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Updated January 3, 2023

In political context, MLC full form has to do with Member of Legislative Council. I am sure you must have heard of the term MLC either during elections or the TV debates. Strangely, the election to MLCs is not through public electorate and the provisions for these political officials are only in 6 states of India, presently. The term MLC has to do with other fields such as legal. Read on to explore at greater details.

In Indian polity, some of the states have bicameral legislature body, much like the parliament of the Union. Similar to the upper house of the parliament (Rajya Sabha), few states have their own upper house namely Legislative Council. And, to the members of this Upper House in the State Legislature, we call Member of Legislative Council or MLC.

The instant article aims throwing light on what MLC is, MLC Full Form, Tenure of Legislative Council & MLCs, Power & Functions of MLC, Eligibility to become MLC, constitution of legislative council etc. Additionally, the states having provisions of bicameral legislature and Hindi meaning of MLC are also part of the subject matter.

MLC Full Form in Hindi

राजनीतिक परिप्रेक्ष्य में MLC का Full Form होता है- ”Member of Legislative Council (मेम्बर ऑफ़ लेजिस्लेटिव काउंसिल)”, हिंदी में इसे विधान परिषद के सदस्य कहते है।  विधान परिषद का गठन सविधान के अनुच्छेद 169, 171(1) और 171(2) के तहत किया गया है।

विधान परिषद उन राज्यों के विधान मंडल का अभिन्न अंग है जहाँ द्विसदनीय विधायिका का प्रावधान है। इन विधान परिषद के सदस्यों का चुनाव आम जनता के द्वारा नहीं होता है। बल्कि, विधान परिषद के सदस्य को स्थानीय निकायों, राज्यपाल, स्नातक और  शिक्षक, तथा  राज्य विधान सभा के सदस्यों द्वारा 6 साल के लिए चुना जाता है। केंद्र के राज्य सभा की तरह विधान परिषद् भी कानून बनाने वाली एक स्थायी संस्था है जो सरकारों के बदल जाने के बाद भी भंग नहीं होती.

विधान परिषद की निरंतरता को सुनिश्चित करने के लिए, इसके कुल सदस्यों में से एक तिहाई सदस्य हर दो साल में सेवानिवृत्त हो जाते हैं, उसके बाद फिर दोबारा से नए सदस्यों का चुनाव कर लिया जाता है।

How is an MLC Elected?

1. Election Mechanism: Election Process of MLC adopts proportional representation by means of a single transferable vote.

2. Size of Council: The maximum size of the Legislative Council could be one third (1/3rd) of the membership of the State Legislative Assembly. On the lower side it cannot have less than 40 members. These members (MLC) only elect the Chairman and Deputy Chairman of the Council.

3. Composition: The constituting legislative council appears accommodating talents in law making body who are otherwise left behind in general elections of the state.

#One third(1/3rd) has to be elected by the members of local bodies such as municipalities, Gram panchayats, Panchayat samitis and district councils.

#One third (1/3rd) is to be elected by the members of Legislative Assembly (MLA). Sitting MLAs cannot be chosen.

#One sixth (1/6th) has to come through nomination by the Governor. And, the grounds could be significant contributions in fields of literature, science, arts, social services etc.

#One twelfth(1/12th) are elected by the registered graduates residing in the state for a min. of 3 years.

#One twelfth (1/12th) are elected by the teachers who have rendered at least three years of service in state institutions not lower than secondary schools.

Eligibility to Become an MLC

To become a member of the Legislative Council, it is necessary for a person to have certain qualifications, which are as follows:

(a) The candidate must be a citizen of India.
(b) Person must be at least 30 years of age.
(c) Must be mentally sound and the right decision-maker under all circumstances.

(d) The candidate must have his name on the voter list of his village or city.
(e) An MLC candidate should not be a member of the Legislative Council and hold government office simultaneously.

So, these are some of the basic parameters which one should qualify on, if he/she is willing to become a member of the Legislative Council. If you have all these qualifications, you can contest for a member of the Legislative Council.

In which state of India the Legislative Council is Present?

Obviously, not all the states follow the bicameral system. The reasons are diverse including criticism of expenditure burden on the state despite having no significant roles of MLCs. Currently, only six states of India have a Legislative Council in their legislature body.

As on date only 6 states viz. Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Maharashtra, and Telangana are having their legislative councils. In recent years, the states like, Rajasthan, Assam, West Bengal and Odisha have passed resolutions for their respective state councils but it is up to the parliament to give a nod.

There were other states including Assam & WB in the past who were having their state legislative Councils but were abolished. Creation and abolition of these legislative assemblies is in hands of parliament.

For the most part, wanting to have state councils is alleged for political motivations and the moves to oppose such resolutions too. The creation, revival and abolishment of state legislative councils have always caused an outcry in political quarters. And, given the very limited jurisdictions of MLCs under constitutional provisions an elaborate study as to need of councils is need of time.

Size of Legislative Councils vs Legislative Assemblies in States

SrStatesNo. of MLCsNo. of MLAs
1Uttar Pradesh100430
5Andhra Pradesh58176

Powers & Functions of Legislative Council (LC)

Legislative Powers: (i) Ordinary Bills can be moved in either of the houses. (ii)In Non- money bills or ordinary Bills, it plays part in legislation of the Bill. It Can modify, reject, send for reconsideration to assembly or simply delay the process. (max 3 months)

Financial Powers: Can delay for suggestions up to 14 days

Executive Control: Limited Powers like: asking questions and supplementary questions.

On the face, this might put you under illusion that the MLCs have power but in fact, they have very limited. Suggestions of their house, the Legislative Council may be accepted by the state assembly or may not be.

Of course, like MLAs they also get the Local Area Development (LAD) funds which is an equivalent status with MLAs.

Sitting in Law making house and keeping tab on what Assembly is doing and influencing the decisions at the personal level is only thing they can do at most.

A very capable political leader and MLC but having lost the general election, some how, can also rise to the chair of Chief Minister. This is one great thing about an MLC

Interesting Insights on Power of MLC (Inadequacies Mainly)

(i) Powers of MLC are very limited
(ii)Their collective decisions can be overridden by the Assembly [The council has the following choices concerning a bill: To pass the bill, To reject the bill, To amend the bill, or Not to take any action on it; Consider the bill for the second time. But all these options can be overridden by Assembly]

(iii)Limited power in legislation of ordinary Bills but no power in Money Bills
(iv)They cannot vote for election of President and Vice Presidents
(v)No effective say in the ratification of a constitutional amendment bill.
(vi)Cannot Dissolve or make a government

(vii) MLC Cannot take part in no-confidence motion against Council of Ministers
(vii)They exist till the wish of Assembly. Assembly can pass resolution for abolition of legislative council (although, parliament has to finally approve it)
(vii) MLCs are not on equal footing with MLAs
(vii) Unlike Rajya Sabha of Union, Legislative Council of state is very weak chamber of power.

Full Form of MLC in the Medical Field

MLC Full Form in Medical – Medico Legal Cases

Be it an injury out of an assault or out of a road accident, the sufferer has to have some reports by doctors to fight for justice or a compensation. These cases outcome of which rely on the medical reports are Medico Legal Cases (MLC) and the reports are Medico Legal Certificate (MLC).

Its not that a person sustaining injury caused by someone, goes directly to the police station but instead goes to the hospital. In such a situations, doctors are supposed to make a medical report by recording the nature and extent of injury along with certifying the weapon used. Essentially, these medical documents have crucial role in the legal proceeding against the offenders.

Accordingly, in the medicine, the full Form of MLC is taken as Medico-Legal Case. When a person gets hurt during the assault, then a medico-legal certificate is created by the doctors to define that injury. MLC is a very significant document in criminal cases.

Obviously, this document records about how much injury has been caused, by which weapon and in which part of the body, etc. Along with this, the doctor’s opinion is also reported in this document, basis which the police make up the case.

In other way round, whenever the complaint of a case related to assault reaches the police station, the police have to get the MLC done before writing the FIR. It gives a better idea of ​​where the complainant has been hurt and how much. Accordingly, the penal section are also invoked.

Long Form of MLC in Other Fields

SrExtended form of MLCField
1Mid Life CrisisMedical & Health
2More or Less CrapDeals, Assessment
3Multiple Level CellComputing
4Music Learning CommunityVocational/Academic
5Maths Learning CentreAcademic
6Michigan Learning CommunityGeo Vocational
7Multiple Login CheckingNetworking (Computing)
8Multi Level ControlAdministration
9Masters in Language & CommunicationAcademic /Language
10Maritime Labour ConventionMulti- lateral agreements
11Marine Logistics CommandLogistics
12Maximum Legal CarryonLegal/Business
13Medical Licensing CommissionMedical
14Meat & Livestock CommissionVeterinary
15Melbourne Ladies CollegeState Academics

Concluding Words on MLC Full Form

I am sure you must have got a hang of the term MLC in two prominent parlance; the political and medical. As an informed citizen getting conversant with the terminology of MLC in both the contexts makes tremendous sense. The political reference should help you understand a debatable issue. The Medico-legal perspective could help you make out the intricate mechanism of justice delivery.

However, as you have seen, the acronym MLC has much wider applications in practical life. Be it, Logistics, Academics, Agreements, administration or computing, there are many fields where this term finds usage. I just hope that you liked the information and would have no issue sharing the article for others to take benefit from.

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