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Updated November 24, 2022

MPT Neurology [Master of Physiotherapy in Neurology] is a 2-year postgraduate level course that offers study of various diagnosing, preventive and therapeutic procedures and techniques related to neurology. These learnings become crucial in effectively helping patients who have neurological disorders.

The primary focus of the course is to train students to evolve into proficient neurologists so that he/she can help the patients correct and minimize the problems. The students who are interested in pursuing an M.P.T. Neurology course will have to meet specific eligibility criteria, including graduation from the B.P.T. program, ability to work under pressure, strong-decision makers, to name a few.

After fulfilling basic qualifications, candidates will be eligible for admission to the course. But, to get entry into the reputed colleges/universities, it is a must to qualify in the entrance exam. However, some institutes also provide admission to the course through the marks secured in graduation from the B.P.T. programme.

Under the course, the students are taught various core disciplines like Neuro Physiotherapy, Neurosurgical Rehabilitation, Physical and Functional Diagnosis of Neurological Disorders, Physiotherapy in PNS Disorders, to mention a few. The average fees charged by several institutes for the course range from Rs 30k- 2Lakhs. The participants holding this degree will get impressive salary packages.

MPT Neurology Course Details

A Master of Physiotherapy in Neurology is one of the popular courses after graduation from the BPT program. The MPT in Neurology is a two-year post-graduate level course in India that provides diverse experiences and skills related to neurology disorders. Well, neurological challenges are those that affect the spinal cord, brain, and nerves: such as strokes, MS, and Parkinson’s disease. Since it is a sensitive disorder, neurotically injured patients require specialized care for their rehabilitation. The students who graduate from the course will help them to avail jobs in several fields.

The course helps students be experts in the Neurological field to provide effective treatment and care to patients suffering from neurological disorders. The students are taught various advanced lessons during the course, including  Neuro Pilates, Movement training methods, Ambulatory exercises, Physiotherapy, Application of FES machines in clinics, Posture awareness, Massage Therapy, to mention a few. Apart from that, they are also given various soft skills under the course like building critical thinking, persuasive tone, Patience, and many more. So, on getting a degree in the course mentioned earlier, the students can avail jobs in various renowned career venues.

The MPT programme also offers exciting salary packages to well-qualified and skilled professional Neurologists. The students who have completed their graduation from the BPT program and want to be specialized in Neurology can pursue this course. It increases the students’ practical knowledge and helps them stand out from the crowd. Throughout the course, the students will learn various techniques and procedures of physiotherapy for correcting and minimizing challenges & illnesses. In a gist, the students gain considerable skills and knowledge to treat a variety of impairments and disabilities of the patients.

M.P.T (Neurology) Eligibility

Master of Physiotherapy in Neurology is one of the popular Physiotherapy courses that teach subjects related to Neurological Science. It is most suitable for the candidates that have graduated from the bachelor of physiotherapy course and have a strong feeling of being involved in giving service to the children and old age. It is a 2-year post-graduate program that requires some specific qualifications from the aspirants. Among them are-

(a) Interested aspirants must have completed their Bachelor of Physical Therapy courses from a recognized institute/university.
(b) They must have secured at least 50% aggregate marks in their graduation (BPT Course).

(c) The graduate students must have completed six months of compulsory internships.
(d) Aspirants are also required to qualify in the entrance examination.

Most colleges provide seats in the Master of Physiotherapy in Neurology Course only through the marks secured in the entrance examination. However, very few colleges/universities also offer access to the programme through the marks secured in their graduation. In gist to get admission in the reputed colleges/universities, it is must qualify in the entrance exam. Some entrance examinations are written below:

(a) NEET PG: It is a national level entrance exam conducted to provide admission to PG courses in the medical field. Based on the scores in this entrance exam, the colleges offer admission seats to the MPT course.
(b) IPU CET: IPU CET is an entrance exam conducted at the university level for admission to all PG and UG courses of the university.

What are the Admission Processes for MPT Neurology Course 

The students who have made excellent in their graduation and are interested in advancing their studies to get the most suitable jobs are welcomed to the MPT Neurology course. It is a specialized course that produces professional Neurological physiotherapists to effectively deal with patients suffering from neurological disorders and other challenges.

Students can get admission to the course either through the marks obtained in B.P.T (graduation) or qualifying in the entrance exams. But, before all that, aspirants would have to fulfil basic eligibility criteria set by the institutes. Some of the standards eligibility qualifications include graduation with BPT course and at least 50% aggregate marks,

However, possessing soft skills, having good communication, make you more ready for the job.. So, the candidates are required to have these basic qualifications to pursue a Master of Physiotherapy in Neurology course from the Indian institute. Also, admission involves some processes that the aspirants have to go through. Some of them are:

Admission through Entrance Examination

(a) The students who have made their mind to pursue MPT Neurology courses from the reputed institutes are required to qualify in the entrance exams.
(b) The participants would have to secure above the cut-off marks in the entrance exam.

(c) The candidates qualified in the entrance exam will be called for a counselling procedure.
(d) The counselling procedure usually comprises Personal Interview and Group Discussions rounds.

(e) The candidates will be shortlisted based on their performance in P.I. & G.D. rounds and marks secured in the entrance exams.

Direct Admission to the Course

Some institutes also provide admission to the MPT Neurology course based on the Bachelor of Physiotherapy (graduation) marks. For this entry to the course, the students must have secured excellent grades in the graduation.

The MPT Neurology Syllabus

An MPT Neurology course comprises numerous subjects that offer students to study in the course frame. The students are taught these subjects to make a better understanding and provide course-specific knowledge and skills. Since it is a post-graduate physiotherapy course, the students are offered advanced training and experience.

Some of the essential core subjects that the students will have to study during their post-graduation include Neuro Physiotherapy, Neurosurgical Rehabilitation, Physical and Functional Diagnosis of Neurological Disorders, Physiotherapy in PNS Disorders, to mention a few. These subjects are inculcated in the MPT Neurology course to expand their knowledge and skills that would help alleviate the neurological challenges faced by the patients.

Moreover, the main focus of the course is to train participants to use agents like Posture awareness, ambulatory exercises, Movement training methods, Application of FES machines in clinics, to name a few. They are given advanced lessons so that they can evolve into a specialist physiotherapist and can provide essential therapeutic care to the patients.

Since it is a specialized course, the programme has been spread over two years to adequately impart the knowledge of crucial core subjects to the students. Some of the significant core subjects in the Master of Physical Therapy in Neurology course are as-

Sr. No. Subjects Being offered in MPT Neurology Course
1.Physical and Functional Diagnosis of Neurological Disorders
2.Management and Ethics in Physiotherapy
3.English Language and Communication Skills
4.Clinical/ Journal Club I
5.Neuro Physiotherapy
6.Medical and Surgical Aspects of Neurological Disorders
7.Dissertation I
8.Neuro Physiotherapy II
9.Clinical/ Journal Club II
10.Neurosurgical Rehabilitation
11.Dissertation II
12.Clinical/ Journal Club III
13.Physiotherapy in CNS Disorders
14.Research Methodology and Biostatistics
15.Clinical/ Journal Club IV
16.Physiotherapy in PNS Disorders
17.Review of Core Science

Fee Structure for MPT in Neurology Course

Several colleges in India provide admission to the Bachelor in Physiotherapy in Neurology course. The colleges or institutions charge different amounts on the course to the students. Actually, the fees structure of the MPT course depends on various factors, such as the infrastructure of the institutions, location of the colleges/universities, faculty of the universities/colleges, to mention a few.

The center and state universities charge fewer fees for the course than the private universities. Although, the average fees structure of Master of Physical Therapy in Neurology ranges from Rs. 30k to 2Lacs for the entire course.

Jobs after Pursuing MPT in Neurology Course

Master of Physical Therapy in Neurology is a specialized course that produces professional physiotherapists who can work in complex environments to provide care to patients. This master course is designed to offer various therapeutic procedures and techniques to the students.

And, on graduating, they can apply these experiences and skills to the individual suffering from the nervous system, physical, brain-related problems. It is one of the popularly known Masters of Physical Therapy programmes in India. In recent years, the demand for professional neurology and other physiotherapists has shown an upward graph.

People easily get injured while playing either sports or involved in athletics. Sometimes they encountered external injuries and sometimes internal injuries like the nervous system, blood vessels and brain-related issues. Therefore, it is very important for a sportsperson to get the necessary healing therapeutic care, otherwise, they will be hit hard by the injuries.

So, professional physiotherapists play a significant role in providing the required medications to the injured person. Moreover, ordinary people also suffer from various physical, Nerves, Brain, and veins related challenges, and even they need a specialized Neurologist to help them restore normal conditions.

Therefore, a Master of Physiotherapy in Neurology degree can help participants evolve into expert neurologists who can easily diagnose and treat patients suffering. The interested participants will be happy after providing the required therapeutic care to physically, emotionally, and mentally challenged patients.

They will get jobs in numerous venues, including Colleges & Universities, Content Writing (medical), Hospital Administration, and Military Healthcare Services. However, if the students are interested in making a career as a private practitioner, they can go for it. Following are some popular job profiles that you can get after obtaining a Master of Physiotherapy in Neurology Degree:

(a) Neurologist
(b) Neurology Technician
(c) Neuro Physician
(d) Neurology Consultant

(e) Professor/Lecturer
(f) Clinical Associate
(g) Medical Advisor
(h) Sports Physio Rehabilitator

(d) Physiotherapist
(i) Therapy Manager
(j) Therapist
(k) Quality Analyst

Salary of MPT Neurology Graduates

The MPT in Neurology is a job-oriented course that enables the students to learn various critical disciplines to offer therapeutic care according to the needs of the patients. So after completing the Master of Physiotherapy in Neurology course, the specialised therapists can draw a handsome salary package.

The salaries provided to the therapist are not the same. Their salaries depend upon various factors, including the college/institute they studied from, performance during their graduation, and many more. Professional Neurology physiotherapists are in greater demand as individuals suffer from injuries or troubles one way or another. And they want treatment without consuming any drug. It means physiotherapy is a way to provide therapeutic care to the patients without any drugs medications.

Moreover, specialist physiotherapists are also in demand in athletics and sports because the sportsperson often encounters nervous trouble during their match. A Sports Physio Rehabilitator is one of the job profiles in the sports and athlete sectors. The salary of the neurology physiotherapists will go higher after gaining enough experience.

Moreover, when they become highly skilled, they could earn INR 3lakhs to 10Lakhs. So, it can be said that it is a lucrative and significant course in the paramedical field. Apart from the wage rewarded in the healthcare field, the candidates are also allowed to avail themselves of other perks.

Colleges for Master of Physiotherapy in Neurology in India

(a) Jamia Hamdard, New Delhi
(b) MS Ramaiah Medical College, Bangalore
(c) KIMS Karad – Krishna Institute of Medical Sciences
(d) ISIC Institute of Rehabilitation Sciences, New Delhi

(e) Shree Guru Gobind Singh Tricentenary University, Gurgaon
(f) HIMS Dehradun – Himalayan Institute of Medical Sciences
(g) GGSIPU Delhi – Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University
(h) HIMSR New Delhi – Hamdard Institute of Medical Sciences and Research

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