World Paper Bag Day and The Significance it assumes For a Healthier Life & Environment

Updated September 23, 2022

Every year, World Paper Bag Day is celebrated on July 12th. Many countries, however celebrate it on different dates. Spreading awareness about the serious effects of plastic bags is the primary aim of the day. And, encouraging more people to use biodegradable, eco-friendly paper bags is what it recommends.

Basically, Paper Bags are made from virgin pulp extracted from trees. Unless required, Bags are also made of recycled paper which is collected and processed in a recycling paper mill. undoubtedly use of paper bags is an important step to saving our planet because paper bags are biodegradable.

World Paper Bag Day 2022 & Theme

The Paper Bag Day or World Paper Bag Day is celebrated every year on July 12 across the world. This day is committed to raising awareness about the need for the usage of paper bags. Also, it encourages people to use paper bags instead of plastic bags. Paper bags are eco-friendly, biodegradable and easily recyclable.

This day highlights the hazardous impacts of plastic bags on the environment. Plastic takes many years for them to decompose, as well as toxic substances are released into the soil when plastics perish under sunlight, if plastics are burned, they release a toxic substance which causes air pollution.

Of late, every global event follows a practice to attach a theme with it and so is the case with Paper Bag Day. “If You’re ‘Fantastic’, Do Something ‘Dramatic’ To Cut the ‘Plastic’, Use ‘Paper Bags’.” is the theme of World Paper Bag Day 2022 as per media sources. Every year we come up with a different theme for paper bag day. For 2021, just for instance, it was “eradicate plastic and safeguard Earth”

History of the World Paper Bag Day

The first ever world paper bag day celebration is not available in public domain. Also, the creator and origination of the day is not in public records. However, the day owes its root in an American patent that was issued for a paper bag machine. In fact, it was on July 12, 1859 when William Goodale received a patent for his paper bag machine.

In order to properly understand the history of Paper Bag Day, we need to go back to the history of the paper bag itself. In 1852, an American inventor, Francis Wolle, designed the first paper bag machine. Thereafter, Margaret E. Knight established another advanced machine in 1871, that could manufacture flat-bottom paper bags.

Accordingly, Margaret became famous and earned the title of “the mother of the grocery bag”. In 1883, Charles Stillwell twisted Knight’s design by adding pleated sides to the paper bag in order to make it easier to carry, fold, and store. Moving forward, in 1912, Walter Deubener added a cord to reinforce the paper bags that worked as handle for ease of carrying.

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The Significance This Day Carries

Plastic bags are very useful in our day-to-day lives, we used them to carry something. But after use, we carelessly throw it in litter outside of the house. This is the most common way that plastic bags end up creating a threat to the environment. Plastic bags kill approximately 100,000 animals annually. Many animals, including whales, dolphins, turtles, penguins, etc.

Therefore, it is necessary that we should switch to paper bags. Paper Bag Day provides us with a way to acknowledge the paper bags. The use of paper bags will protect the environment from pollution because it is biodegradable and recyclable.

Slogans, WhatsApp Status & Quotes for The World Paper Bag Day

(I)“Use and Reuse Paper Bags and contribute your bit to the environment.”
(II) “Use paper bags as much as possible and make Mother Earth plastic-free.”
(III)” This Paper Bag Day ‘say no to Plastic Bags’.”
(IV) “Paper bag is renewable, recyclable, reusable, and compostable.”

(V) “Paper bags are safer for pets.”
(VI) “On Paper Bag Day take an oath and encourage everyone to use paper over plastic!”
(VII) “Be a gentleman who uses paper bags and discards plastic bags.”
(VIII) “Stop bagging the planet – say NO to plastic bags. And say a big yes to paper bags.”

(IX) “With paper bags, the world is like a diamond which shines everywhere.”
(X) “Go green with paper bags, everything is fantastic.”
(XI) “Reduce, Refuse, Reuse, Recycle Plastic Bags, instead, Renew, Reuse and Recycle Paper Bags”
(XII) “With paper bags, the world is like a diamond which shines everywhere.”

(XIII) “If you are ‘Fantastic’ then do something ‘Drastic’ to cut the ‘Plastic’, use ‘Paper Bags’”
(XIV) “Use paper bags and reduce plastic bags.”
(XV) “Paper bags can break down and go back into the ground whereas it takes over 100+ years for plastic to break down. Stand against environmental pollution.”

The Questions Mostly Asked on Paper Bag Day

Q. What is national paper bag day?

Ans: World Paper Bag Day is celebrated every year on July 12 across the world. This day is committed to raising awareness about the need for the usage of paper bags.

Q. How do paper bags help save Earth?

Ans: Paper bags are 100 per cent recyclable and biodegradable that’s why it does not cause any pollution.

Q. When was the first paper bag invented?

Ans: 1850s

Q. How do you celebrate Paper Bag Day?

Ans: we celebrate it by educating people about the serious of effects plastic bags and encouraging them to use paper bags.

Beyond Paper Bag Day Under Awareness Reads

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