20+ World Photography Day Quotes, History, Significance, Theme & How Do We Celebrate 19 Aug?

Updated September 23, 2022

On 19 August, let us look at some famous World Photography Day Quotes, Slogans, and Messages. Each year, 19 August has been celebrated as World Photography Day across the globe. This day is dedicated to photography’s art, craft, science and history. Also, this day commemorates the significance of cameras and photography in our lives.

You can celebrate World Photography Day by visiting a museum nearby, joining exhibitions, organizing some of your old photographs, giving gifts of photos, snapping some beautiful animals, flowers, and pets and hanging some of your favourite pictures on your home walls.

World Photography Day Quotes;

(I) “If you are truly successful in capturing the pulse of life, then you can speak of a good photograph.”- Rene Burri
(II) “Photography is the simplest thing in the world, but it is incredibly complicated to make it really work.” – Martin Parr
(III) “You don’t take a photograph, you make it.”- Ansel Adams

(IV) “Photographers are one those who can turn a single moment into an unbreakable memory.” – Vatsal Nathwani
(V) “If your pictures aren’t good enough, you’re not close enough.”- Robert Capa
(VI) “Photography is a powerful medium of expression and communications, offers an infinite variety of perception interpretation and execution.” – Ansel Adams

(VII) “Don’t shoot what it looks like. Shoot what it feels like.”- David Alan Harvey
(VIII) A photograph is a secret about a secret. The more it tells you, the less you know” — Diane Arbus
(IX) “Taking pictures is savouring life intensely, every hundredth of a second.”- Marc Riboud

(X) “The photo that you took with your digital camera is the creativeness you desire to create with reality.” — Scott Lorenzo
(XI) “The eye should learn to listen before it looks.”- Robert Frank
(XII) “Photo clicks make everyone take back and reveal our past in the form of thoughts which run in our mind.” – Palani Bhavesh Varun

(XIII) “When I have a camera in my hand, I know no fear.”- Alfred Eisenstaedt
(XIV) “The fine component about an image is that it in no way changes, even when the humans in it do.” — Andy Warhol
(XV) “Which of my photographs is my favourite? The one I’m going to take tomorrow.”- Imogen Cunningham

(XVI) “There is one component the photo needs to contain, the humanity of the moment.” — Robert Frank
(XVII) “A good photograph is one that communicates a fact, touches the heart and leaves the viewer a changed person for having seen it. It is, in a word, effective.”- Irving Penn
(XVIII) “I really believe there are things nobody would see if I didn’t photograph them.” – Diane Arbus
(XIX) I don’t have confidence in words. I believe pictures.” — Gilles Per

The Theme of World Photography Day 2022:

In 2020, the World Photography Day theme was ‘Pandemic Lockdown through the lens’. In 2019, the World Photography Day theme was ‘Dedicated to History’. The themes of World Photography Day 2017 and 2018 were ‘Be Nice’ and ‘Understanding Clouds’, respectively. The theme of 2022 is yet to be announced. 

History of World Photography Day:

The origins of World Photography Day can be traced back to the history of photography. A French inventor Joseph Nicephore Niepce collaborated with French artist Louis Daguerre and invented the first-ever photographic process- the daguerreotype (1837-1839).

And in 1861, the first long-lasting colour photograph was taken. The photography medium continued to develop after then. The first digital photograph was made in 1957, almost 20 years before the development of the digital camera.

In 1839, the French Academy of Sciences formally introduced the daguerreotype to the public. The French government thought the device’s patent was acquired on August 19, 1839, when it was made publicly available. The day eventually started to be observed as World Photography Day.

Significance of World Photography Day:

The development of the technology that allows us to take pictures today, which began with the invention of the camera, has profoundly impacted our lives.

World Photography Day is a day to honour photography’s passion, skill, and art. The day is also used to acknowledge the evolution of the media from historical event documenting to a means of achieving personal fulfilment.

Everyone celebrates this day by promoting knowledge and thoughts about photography, from amateur enthusiasts to professional photographers and photojournalists. People also use the day to display and market their creative endeavours.

Frequently Asked Questions on World Photography Day

Q. Why do we celebrate World Photography Day?

Ans: World Photography Day is celebrated to honour the passion, skill, and art of photography.

Q. Which is world Photography Day?

Ans: Each year, 19 August has been celebrated as World Photography Day.

Q. How do we celebrate World Photography Day?

Ans: You can celebrate World Photography Day by visiting a museum nearby you, joining exhibitions, and organizing some of your old photographs.

Q. When was World Photography Day started?

Ans: August 19, 1839

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