, internships, and so forth. Basically, this course is tailor-made to suit individuals who desire to do research and boost technicalities knowledge in the Neurosurgery discipline. Along the course, you will get a perfect blend of theoretical learning and surgical practices involved in these areas. You will get an in-depth understanding of diagnosing, preventing, providing surgical treatment, and of course, rehabilitation of neurological disorders.  

Moreover, studying such an impressive and specialized degree will let you embrace crucial technicalities, knowledge, attitudes, and skills in the domain and professionally prepare you for the prominent job roles. You will add understanding of numerous vital subjects ranging from spinal surgery to pain management. Besides, let’s delve deeper into the subjects & syllabus of the program, which have significant roles.

Fee Structure of the MCh Neurosurgery Course

“How much Would Cost to Pursue MCh in Neurosurgery Course?” is one of the questions that keep revolving around the head of an aspirant. So, if you are also curious to know the fees of the course, then I will tell you within this Para. There are several colleges in India and around the world that provide entry to this program and demand a different amount of fees. Actually, the different amount of fees charged by the various institutes depends on several factors, including the governing authority, learning ambient geographical location, infrastructure, and several others. However, the average fees to be paid by students for this course can be around 2lacs to 10lacs. It is just an indicative figure, which could go up or down, depending on the institute.

Job Prospects After Pursuing M.Ch. Neurosurgery Programme 

After getting a degree in M.Ch. in Neurosurgery, the participants will become specialist neurosurgeons. Apart from this, a graduate can go after several other rewarding and lucrative jobs. The following is the list of some popular job profiles along with their salary:

(a) Senior Resident in Neurosurgery

(b) Researcher

(c) Professor

(d) Neurosurgeon

(e) Senior Consultant

(f) Clinical Research Associate

(g) Consultant Neurosurgeon

What is the Difference between Neurologist and Neurosurgeon?

Although these two specialists being widely used in the medical area and diagnose & manage the same neural disorders, they have some distinctions. The primary difference between the Neurosurgeon and neurologist is that while the Neurosurgeon treats the patients with surgical procedures, the Neurologist diagnoses and treats patients’ specific conditions by using medications and other related procedures. To make it more clear, when you visit the neurology department, you will first encounter the neurologist, who will then recommend you to the Neurosurgeon for surgical procedures, if required.   

Top Colleges for Master of Chirurgiae in Neurosurgery program

Getting a suitable college for a challenging and of course, amazing MCh course is the most crucial decision for an aspiring student. It will not only help you to get benefitted in terms of imperative skills and professional knowledge but will also offer you proper ambient of learning and, of course, practices of Neural disorders. The following is the list of some popular colleges/universities for MCh Neurosurgery course in India.

(a) JIPMER College, Puducherry
(b) Christian Medical College, Vellore
(c) Armed Forces Medical College (AFMC), Pune
(d) Maulana Azad Medical College (MAMC), New Delhi
(e) All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS), New Delhi

Universities in Abroad

(a) Monash University
(b) Flinders University
(c) Edge Hill University
(d) The University of Melbourne
(e) The University of New South Wales
(f) Canterbury Christ Church University

Questions Mostly Asked About M.Ch. Neurosurgery Course

Q. Can I do MCh after MBBS?

Ans- Yes, it is a post-doctoral degree that can be pursued either after finishing the MBBS degree or after completing the MS (Master of Surgery) degree

Q. What happens after MCh in Neurosurgery?

Ans- The M.Ch. in Neurosurgery is the highest degree in the Neurological surgery field. After pursuing the degree, you can grab opportunities like a neurosurgeon, senior consultant, clinical associate (Neurosurgery), professor, researcher, and others.

Q. How do I become a neurosurgeon MCh?

Ans- The candidates aspiring to become neurosurgeons with having the degree of MCh will have to finish the Master of Chirurgiae in Neurosurgery program. It could be pursued by fulfilling the minimum academic qualifications like MBBS Degree or MS degree in Neurological surgery.

Q. What does an MCh degree mean?

Ans- The MCh Full Form is Master of Chirurgiae, which is a super specialization course in the surgery field.

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