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Updated May 31, 2022

A DM Gastroenterology course is all about studying the normal functions of the digestive system and its related diseases. This super-specialty curriculum indeed focuses on developing an extensive understanding of the discipline along with skills to manage gastrointestinal tract & liver diseases.

Doctorate of Medicine in Gastroenterology, considered among extremely significant programs can be studied after completing an MD/MS degree in general medicine or pediatrics. The students aspiring to pursue this program need to possess specific crucial soft skills apart from meeting the academic qualifications.

What is DM Gastroenterology Full Form?

DM Gastroenterology full form is Doctorate of Medicine in Gastroenterology course. It is a specialty medicine primarily concerned with treating several gastrointestinal tracts and liver-related complications & diseases. This area of study is among the choicest super-specialty medicine for a majority of international students. 

What DM Gastroenterology Course is All About?

The DM Gastroenterology is a 3-year super-specialty course that focuses on providing in-depth & holistic knowledge of the digestive system and its related diseases. Studying a Doctorate of Medicine in Gastroenterology has a great significance for the students as well as society. Gazing at the ratio of specialists to the number of patients calls the urgent need for gastroenterologists in the medical field. More so, the consumption of food grown by using Urea has increased digestive complications and urged the need for specialists who can help in treating the issues.  

Essentially, the gastroenterology discipline is the study of function & diseases of the esophagus, small intestine, pancreas, gallbladder, stomach, colon and rectum, bile ducts, and liver. And DM in Gastroenterology course offers a detailed and extensive understanding of the discipline under the guidance of national experts, helping participants develop into full-fledged gastroenterologists.

This super-specialty course is among the most effective & rewarding programs in the medical field that requires standard qualifications from the aspirants. Talking about the eligibility criteria, MD/MS in general Medicine or pediatrics, valid entrance scorecard, communication & representation skills, ability to persuade patients, empathy for the patients, etc., are some of the crucial requirements for a Doctorate in Gastroenterology. 

Who can Apply for D.M. Gastroenterology Course-Eligibility?

The Doctorate of Medicine in Gastroenterology or DM in Gastroenterology is a super-specialty program, and in order to pursue this course, one has to be in possession of an MD/DNB/MS degree in general medicine or pediatrics. Besides, while you draw yourself towards this DM in the gastroenterology course, there are several other factors that are to be considered. I have listed down some requirements in order to help you in a way to choose doctorate in gastroenterology:

(a) Having a bachelor’s Degree like MBBS along with MD/DNB/MS in General Medicine or Pediatrics is a must for the aspirants. The holding degree should be from a recognized (MCI) Medical Council of India or any State Medical Council.
(b) For admission, the course requires at least 55% of aggregate marks in a post-graduate Degree. If you are from the reserved category, you will get 5% relaxation.

(c) The most crucial requirement should be a valid entrance score, and you need to take an entrance exam and pass with a qualifying score.
(d) Applicants with a few years of work experience are given preference in taking admission into the Gastroenterology super-specialty course.

If you are planning to pursue DM in Gastroenterology course from foreign universities, possessing these requirements is a must for the students.

Eligibility for Doctorate in Gastroenterology Abroad

(a) You must have a bachelor’s degree and MD/DNB/MS in general medicine or pediatrics from a recognized Medical Council.
(b) You should have English proficiency exams like GRE & IELTS/ TOEFL scores.

(c) The institutes offering this course prefer to have work experience.
(d) Letter of reference (LOR) and (Statement of Purpose) SOP are also needed for the Doctorate of Medicine in Gastroenterology course

Top Entrance Exams for Doctorate in Gastroenterology

Studying Doctorate of medicine in gastroenterology course requires numerous qualifications from students, from academic education to soft skills. And among these, qualifying for the entrance test is considered one of the crucial factors. To stand at the front of the queue for fulfilling your study dream, aspirants must try to obtain a good score in the entrance examination. Here are some of the popular entrance tests for the DM in Gastroenterology program:

(b) CMC Vellore
(c) AIIMS Entrance test
(d) JIPMER Entrance test
(e) Karnataka CET

How to Apply for Admission into DM Gastroenterology Course? 

Considered among the highest degree in the medical field, it demands hard work, dedication, and proactive initiative from the candidates to join Doctorate in Gastroenterology course. The aspirants must keep in mind that every institute has its own criteria for providing admission to the program, and for that, you must adequately gaze on the qualifications prescribed by an institute. For some institutes, entrance exams and standard education qualifications are enough, while at certain institutes, more is needed to study the program. Considering the importance of this factor, below are the generalized approaches for Doctorate in Gastroenterology course: 

(a) Narrow down the list of institutes that suit your aspiration.
(b) You must check all the requirements for the DM Gastroenterology course prescribed by the institute. It is so because the criteria for admission are different for different universities.
(c) Just after that, fill out the entrance application form for the gastroenterology course.

(d) After a few days of filling application form, you will sit for the entrance examination. Most importantly, you will require to score well enough because admission is wholly based on the scorecard.

(e) The concerning authority will make the list of candidates who have scored above the cut-off bar. When you are able to make your name on the list, you will proceed to a further phase like in a group discussion and personal interview, wherein your aptitude will be examined.

(f) You must keep in mind to perform well in GD/PI too, because access to the doctorate of gastroenterology course depends on overall performance. 
(g) Keep all the required documents ready as your last step is the verification of documents and paying the fees for admission.

What are the Syllabus & Subjects for DM Gastroenterology ?

Obtaining a doctorate degree in Gastroenterology is what you need in order to take the vibrant and most charming gastroenterologist career. In fact, the DM in Gastroenterology has even been structured to develop the most efficient specialists who can manage the diseases related to the gastrointestinal tract & liver. From curing & preventing bowel irritability to Hepatitis C, a gastroenterologist treats a range of diseases and involves in operational procedures & surgeries.

In order to produce well worthy and competent individuals, the course has included numerous vital subjects. Along with the inclusion of providing just pill-with-water science education, it also covers the study of specialized instruments & advanced endoscopic procedures. Nevertheless, the course also works to enhance soft skills like leadership qualities, research skills, empathy towards patients, ability to persuade patients, and so on. The following in the table are the essential topics covered in the DM gastroenterology syllabus:

Particulars of Doctorate in Gastroenterology Curriculum

Gene therapyGastro-esophageal reflux diseases
Vascular disease of Gastric tractSurgery for peptic ulcer
Embryology of the gutInfectious diseases
Genetic diseases in relation to liverGastrointestinal symptoms physiology and interpretation
Gastric tumors and tumor biologyCongenital anomalies
Immune system of gastrointestinal tractGastrointestinal tuberculosis
Molecular Biology in relation to Gastrointestinal tractHistology functions of stomach
Cutaneous manifestation of the Gastrointestinal tract————————————
Colonic pseudo-obstructionHemorrhoids
Short bowel syndromeMotility of Small Intestine
Physiology of pancreatic secretionRadiation Enterocolitis
Anorectal disorders——————————-

How much would Cost to Pursue D M Gastroenterology (Fees)?

There are several universities around the world that allow students to study Doctor of Medicine in Gastroenterology course. They require to fulfill the standard criteria from possessing academic qualifications to individuals abilities & skills. Besides, the different institute charges different fees to the students. The course fees vary with the institute because of certain reasons, which include faculties of teaching, its authority in charge of administration, and the location. However, the fees for completing a Doctor of Medicine in Gastroenterology program at different institutions can be as low as Rs.20k to 2lac annually.

Career Scopes for students Completing Doctorate in Gastroenterology

Gastroenterology is a specific sub-field of medical sciences that deals with the gastrointestinal tract, the digestive systems as well as the relevant diseases and disorders. On completing the Doctorate of Medicine in Gastroenterology program, the individuals can land the most vibrant and admirable settings. Getting social recognition is one part of the field; on the other, personnel can earn a killing annual income. Here are some of the promising and lucrative job profiles you wish to be:

(a) Surgeon
(b) Researcher
(c) Medical Officer
(d) Gastroenterologist
(e) Primary Healthcare attendant
(f) Advanced clinical Researcher
(g) Healthcare Management Officer

Major Employment Spaces for the DM Gastroenterology Graduates

This branch of medicine has seen technological advances that have opened up new employment opportunities in India and abroad. This domain of study is among the more exciting and intriguing areas, and there are still many unexplored and surprising aspects to be explored. Many employment opportunities can be found after completing Gastroenterology medicine, and here’s a list of the most popular employment areas:

(a) Colleges & Universities
(b) Pvt. Gastro Clinics
(c) Primary Health care System

(d) Group Medical Practice
(e) Health Care Network
(f) Defense Forces
(h) Government hospitals

Where to Study the Program- Colleges for DM Gastroenterology?

Institute plays a major role in shaping and leading a prosperous career and so plays in the case of the DM Gastroenterology program. Selecting a reputed university will offer a good learning environment and provide an opportunity to gain a lot of practical experiences, internships, and more. The following are some of the recognized colleges that offer DM Gastroenterology course:

(a) University of Manchester
(b) University of Nottingham
(c) University of Liverpool
(d) Maulana Azad Medical College

(e) Amrita School of Medicine
(f) King George Medical University
(g) Deccan College of Medical Sciences

Salary of the Individuals Completing DM Gastroenterology

Once you complete the doctorate degree in Gastroenterology, you will emerge as worthy enough to lead your career in any promising gastroenterology-related setting. The salary of the professionals in such employment spaces is quite handsome, and one can earn many folds in US, UK, and Australia compared to India.   

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