PGDCA Course Details, Eligibility, Admission, Syllabus, Salary & Career Scope

Post Graduate Diploma in Computer Applications, or PGDCA course, is a 1-year PG level diploma programme that provides knowledge and expertise in programming languages, operating systems, software development, computer applications etc. The course is one of the most sought-after courses among the various computer applications.

Being a popular program around the globe, the course helps the students to embrace all the necessary learning and upper hand that keeps them a step ahead in this tech world. The course entails numerous disciplines of study, including principles of programming, Computational Techniques, Database Management, etc.

The aspiring candidates require specific qualifications to pursue the post-graduate diploma in the computer applications program. The requirements include a Bachelor’s degree from the institute recognized by UGC, secured at least 50% of aggregate marks, etc. Also, the students must have basic knowledge of information technology & computer.   

What is the PGDCA Full Form?

The PGDCA full form is Post Graduate Diploma in Computer Applications. It is a PG-level diploma course that helps students understand computer application, software, and their development. The study encompasses programming language along with Computational Techniques, Database Management, networking, etc. Knowledge of topics like C++, JAVA, Tally, Oracle-VB, Web Designing, etc., are given to the involving students.  

What is PGDCA Course- Broader Picture?

PGDCA or Post Graduate Diploma in Computer Applications is a certificate program of 1-year that provides ample theoretical and practical learning in the field of computer applications, software and their development. It is one of the popular courses in the area of computer application. In the journey of pursuing the PGDCA course, students develop skills related to programming and concepts related to Computer software and its applications. Moreover, it is the foundational course to pursue a master’s degree in Informational Technology. Besides, the course has been designed to provide advanced knowledge of Information technology so that students from diverse fields can find a compatible job opportunity in the industry. The graduates can hold any prominent job profiles among PHP Developer, Web Developer, Java Developer, Software Developer, Head of IT & Infrastructure, etc.

Key Highlights of Post Graduate Diploma in Computer Applications

Full Form of PGDCA: Post Graduate Diploma in Computer Application

Fees of PGDCA course: The students may bear the charge of course around 7k to 1.2lac

PGDCA Course Subjects: Database Management Systems, Operating System, Web Programming, Basic Financial Management, etc.

PGDCA Course Duration: 1 year

Job Profiles: PHP Developer, Senior Analyst, Compensation, Java Developer, Software Developer, Head of IT & Infrastructure, etc.

Salary of PGDCA Graduates: The average salary of the graduates is around 2lacs to 20lacs p.a.

Who can Study PGDCA Course- Eligibility Criteria?

Innumerable colleges in India and worldwide offer admission to study the PGDCA program to the students, but on specific qualifications or requirements. The aspirants interested in learning the course must check every pinpoint eligibility because each institute has a different set of procedures and norms. For instance, while IK Gujral Punjab Technical University has not set any cut-off to offer entry, Dibrugarh University demands at least 40% of aggregate marks for giving admission to study the PGDCA course. Hence, it is advised that students must explore every fine detail of the college before applying. Some of the general eligibility required to pursue the course are mentioned below:

(a) The aspiring students must have completed intermediate from a recognized board of education

(b) To pursue the PGDCA program, students must have completed graduation with the designated institution. In the final year of graduation, candidates can also apply for the programme.

(c) The colleges also asked to have at least 40% of aggregate marks in their graduation degree. However, the requirements of the minimum marks can differ from institute to institute.

Skills an Applicant Should Possess While Applying for PGDCA Course

The PGDCA is the most sought-after course among students inspired by computer science and computer application. Enlisted below are some of the essential skills and qualities that students must have embraced while applying for the study of computer application discipline: 

A Good Communication Skill: This skill is crucial for the individuals involved in such a kind of field. In this area, they require to convince the customers with proper explanation. If someone is not well at communicating with others, they might encounter severe damages to their job.

Basic Knowledge of the Discipline: Students who have basic knowledge of the discipline will easily learn and understand the concepts.

Leadership Quality:  It is one of the most important qualities a student should possess. This quality is required in every field one way or other. You have to lead and manage the members of your group.

Ability to think Out of the Box: The students aspiring to make a career in the field will have to think out of the box. You will have to be creative in the very domain.

Familiarity with the Contemporary Advancement in this Discipline: The students must be well-versed with the current advancement and development in this discipline. It will help the participants in making a promising career in the very domain.

Positive Attitude: One of the crucial qualities for the individuals who are involved in such kind of field

Analytical and Logical Skill: It is a must for the students having the desire to make a career in this area.

Post Graduate Diploma in Computer Applications Entrance Exams

Several institutions offer this PGD in Computer Applications course to the students. The course helps them hold a top-notch career opportunity in the very domain. But before that, students require to meet the qualifications demanded by the institution. The colleges offer admission to study the program on the basis of marks obtained in their graduation or based on marks obtained in the entrance exam. Most colleges provide entry to the students based on the marks secured in their graduation, but some colleges conduct entrance exams to take up the course. Here is the list of some entrance exams conducted to offer admission to the programme:

(a) DUET (Delhi University Entrance Test):

(b) JMIEEE (Jamia Millia Islamia University Engineering Entrance Test):

How can Study the Postgraduate Diploma in Computer Applications?

Like any other postgraduate diploma course, PGD in computer applications also demands specific qualifications from the candidates to study this discipline. The requirements include a graduate degree from any stream, analytical and logical minds, positive attitude, basic knowledge of computer & IT, etc. Moreover, the students have two options to take up and study the course; one is through direct entry mode, and the other is through cracking the entrance exam desired by the institute. Mentioned are admission processes for the PGD in Computer Applications. So, aspirants must check below to know the complete admission process for designated colleges offering the PGDCA course.

Based on Graduation Scorecard

(a) The aspiring candidates must visit the college website and check every fine detail demanded by the institution.

(b) Following, the applicants will require to register themselves by filling out all the requisite details and documents in the appropriate size and formats.

(c) After a few days, the concerning authority will declare the selection list of the candidates who had filled out the application form. The shortlist of the candidates is prepared based on graduation marks.

(d) Candidates who are able to make their name in the merit list could get admission to study the PGDCA program.

Based on Entrance Examination

It is one of the other ways to get entry into renowned colleges. Students will go through all these steps to get a seat in the institution.

(a)  The applicants are required to check the entrance portal providing admission into the designated colleges.

(b) After that, fill in all the details demanded by the concerning authority. 

(c) Following, the entrance examination authority will conduct entrance to select the candidates for the PGDCA course.

(d) Scoring good marks is a must for the students because colleges will allot seats based on the entrance exam.

(e) If students are able to cross the cut-offs set by the colleges, then they can get admission into the institutions.

What is the PGDCA Course Syllabus?

Post Graduate Diploma in Computer Applications is a one-year PG level program that focuses on providing comprehensive knowledge of computer software. IT & software has become an integral part of human life in today’s world. Everything has gone digitalized, from browsing on Google to the services given by a company. So, the PGDCA course has been brought in to provide all the important skills and knowledge required to keep the students intact with this growing world.

Being a higher-level course, the PGDCA has been designed to produce participants of sharp competitive minds. Under the course, students delve deeper into various subjects like Data Structures, Cloud Computing, Computer Networks, etc. Moreover, the study areas of the discipline are spread evenly over the duration, which helps students inculcate numerous skills and qualities to stand as unique in the competitive market. Let’s look at the subjects to study in the PGDCA Course:  

Particulars of PGD in Computer Applications Curriculum

SEMESTER- 01Database Management Systems
 Foundations of Computer Programming
 Advanced Communication Skills
 Basic Financial Management
 Operating System
SEMESTER- 02Web Programming
 Object oriented programming
 Software Engineering
 Computer Networks

Note- The above-mentioned subjects are only the indicative list. It may vary from institute to institute.

Mode of Pursuing PGD in Computer Applications Course

Students have two options to study the program; one is through distance mode of education, and another one is a regular mode of education. As I have mentioned, both modes of education have their own advantages and disadvantages. The distance mode of learning the PGDCA course is less costly than the regular mode of learning. On the other facets of distance PGDCA course, students will not have a chance to interact with peers and energetic ambient. Here I have detailed the PGDCA distance learning and regular learning.

Distance Learning of PGDCA course 

Students who have difficulty completing a regular class because of limitations in time or money can take up the distance learning mode. To be eligible to pursue PGDCA distance learning, the participants must complete their undergraduate studies at a recognized institution with at least 50% marks in aggregate or an equivalent CGPA. Innumerable colleges offer Post-graduate Diploma in Computer Application program to the aspirants. Mentioned below are the top universities providing PGDCA distance education.

  • Guru Jambheshwar University of Science & Technology
  • Madurai Kamaraj University
  • Sambalpur University
  • University of Delhi

Regular Mode of PGDCA Learning 

The regular PGDCA course is taught every week in a typical classroom environment. Thus, students can interact more often with the faculty and fellow students. The personal interaction with instructors is also more outstanding in regular classes, and there is more enthusiasm. Students can enroll in a number of institutions. Here is the list of some top universities offering PGDCA traditional education.

  • Sardar Patel University
  • Career Point University, Kota
  • Indian Statistical Institute, Kolkata
  • Vallabh Government College, Mandi

Courses Similar to PGDCA Program

Enlisted below are courses similar to PGD in Computer Applications:

(a) Masters in Computer Science: Parallel Computing Systems

(b) Master of Smart Systems Engineering

(c) Masters of Information Technology

(d) Masters in Applied Linguistics

Advantages of Pursuing PGDCA Course

Enlisted below are some of the advantages of pursuing the PGDCA course:

(a) The PGD in Computer Applications is a short duration course that can be obtained without taking a break from their job, and it helps in embracing all the crucial skills and qualities to grab a promising and well-paying job in the domain.

(b) Upon completion of the program, participants will come out as an individual having embraced an in-depth understanding of topics such as Database Management Principles of Programming, Computational Techniques, etc., along with other skills and abilities.

(c) The PGDCA course enables students to get well-versed with professional knowledge in computer applications so that they can hold the rewarding job opportunity.

(d) The major advantage of pursuing a PGD in Computer Applications program is that it has a lower saturation level as compared to Mtech, MCA, MBA, and other professional degree courses.

(e) It is a course that has many uses, hence increasing the employment spaces in the country and around the world.

Job Opportunities for the PGD in Computer Applications Graduates

The students can find numerous rewarding and lucrative career opportunities in various employment spaces after completing PGD in the Computer Applications program. But, to obtain the elite job profiles in the domain, the organization may demand core knowledge and expertise in the discipline. Some other significant qualities and skills requested by an established structure are communication skills, positive attitude, patience, ability to persuade, leadership quality, and amongst others. Along with these expertise, qualities and skills, the graduates will have the upper hand in getting a prominent job in this developing industry. Mentioned below are some of the promising career opportunities that can be held with acquiring the right skill sets and academic qualifications:

(I) PHP Developer

(II) Web Developer

(III) Java Developer

(III) Software Developer

(IV) Head of IT & Infrastructure

(V) Senior Analyst, Compensation

(VI) Business Development Manager

(VII) Information Technology (IT) Consultant

(VIII) Information Technology (IT) Manager

(IX) NET Software Developer / Programmer

(x) Security Consultant, (Computing / Networking / Information Technology)

Salary of Post Graduate Diploma in Computer Applications Graduates

Graduates can earn handsome annual salaries after completing Post-Graduate Diploma in Computer Applications. But, they must have the requisite skills, knowledge and qualities desired by the institutes. The remuneration given to the PGDCA graduates may vary depending on the job profiles, employment spaces, academic qualifications, experiences, and several others. For instance, like IT Manager’s salary can be more than Rs. 7lacs per annum, whereas a PHP Developer may earn at least Rs. 3lacs per annum. The average salary of PGD in Computer Application is around INR 2,00,000 to INR 20,00,000 p.a.

Top Colleges for PGDCA Course in India

Punjab Technical University, Jalandhar

Indian Statistical Institute, Kolkata

Patna Women’s College, Patna

Lovely Professional University

Dibrugarh University, Assam

University of Delhi

IGNOU, Delhi

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